Two for Tuesday

I’ve lost count on how many winter storms we have been through this year in Chicago. Yes we had another one yesterday. I am so done with the snow !!! I lost my yellow rose yesterday 🙁

Before the winter storm hit
Fall and the last bud never made it through the first frostBefore the storm. But this is how it looked before the storm hit !!! I wonder what it’s going to look like when all this snow melts ???

Winter Storm Uri…I guess they’ve started to name the Storms which I find annoying. Maybe it’s because I am just so done with this winter !!!!

We are so up to our b….s in snow. I think it will probably be May before we’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel…

This ruler isn’t even all the way down…We got probably 16″+ and drifting of snow…
My Yellow Rose got eaten in the snow…I hope it survives !!!! A couple more pics of the storm OMG !!!
Front Yard !!! OMG...
I got my Coffee so it’s all good…Nespresso it’s amazing !!! I love it <3 .

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