Song Lyric Sunday/Laughing

#SongLyricSunday…Laughing ūüôā ¬†The Guess Who

I should laugh, but I cry
Because your love has passed me by
You took me by surprise
You didn’t realize but I was waiting
Time goes slowly, but carries on
And now the best years have come and gone
You took me by surprise
I didn’t realize that you were laughing
’cause you’re doin’ it to me
(Laughing) it ain’t the way it should be
You took away everything I had, you put the hurt on me
’cause you’re doin’ it to me
(Laughing) it ain’t the way it should be
You took away everything I had, you put the hurt on me
I go alone now, calling your name
After losing at the game
You took me by surprise
I didn’t realize that you were laughing
Time goes slowly, but carries on
And now the best years
The best years have come and gone
You took me by surprise
I didn’t realize that you were laughing
There’s a¬†couple more verses, but my computer¬†doesn’t want to cooperate¬†with this post so I’m just going to put this up for now. ¬†Remember this is part of the challenge to share this post with Mz.¬†Linda Hill’s Blog. ¬†She still has the guest host, but I’ll put up the badge anyways for challenge..These were one of my fav’s¬†back in the day ‚̧

A Blast from the Past …

Hi John Holton.¬† First this painting the husband did was his¬†interpretation of walking across a bridge/Chicago River. ¬†I thought you¬†might enjoy these pictures too. I took them before they closed the store…It was extremely traumatic when they did this. ¬†Probably one of the reasons I¬†don’t go down to the city much anymore. ¬†I really loved that store. ¬†When I worked down there, that was the place me and the husband always met for lunch. ¬†I loved, loved, loved the windows at Christmastime…the anticipation with them blocked off before they showed them, so much fun!!! ¬†It was a thing we always did at Christmas, go look at the windows. ¬†Ahh time marches on and sometimes not for good. ¬†I miss the big girl on the block. ¬†There will never be another one, and I just don’t get into Macy’s. ¬†I use to love, “Field Days.” ¬†It was the only time I really could afford to shop there. ¬†Great sales !!! ¬†Oh well enjoy Mr. John and I hope your weekend is going good.









¬†This is how my weekend is going and it’s been spent inside eating leftover’s from dinner last night, which was really good…A wonderful¬†filet mignon sandwich from Sullivan’s Steak House that me and the¬†husband split. ¬†Hope you don’t mind I shared a link to your blog. ¬†I just learned how to do that I just want to make sure I don’t forget ūüėČ … ¬†I really need to get busy and do¬†January 12 ‚Äď SoCS ‚Äď ‚Äúart‚ÄĚ


Snowstorm/January 12, 2019
Snowstorm, January 12, 2019

And this is the storm missing us, really…



This is us…Simple. ¬†Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset, Repeat ‚̧ ¬†That’s how we roll ‚̧ ¬†Life’s too short.

Linda Hill

And Mz. Linky Link still remembers how to make a link…Y A Y ‚̧ ¬†When I told the husband about how I learned how to make a link yesterday, he tried to tell me yeah he knows how to do that. ¬†I said sure, not. ¬†I’m sure he knows how to copy and paste, not the same as making a link. ¬†But no matter, if he had to do it he’d learn how to do it. ¬†That’s what he’s got me for ūüôā Have a great day Blogger’s, it’s almost Friday ‚̧

Mz. Rose

We need some music to get this day started…This is a great song to get the blood pumping and maybe even get you up and Dance !!! ¬†I could see our Matthew dancing in a music video. ¬†I¬†really love this guy and his music ‚̧

Good Thursday morning !!! ¬†Husband woke me up early (8am) needed a ride to the train this morning. ¬†That’s fine, he’s such a great guy and he usually takes the bus that stops right out in front of the house but I guess he¬†wanted to sleep in which is okay. ¬†He works so hard and it was really¬†cold this morning, 18 degrees with I’m sure a wind chill.

It was a really¬†good day yesterday, except the Blackhawks lost in overtime. ¬†At least they got a point. ¬†Still my¬†favorite thing to do, watch hockey. ¬†I¬†really didn’t watch, more like listened to the game. ¬†I was playing with my new planner. ¬†Here’s some of the layout I did yesterday.

OMG it’s almost Friyay…Woot Woot ūüôā ¬†So much better than Hump Day ¬†‚̧ ¬†I’m doing nothing today except throwing things away. ¬†I love those days. ¬†It’s close to a religious ceremony when I give myself permission to throw stuff away. ¬† I’ll have my planning session to get ready for the weekend. ¬†So much loving life ‚̧ ¬†

Write Anything Wednesday


I really did just want to jump into this challenge. ¬†Love blogging, love challenges. ¬†So my one liner for today is…I didn’t just want to put any old thing up and it came to me when I was putting on my make-up (which I never do anymore but for some reason I just felt like being pretty)…Drum roll please

“As God is my witness, I’ll never forget who I am and where I came from ¬†!!!” ¬†¬†¬†

I was right, today rocked !!!

I got my planner, my Mz. Rose for 2019. ¬†It’s going to be a blast starting out a new year with her. ¬†I’m also going to make a beautius planning corner. ¬†One for blogging too. ¬†It’s really nice just being empty nester’s. ¬†I can do anything I want and that is just very cool. ¬†Didn’t think I was going to have so much fun with it. ¬†I’ll admit it gets a little lonely sometimes, but when that happen I just take a trip to Hobby Lobby or Michaels and I forget all about it.

I’m going to practice putting up a link for my Mz. Rose

That’s right, just click on the link ūüėČ and you can have your own Mz. Rose ‚̧

Hump Day

Okay really just one more time I have to make sure I did this¬†linky thing right…

Who doesn’t just love, love, love this¬†commercial…


So Thrilled

I just learned how to make a link !!! ¬†I know for all you young, tech savvy “I was born with a computer in my hand,” people this is not a big deal. ¬†But it makes me smile. ¬†So here is my first link ¬†Linda Hill…I think I’ll put up a favorite pic of me for this one. ¬†And it was really just by accident…Very cool ‚̧19239_1232103806924_1359016058_30786139_229835_nNow I know it’s going to be another¬†fantabulous day !!! ¬†How cool is this ‚̧ ¬†Now I told you, “Wicked” was a favorite of mine, and this song truly is how learning this made me feel ‚̧ ¬†(I know, really cheesy. ¬†But I don’t care)

Now I’m going to Starbuck’s…Have a great one ‚̧ ¬†

Another Great Day !!!!

Just checked on the delivery date for my new 2019 Planner…Mz. Rose. ¬†Y A Y ¬†she’s out for delivery. ¬†So excited, I¬†can’t wait, and it’s nearly Friyay. ¬†We all know what that is ūüôā ¬†Here is some pics of ¬†Mz. Rose from 2018. img_1783

Isn’t she beautius !!! ¬†And I’ve got my #plannersociety kit already and waiting to go. ¬†So the house is, “Company Clean.” ¬†(The housecleaner’s came yesterday) ¬†It’s Hump Day, Y A Y, only a day and a half til Friday. ¬†Life is good, survived the flu, and I don’t have to go out today in this awful, awful bitter cold and windy weather…My poor husband, he’s a bull. ¬†I feel so sorry for him having to battle Chicago Winter’s…He even painted a picture of how it feels walking across this bridge he takes to work. ¬†Yeah I’d say this painting about sums up how he must feel today. ¬†I’m soooo lucky to have a guy like this in my life. ¬†He takes such good care of us ‚̧ ¬†I love you husband ‚̧ ¬†Life is good…and our Chicago Blackhawks are on tonight Y A Y


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It’s going to be a great day !!!!

I know it’s just Tuesday but today the housecleaner’s are coming, Y A Y !!!! ¬†Love that and I’m getting so much done on my planner’s. ¬†Woo Hoo ¬†Here’s what I got done yesterday…

I didn’t forget my music for today…I’m sure most of you will¬†recognize it ‚̧

I am setting up my TN and having so much fun doing it…I have been trying to re-invent myself for awhile now and I think I have figured it out. ¬†Just keep trying new things. ¬†Remember it’s the journey. ¬†That’s part of the fun, not really¬†knowing where it’s going to lead you. ¬†Thank you to the Reset Girl, Mz. Cori Speiker. ¬†I don’t know how I came across her. ¬†I think God just puts the people you need into your life. ¬†The one’s that are going to help you get back to him… ‚̧ ¬†If you need a reset, you should really check her out. ¬†She’s been so inspiring to my re-invention ‚̧ ¬†Just follow the link...