Happy Birthday to Me

Yes that’s right, today is my birthday so I’m going to do a blog.  I’m not especially  fond of my birthday and IDK why.  It’s not because I’m a year older b/c that doesn’t really bother me.  I actually don’t mind getting older less the aches and pains and not seeing as well or hearing very good.  Well I’m not painting a very good picture about getting older now am I.  

Really I am thankful for getting another year under my belt and reaching another milestone.  This month we celebrate twice.  First my birthday and then our Wedding anniversary.  Next year I will be 60 and we will be celebrating our 40th.  I don’t just want to celebrate these milestones with 1 day, so we are going to go back in time every month for the next year to someplace that was part of our story.   I’m going to tagline it Scarlet’s 60/40 great adventure.  It’s going to be kind of revisiting places and times and then now.  Kind of like where are they now…I’m going to try to put up then and now pictures.  Should be fun ❤

Here’s my song for today…Thanks for the memories Connie ❤



Happy August/Perfect

“Summer’s over Mr. Kightlinger.”  There I said it 😉  Not really but it is going pretty fast.  August is such a busy month.  Birthday’s, Anniversary’s, Wedding’s, Vacation’s…And I still have not got my garage cleaned out.  That’s my plan for this weekend, C L E A N  C A R & G A R A G E !!! 

OMG I got caught in such a bad storm last night.  Rain, Wind & Hail !!!  Everyone just stopped on the 2 lane highway that I was on.  So I sat there and my poor car got pelted with hail.  Thankfully it was just nickel size hail so I don’t think it did any damage.  It was just really loud and scary.

Well the husband woke me up early (8 am, that’s early for me) to take him to the train, ugghhhh.  So we sat there together waiting for his train and he gave me a song.  You know, a song that he thinks of me when he hears it.  He took out his phone and dialed up on youtube the video.  He told me to watch it.  When I saw that Andrea Bocelli was in it, well I’ve got the time to watch that.  Anything with that guy singing, well there are just no words of how amazing he is !!!!  We’ve got a lot of songs together.  We are celebrating our 39th year wedding anniversary this month.  Here’s the song we listened to which made getting up and taking him to the train totally worth it <3…The song is, “Perfect.”  

So it was an amazing song and video.  Getting up taking him to work, totally worth it.  Thanks for a giving me a great song to start my day off with husband ❤

Happy Birthday Connie

This is one of my favorite days of being a mom, one of my kids birthday 🙂  It brings back such great memories and I remember how blessed and privileged I am to be a mom.  Today is my youngest’s birthday.  I said youngest to save him from being called my baby, oops 🙂  Well he is the last one of  5 and I’ll say that he was the easiest one to get into this world.  

I always tell my kids that their birthday is a very special day.  I tell them this is the day that the world was changed forever, and it was.  When I had my first, having a baby was really back in the old days.  By that I mean, Labor Room/Delivery Room/Recovery Room/Postpartum.  No pain management other than breathing, OMG really.  Fast forward 10 years to Connor’s Birthday.  Private Room/Epidural aka No Pain/Delivery and rooming in with mom.  

It’s been great being your mom, Connie.  I’m done posting about your birthday now, I think, maybe unless I think of something else.  Here are some more of your pics.  I hope you are having a great day.  Love you ❤

Melissa &amp; Connie (so sweet)Mom &amp; Connie Hockey Strong

Share Your World – July 2, 2018

This is always a good way to jump back into blogging !!  Thanks Mz. Cee ❤  Summer is a very busy time for being outside and just loving the weather and I took a vaca from social media.  It was kind of nice because I got all of my spring (summer) cleaning done and the closets.  Very cool.  I love, love, love throwing things away.  Such a great feeling.  Starting over with all new stuff.  I’m also going to our community college one day a week for writing.  So great re-inventing my life.  Enough of that, onto, “Share Your World :).” 

Tell us about your first bicycle or car?  My first bike was I think they were called banana bikes.  It was purple with a basket, white w/some flowers and I think my sister got the exact same one as I did.  My first car was really our first car.  I was 19 years old (OMG and my fiancé, now my husband of 39 years) saved his money and bought us our first car.  It was a light blue, brand spanking new 1979 Monte Carlo !!!  He was always the saver and always got me the best of everything.  I love you husband 

What fictional world or place would you like to visit?  That definitely would be Tara.  The grand plantation in the south.  Think “Gone With the Wind.”

If you could have someone follow you around all the time, like a personal assistant, what would you have them do?  I really don’t think I would want someone following me around all the time.  I use to have 4 of them following me around all of the time.  They were called kids.  I like being by myself now.  Totally liberating ❤

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  I bought the coolest little toy ever.  I take it with me when I go out to write and take pictures.  It is really adding so much to my Travelor’s Notebook.  Love, Love, Love it ❤

Write Anything Wednesday

I told you yesterday the husband was going to do a sketch for me of Anne Frank.  He did this on the train last night on his way home from work.  This is why I love him so much, he’s always been such a great husband and he’ll be my best friend forever ❤   



I’ve put up some of his latest work.  It’s a great website with a lot of amazing pictures.  I hope you will go take a look ❤  Y A Y it’s hump day and almost friyay !!!!  It’s going to be a great weekend.  Father’s Day, my #3 son’s 30th bday.  Yes he was born on Father’s Day and time for vacation.  I’m going shopping on Friday, Y A Y to a really great open air mall.  Haven’t been shopping in along time so it should be fun.  Of course it will probably remind why I haven’t been shopping in a long time, sometimes it’s not so much fun.  Lines and just so much stuff, lists and decisions and I refuse to try on anything.  I really hate those mirrors in the changing rooms.  I just return it if I don’t like it and of course I know I need a new pair of shoes, not.  You would not believe how many shoes I have.  Mostly tennis shoes but I love tennis shoes. 

I’ll put up his Mr. Turtle (I can’t think of another name, so for now it’s Mr. Turtle) It’s turning out nice.  I’m excited to see what it’s going to look like after it’s done.  


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Hi and Happy Tuesday

Here’s a couple of the concerts I’m going to this summer.  One Republic (I’ll probably be the oldest one there, but I can feel my pony tail growing.  I was a former teeny bopper back in the day.)  You can’t believe the abuse I took over wearing my pony tail, it was cruel but I loved my pony tail :).  I’m also going to see Jim Peterik and the Ides of March, i.e. “Vehicle.”  Love them ❤  I think we need to see some music this Tuesday…

Been out of action lately, soooo busy getting ready for vacation and planting flowers, washing windows, yadayadayada…Summer is a very busy time which I don’t mind at all.  I have added some new reading material because yes I finished my last stack of books.  I have found the perfect reading spot and I have been taking advantage of the beautius weather, (actually in-between showers) and reading.  My spot is outside right next to our favorite coffee shop so if it rains I just go inside 🙂   Perfect…Here is my new stack of reading for the rest of June.  I have read, “The Diary of Anne Frank,” IDK how many times.  She is just so amazing and her diary entries, there are no words to describe them.  She was wise beyond her years !!!  The husband is sketching a picture of Anne Frank.  I can hardly wait to put it up on my Wall of Fame !!!


I also have a stack of  crafts I’m working on.  I am working on lettering because I think that  is and art in itself.  My hands are not very good but I just push through the pain because besides writing, I love learning new lettering.  I also found a very cool book this past weekend.  It is by Flow, they put out a magazine and it’s a book for paper lovers, which I am Hello.  Still working on my Summer’s TN and this book will definitely help me finish.



Here is one of the layouts for my planner for June.  I’m actually getting my supplies organized.  Looking forward to our vacation next week.  I got a new camera that makes copies of the pictures right there.  It is so stinking cute and I’ll have that with me to work on my TN’s at night while we are still in the moment of the vacation.  Hope I will have time to post.


Life is good, it’s summer and I have my goals actually written down.  Which is good because they are more likely to get completed that way.  I made a new friend yesterday at the adoration chapel and she invited me to join a group of ladies that meet a few times a month so that’s always good making new friends.  

And yes and then there was just one.  The Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup, whatever.  It was kind of cool.  Alex Ovechkin was the MVP and won the Conn Smythe trophy.  He was so happy I thought his head was going to explode.  That was fun to watch.  I use to not like him very much, but he’s a real hockey player and a very good one at that.  So now I have to go on for a couple of months with no hockey, let’s just hope it goes by quickly.  Let’s hope my Blackhawks are better this coming season.

Well that’s what I’ve been up to this month, I hope your summer is going good.  Have a great week.  Just a quick reminder, I have raised 4 children and 2 dogs and I have never left any of them in a hot car.  People remember, if it’s the kids take them with you and just leave the dogs at home.  I am just shocked to hear about these hot car deaths day after day.  “To Be Aware, is to Be Alive !!!   Be mindful of what is going on around you.  Blessings ❤  Here’s a picture of my Daily Planner, I just love planning my days ❤



Meet and Greet: 6/1/18

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Elan Creations

Good Thursday morning blogger’s.  Hang on it’s almost Friday, Y A Y !!!  It looks like it’s going to be a wet one here but that’s okay.  The Painter has been busy working on some new painting’s.  Here’s a preview of them.  

This is the other one he has been working on.  This painting has given him more of a challenge.  He puts them out in the living room where we watch tv.  That way he can look at them often.  Of course he sees a change that needs to be made and off to his studio, with painting in hand, he goes.  This painting has faces (one of them is the #3 son, Matthew) and he has to keep fixing it to get it just right.  I like it ❤







This painting has a ways to go but I like it.  Getting ready for the weekend now and I’m still working on my summer planner.  Dining room table is a hot mess but that’s okay.  I’m learning to live with it and I don’t mind it so much anymore.  It’s just who I am, and it’s okay because I heard the Queen is not coming today 😉  I’ve put up some new paintings on Elan Creations you might want to go check it out…  I’ll leave the link below.  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by ❤


Monday’s Musical

It was a great weekend !!  Date night, dinner & a movie.  We went to Maggiano’s and saw, “Adrift.”  It was a true story of a couple getting stuck out in the middle of the ocean for 41 days, OMG.  I usually don’t like those kind of movies, but this got good reviews and they said it was a movie about strength and survival.  I like those kind of movies.

I think the previews of the coming attractions was longer than the movie itself but one caught my eye.  It was, “Mamma Mia.”  I love the music, ABBA.  I saw the musical and the movie.  This movie looks very good too!!!  That is going on my Summer Bucket List, (which I’m still working on).  Hope to finish that up this week.  Here is the trailer of  the movie…


I hope everyone had a great weekend.  

Share Your World – May 28, 2018

  1. If you were to pack a basket for pinic lunch, what would be in your basket?  Definitely cheese, crackers and fruit.  A loaf of warm, crusty french bread.  Probably something with bubbles (Non-alcoholic) light and refreshing…A large blanket and chocolate.  Have to have chocolate !!!
  2. On a vacation what you would require in any place that you sleep?  Definitely a bed, a king size bed.  Indoors, electricity, running water and a bathroom.  I am not an outside person where I sleep.
  3. If you were to buy a new house/apartment what is the top three items on your wish list?  Central Air & Heat, all the usual kitchen appliances i.e. dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, stove & double oven, garbage disposal.
  4. What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Getting a new planner, it was payday and we had date night w/dinner & a movie.  That’s always a good time.

Happy Monday, Happy Memorial Day

What a glorious Monday it is.  The sky is bright blue and the temperature is warm !!!  It’s been a quiet weekend which is just how we like it.  Sleeping in, coffee, chit chat, read the paper, errands and riding around with our Mz. Bella.  Permission to nap in the afternoon.  Taking in a matinee at the local movie theatre.  Tasting BBQ again, my potato salad that is to die for !!!  Stargazing at night in the field in our backyard, and the smore’s topped off the evening.

We went out to the cemetery on Sunday and brought flowers to remember our little baby, Sean Patrick who lays with his Da and his Grandmama…All in peace with our Lord in Heaven.


 After that we kept on our mini road trip and ended up at Aurelio’s Pizza and Krispy Kremes…Y A YIMG_1426Then we ended up back home with plenty to eat for the weekend.  It was too hot to do the garage and who wants to work on a holiday weekend.   The husband did some painting and I am was busy setting up my Summer Travelor’s Notebook, so I guess you could say we worked.  Tonight it’s the beginning of the NHL Finals and we’ll be watching.  My pick is the Knights…I just think it’s been that kind of year.  How did you celebrate Memorial Day ???

 I have my reading for the month of  June…


I’ll give you a sneak peak at my Summer Travelor’s Notebook.  I can hardly wait to use it.  Yesterday on our mini road trip, I didn’t have one to take with me because it wasn’t finished and I feld absolutely lost w/o it.  I love to take notes about the day…Yes I know the table looks like a hot mess, because that’s what it is…But what will I have to do tomorrow, there you go 😉