Song Lyric Sunday

Song Lyric Sunday…

Happy Sunday Blogger’s. It’s warm and sunny somewhere, and I wish I were there. The song prompt today is, “Even/Odd.” Given to us by Mr.Jim…A Unique Author.

My song for today is an oldie, well by my standards. Love the song, love the actor’s in the movie, but the movie was a bit wonky. But hey looking at Jeff Bridges w/o a shirt for a couple of hours is always a good thing…Shhhhh don’t tell the husband 😉 .


How can I just let you walk away?
Just let you leave without a trace
When I stand here taking every breath with you, ooh
You’re the only one who really knew me at allHow can you just walk away from me?
When all I can do is watch you leave
‘Cos we’ve shared the laughter and the pain and even shared the tears
You’re the only one who really knew me at allSo take a look at me now, oh there’s just an empty space
And there’s nothin’ left here to remind me
Just the memory of your face
Ooh, take a look at me now, well there’s just an empty space
And you coming back to me is against the odds
And that’s what I’ve got to faceI wish, I could just make you turn around
Turn around and see me cry
There’s so much I need to say to you so many reasons why
You’re the only one who really knew me at allSo take a look at me now, well there’s just an empty space
And there’s nothin’ left here to remind me, just the memory of your face
Now take a look at me now, ‘cos there’s just an empty space
But to wait for you, is all I can do and that’s what I’ve got to face
Take a good look at me now, ‘cos I’ll still be standin’ here
And you coming back to me is against all odds
It’s the chance I’ve gotta takeTake a look at me now

Source: MusixmatchSongwriters: Phillip David Charles Collins

#SoCS and #JusJoJan

A short story from my stream of consciousness 😉 Enjoy and I ended up with something for #JusJoJan Blessings <3 Mz. Janet <3

I knew the end was coming, but I had hoped. I really didn’t know what I had hoped for. Rosalee, our dog, heard him coming before me. She woke out of a deep sleep in front of the fireplace and was completely alert and barking at the door.

Maybe I had hoped it wouldn’t ever happen. So much time had passed. So many years had been lost. I looked older, and although the getting older had been kind you always want to seem like aging was agreeing with you.

As I was walking toward the door, I thought should I open it or just pretend I wasn’t there. Or he could think maybe I was sleeping and didn’t hear the bell. I wanted to do anything to avoid this moment. I was lost in my memories and thought, “Should I just get it over with so I can finally move on, put an Amen to it ??” The bell rang again and I was jolted back to this moment certain he knew I was standing right on the other side of the door. Just open the door and smile. Act surprised , be civil. The way I see it if it does not feel right you have an appointment that you can’t get out of. Make it a short conversation and say, “Can we do this another time, I have an appointment that I can’t get out of. We’ll do lunch. We can talk and catch up. Call me.” Or something to that effect. If it seems comfortable, invite him in for coffee. Keep the conversation light, away from the past. Definitely away from that horrible day that’s for sure.

I opened the door and there he was. Standing there with that same sparkle in his eye’s and that smile. Oh that smile, that made my heart melt. The smile that I fell in love with. Yes I remembered that smile. His suit was perfect, the color’s were a total match. The tie, his shirt, the scarf in his pocket, perfect. Then I looked down, OMG even his shoes and socks, EVERYTHING was perfect and there I stood in my sweats. My hair was tied up with the scrunchy on top of my head, and then I felt it, there it was. That same feeling I always had, that we were never meant to be but we were.

I wanted us to work, but for some reason we never did. “Can we do this another time, I have an appointment that I can’t get out of. We’ll do lunch. We can talk and catch up. Call Me.” It sounded like the beginning…



Today I’m doing nothing !!! It’s my day off and it looks like I’ll be doing nothing this weekend too. Yes another winter storm is on the way. Which okay, I’ll sleep in tomorrow and it will be a cooking day (Lasagna Soup) and playing with my planner for the weekend. I was just looking at my treasures and I thought I would share them with you.

My first one is my Barometer…I absolutely love, love, love this. This was my grandmama’s and my mom made sure I got it b/c she knows what a weather geek I am. It works too, which is really cool. It’s got to be over 100 years old.

My next treasure is this cross. This too was my grandmama’s. It hangs in the my room right by the door. It slides open where you can keep some holy water. It is safe with me <3 .

My third treasure are these tiny, little tea dishes. I don’t know why, but I have always loved them <3 .

Tiny Tea Dishes

It’s not always about how much money someone leaves you when they pass over. In fact these items are priceless to me. I thought about what I would sell these for if they had any monetary value, and I wouldn’t sell them ever. <3 Happy Friday and be safe out there in all that snow… Oh I’ll take pics of the snow and keep you posted on the storm.

One last treasure that she has entrusted me with. This was a prayer missal that she kept from her 1st love, “Louie <3 .” He lost his life tragically before they were married, so I’m honored to keep it safe for her.

Romeo & Juliet

I found this in my Computer somewhere 😉 I’m not the best at locations. Anywho, I just wanted to get this up so our Connie & Missy could see it. We knew when we saw them dancing together that was their love story. Such a great couple !!! An absolutely stunning couple !!! Great dancer’s and they’ll have some really fun stories to share with the kiddo’s some day <3 … (Make sure you click on the video, IDK why but you’ll hear the music then ;).)

Romeo & Juliet ♥️♥️

Mr. & Mrs. <3 …

A Work in Progress

Vincent Van Gough…One of his first painting’s…”The Potato Eater’s” I think, “The Potato People” is a better title, but shhhhh don’t tell the painter he’ll definitely give me that look. You know the look, “What are you thinking,” look. I’m calling it the The Potato People, 😉 …

The Artist begins the painting, “The Potato Eater’s.”
The Artist continues…
Getting a lot done, better than snow blowing 🙂


Happy Tuesday, the storm did not go south. The storm did not go west. It hit right in the middle, it hit in Naperville, in the Midwest… I remember a snowstorm back in 67′ and the anniversary of that storm is today, January 26, 1967. That was the big one!! The biggest one ever to hit the Chicago area. I remember we had a drift of snow so high we couldn’t get out the front door. Dad worked in the city and he had to walk home from the train station which was about 2/3 miles. Mom was a nurse and she barely made it home driving. Me and the 3 sister’s were at our elementary school, St. Mary’s and I remember walking and wondering if I would make it home. As usual being the youngest of the 4, they (my sister’s) didn’t wait for me, but whatever. I made it home b/c I was a very tough youngest. I had to be 😉 … Here’s a link of the storm. They have a picture of the train station (Randolph Street Station/Illinois Central RR) where I worked many years later. It was a mess. Here’s a youtube video of the storm. The day before the storm we had a record high of 68 degrees. There are pictures of people walking around w/o coats in dresses and heals. It was surreal…

The snow we had yesterday, was just a snow. I wouldn’t even call it a snowstorm. I would call it January in Chicago…Here are some of the before/after pictures.

My Yellow rose that is still here !!!!

So it’s over and I need to go get my cup of coffee with the husband….January in Chicago, that’s all 😉 …

Song Lyric Sunday

Happy Song Lyric Sunday fellow blogger’s…Todays prompt from Mr. Jim is, “Chat/Laugh/Rant/Scream/Talk.” Oh brother, here we go again, if it’s not broken, stop fixing it. WordPress has changed things around again, ughhh. I suppose I’ll learn it, after all what choice do I have. I digress, sorry. WordPress has made creating a link different but I figured it out. This is my song for today. It makes me feel a little bit old, but I have decided that is kind of a good thing. I have learned so much this far and when I think of things people have said to me, it makes me smile b/c I think I’ve been there, done that 😉 and I’m glad I’m past that place in time. Because some of it wasn’t that great to begin with and they don’t even know the road they’re on is long and it’s not always an easy one. It’s fun watching, b/c I’m good and I already made it. Their tunnel is long and they can’t even see the light yet. Back to the Song Lyric Sunday…

Midnight Cowboy

Everybody’s Talkin’

Everybody’s talking at me
I don’t hear a word they’re saying
Only the echoes of my mindPeople stopping, staring
I can’t see their faces
Only the shadows of their eyesI’m going where the sun keeps shining
Through the pouring rain
Going where the weather suits my clothesBanking off of the northeast winds
Sailing on a summer breeze
And skipping over the ocean like a stoneI’m going where the sun keeps shining
Through the pouring rain
Going where the weather suits my clothesBanking off of the northeast winds
Sailing on a summer breeze
And skipping over the ocean like a stoneEverybody’s talking at me
Can’t hear a word they’re saying
Only the echoes of my mindI won’t let you leave my love behind
No, I won’t let you leave
I won’t let you leave my love behind

Source: LyricFindSongwriters: Fred Neil

I admit I never watched the movie and the song came from the husband…He’s a couple of years older than me, 4 years to be exact. He knows a lot of different songs so he’s a big help. I’ll give you a peak at Monday’s Masterpiece. He’s working on another one of Vincent Van Gogh’s first paintings. I keep calling it, “The Potato People.” Of course that’s not right it’s the, “Potato Eater’s.” 😉 …

The Potato Eater’s

Well it’s suppose to be a stormy Monday and boy do I hope it goes south or north but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Whatever, it’s January in Chicago so I’m really over it. Blessing blogger’s on your week. Stay safe out there and be well.

A sad day for America

You will see now that the democrats are back in power. Our freedoms will be taken away, b/c we don’t no how to handle them. Only big government can show us how to live. I’m staying in for 4 years. I want nothing to do with the train wreck that is about to happen. I have lived through enough democratic disaster’s to know what awaits us now. Iran, hostages, unemployment, lockdowns, mandatory everything, late-term abortion on demand, ccp, two standards of justice. One for the powerful, and one for us. I will be watching the weather channel and playing with my planner’s. I guess God thinks we need to learn another lesson because how does it go, “When you don’t learn from past mistakes, you are bound to repeat them.” Good luck everyone. Hope you are financially sound to survive what lays ahead. Because it’s not going to be good.

One thing that I am happy for is President Trump and his family. Guess what, they don’t have to put up with anymore of the crap that they have had to deal with for the last 4 plus years. If he should go to jail, then Hillary should be in the cell next to him. He at least saved us from having her for a president. I thought the democrat’s thought having a white man for president was so last century… So let’s just see how many people cancel me now. I really don’t care. Like I said in an earlier blog, they are coming for you next.

I’ll end this on a positive note as I knew writing would bring me to this place. There is good in everything, yes even your crosses that you have to carry. This cross I have to carry now will allow me to experience all of the things that bring me joy. I will write more, and journal. Archiving really is my passion. I will cook more and go outside and breath. I will not vote anymore b/c that’s just stupid unless you are on the right side of the election fraud. Life is short…Blessings <3 …

Tuesday’s Travelor’s Noteook

Happy Tuesday Blogger’s. I have a question, “Do you think the sun is ever going to shine again???” It has been forever and they said on the weather last night we’ve only had 18 percent of sunshine this month…It’s kind of dreary but I guess it’s cold so who really cares. I don’t want to go out anyways. I’m not a cold weather person, still living in the Midwest.

Ah, but I still have my glorious planner’s. Today I’m getting my Traveler’s Notebooks set up for this year. I’ll refer to them as TN’s b/c it’s just shorter. I can’t decide which one I’m going to use. My featured picture is of both of the traveler’s notebooks that I’m trying to deciding to use.

I’ve been using the black one but it’s just black, no personality. It is velvet on the outside and I don’t worry about it getting dirty, but it might get wet. Then I have the other one. It’s kind of busy and my inserts might clash with the outside, but it is one from my fav’s #theplannersociety…

I also have bought some really cool inserts all the way from the Ukraine. They are suppose to be delivered on Friday. They are monthly inserts and they are the best. I’ll make sure I post up the final product, inserts and all. Here are a few pics of the TN I’m using now. I really love it. It is one of my favorite planner’s of all. Best of all, it doesn’t need charging and I always know right where to look for something. There is something to be said for having a, “Hard Copy.” The TN fits right in my purse and I never leave home w/o my it !!!! Here are a few pics of the TN I’m using now. I really love, love, love it <3 Happy Tuesday again <3