Song Lyric Sunday…School/Books/Learning

Happy Song Lyric Sunday !!!  Yay  I’m jumping back on my blog. Was gone all last week.  Very sick with the flu, thanks to the husband.  Apparently we share everything.  He went down on Sunday last week and I took him to the Dr’s. on Monday.  Monday night I went down with that nasty flu bug and it was bad.  I was in bed all week with a fever (103 degrees at one point) and lost 6 lbs…The first day I went out was yesterday.  The husband was home all week from work.  We took care of each other.  Very thankful to have such a loving man in my life.  Very blessed ❤  Thankfully we are now both very much on the mend…Y A Y, because this week he’ll be taking some time off and we will be having some much needed fun.  Going to the Hawks game this week, yes they are still in it and probably going away.  I need to spa and just decompress.

The prompt for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday is School/Books/Learning and this one just popped right up into my head…Alice Cooper’s School’s Out  Once again these prompts have come from Mr. Jim’s Blog’s…Make sure you go check it out and thanks for hosting Song Lyric Sunday 😉


School’s Out
Well we got no choice
All the girls and boys
Makin’ all that noise
‘Cause they found new toys
Well we can’t salute ya can’t find a flag
If that don’t suit ya that’s a drag
School’s out for summer
School’s out forever
School’s been blown to pieces
No more pencils no more books
No more teacher’s dirty looks yeah
Well we got no class
And we got no principals
And we got no innocence
We can’t even think of a word that rhymes
School’s out for summer
School’s out forever
My school’s been blown to pieces
Hopefully I’ll be back on my blog this week and I have made it through this horrible flu bug !!!  Happy Sunday and let’s have a great week.

Happy Thursday

Is it January b/c it sure feels like it.  Cloudy and Cold…I’m so done with this winter.  Meteorologist Mark when is it going to get warm.  I’m really very unhappy with March so far 😦  I follow his blog because I guess I’m not the only weather geek out there.  He’s lucky b/c he probably sees the severe stuff.  Once in awhile it can get pretty wonky up here, but not as much as down south.

I made it to our Catholic services yesterday and  got ashes. I also was able to set up my prayer corner with the help of the Holy Spirit.  Our place is a bit small and I wasn’t sure where to put it but then I found the perfect spot.  The husband probably won’t be happy about it b/c now he’ll have to sleep on the other side of the bed, but oh well…  Didn’t do to well with the fasting, but I didn’t eat meat so I’m thinking I tried so that should be okay.  I kept eating those stupid, “Peeps.”  Probably gained 10 lbs from all that sugar. I have stocked up on them and made sure I poked holes in all the packages b/c they are better when they get stale 😉  

I wanted to go to Red Lobster, but the husband went to Houston and didn’t want to go alone.  He’s home today.  I was suppose to go with him but it was such a quick trip I decided to stay home and just hang.  He left Tuesday at noon, stayed in Houston on Wednesday, and is flying home right now…I always get sick i.e. colds/flu when I fly, so I just took a pass this time.

My journaling prompt for today is, “Faith makes it possible, not easy.”  Totally agree and that’s very comforting to know.  Happy Thursday and safe travels to the husband ❤  See you soon ❤ 

That’s my Thursday, almost Friday…Y A Y !!!

Ash Wednesday/Lent

Happy Wednesday…Today is the beginning of Lent.  I am a Catholic, born and raised so this will be the season I prepare and get closer to God.  

Of course we should have some music today.  I’m really all about music.  I went to this musical live w/Ted Neeley !!!  It truly was one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen…

During this season I have a couple of things I will be doing.  I already know what I am giving up and that is between me and God.  I will be reading and art journaling the bible.  I will be posting some of that in the blog so you can see what I’m doing.  I want to read the entire bible before my time up here on earth is over, so this will help to get that goal accomplished.

I’ll be praying the Rosary, one of my favorite prayer’s of all.  Of course abstaining from meat on Friday’s.  I’m getting ashes today and fasting…Which will be a good thing because of all the Pazski’s I ate yesterday 😉  I really did eat too many.  

I wanted to post yesterday because that was Fat Tuesday.  I went to the grocery store and bought some pazski (poonchski’s) I think that’s how its pronounced.  They are just like Boston Cream Donuts or any kind of  fruit filled donut.  My fav is the strawberry.  I ended up with two boxes, because well after today they won’t be back til next year on Fat Tuesday. 


Does anyone else out there in the blogger world do anything for lent.  Blessings on this day, Ash Wednesday ❤


This post is part of SoCS…So I am just going to start writing with this prompt.  I’m going to Celebrate.  This year is going to be a year of celebrations and I’m looking forward to them all.  This year we will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary and I will be celebrating my 60th birthday.   Our youngest son is getting married this year Y A Y and  I will be the mother of the groom.  

I’m really trying to get ready for the wedding, and wrap my brain around this.    Our first wedding !!!!  He asked me last time I talked to him what song did I want to dance our Mother/Son dance too.  OMG… tears started coming down.  They were happy tears.  She is just the sweetest girl and I told him if I picked someone for him, it would’ve been her.  She’s beautiful inside and out.  They are going to have such a wonderful life together.  We spent Thanksgiving out East with them both and her family.  We had so much fun.  I was just so touched that he wanted us to be there with him when he popped the question.  How thoughtful for a son to include us in that very special moment of his life.  He even asked her dad for her hand in marriage, before popping the question   Who said chivalry was dead.  What an impressive young man.  Such confidence and they are so much in love.  They really remind me of me and his father when we were young and just starting out.

Romeo & Juliet

Her mom and me have so much in common.  We laughed so much and I felt like I’ve known her forever we are so much alike.  We played games at the house and stayed overnight at their home in Maryland.  He’s really marrying into a wonderful family and it is so reassuring that they will be close to them for a support system.  Her father is an amazing carpenter and hunter.  I’m sure Connor will learn a lot from him.  So that is going to be a wonderful celebration later this year !!!  Oh yeah, she is also an amazing ballerina on Richmond Ballet.  In fact that’s how they met.  She was his Juliet and he was her Romeo.  What a great beginning for a love story ❤ image_573267164391261 

A really sweet couple.  We love you two and can hardly wait to get back out there to be with all of you !!!  What a great looking couple ❤  We both thought that this is how it was going to end up from the first time we saw them together.  We just knew 😉

Then I will be celebrating my 60th birthday this August…I’m not sure how I feel about that b/c I just always thought 60 was so far away.  I’m the last one out of our circle of close friends to turn 60.

The little one







 We have been friends since almost when we were married.  They got married right after us, and then we were neighbors.  Scott was in dental school and all the rest of us were just working.  The husband was working on his MBA and I was an administrative asst. at the railroad.  Cheryl was a teacher at the local high school.  Neither of us had any kids yet.  Now almost 40 years later Scott is a dentist.  They had 3 daughter’s, and we had 4 son’s and a daughter.  

We had our babies together.  In fact we were both pregnant together and had our babies within hours of each other.  That was a fun story.  She wanted to beat me and have her baby before me because she wanted to be all done with the pain (this was back in the day before epidurals and they thought breathing was a good way to control the pain, N O T !!!).  I of course didn’t want that to happen but my due date was almost 2 weeks after hers.  Thank goodness I was always early in delivering my babies and this was no different.  I had my baby girl and right after I delivered I called her to tell her.  She answered the phone and heard me and the first thing she said was, “I’m in labor.”  I could hear her smiling, thinking she had beat me…Then the first thing I said to her after that was, “I had a girl…hahahahahaha.”  It was such great moment.  We are still the closet of friend’s, more like sisters.  I love ya, Cheryl ❤ and I know your just loving it that I’m turning 60 😉 .

Finally also in August we will be celebrating 40 glorious years of marriage ❤  We will be taking a trip out Northwest to British Colombia and Tofina, Canada… I am dying to see those mountains and drive through them.  We will also be staying by the Pacific Ocean.   We usually go out East, but this time we are going west.  I’m hoping we can even make it to Alaska.








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Thankful Thursday

Yes it is Thursday and I am so very thankful.  It’s just a regular, boring Thursday.  But I am so thankful for so very much.  I am thankful for being healthy, because nothing else would matter if that were compromised.  If you can get out of bed and  do your day, be thankful.  Never take that for granted.

Tomorrow is Friday and Payday…Y A Y  

I’m  making my Spaghetti  tonight for dinner and watching TV with the husband.  How great is that.  Oh and my Chicago Blackhawk’s are now just right there for a wildcard spot and they beat the Detroit Redwings, Y A Y!!!!    In overtime 🙂  Really don’t like Redwings.  They aren’t going to be there in the end anyways.  They have a poultry 55 points…hahahahah…Oh I’m sorry if there are any Detroit Redwing fans out there trolling me.  Not really…

I am thankful for the days getting longer.  We are almost done with this winter but    I’m afraid not quite yet.51956077_10216272742165024_5920153959841923072_n

I’m thankful for me.  I feel good when I look at the mom in the mirror.  So much to look forward to this year.  Spring/Summer, Vacation’s starting soon, I’m turning 60 this year and we’ll be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary.  That is really cool and we still have such a great time together.  Been to the mountain and back, we’re still growing strong ❤ and your still the one 🙂

Yeah this was one of our, “1st Songs” and I still sing it loud and proud when it comes on the radio when we are together.  He gives me that beautiful, cheeky smile w/a wink that says it all…

My Hockey Guy

Headlight, Portland, ME
Me & the Husband at Duck Donuts




















Yeah life is really great when you spend it with the one you love…He’s my person, he’s my forever ❤  There’s a reason I have such a great smile in all those pictures.  It’s because of all the hard balls that life has thrown at us, it’s just life and he makes sure we never get hit…Those pictures are what 40 years of love look like ❤

Good Sunday Morning…

Time for Song Lyric Sunday…Today’s prompts are from Mr. Jim.  They are, “Mountain/Hill.”  Really didn’t have any trouble finding a song for this prompt.  Funny I always choose the first one that pops into my mind.  Today me and the husband disargreed.  He wanted, “The Mountain of Love” by Johnny Rivers.  I didn’t connect with that one so I’m going with this …

Diana Ross & The Supremes recorded a version of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” which was more faithful to the Terrell-Gaye original version as a duet with The Temptations. That song was an album cut from a joint LP released by Motown Records in 1968 on the two superstar groups, titled Diana Ross & the Supremes Join The Temptations.

Diana Ross – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Lyrics

(Nickolas ashford/valerie simpson)

If you need me, call me. No matter where you are, no matter how far. Just call my name. I’ll be there in a hurry. On that you can depend and never worry.
You see, my love is aliv. It’s like a seed, that only needs the thought of you to grow. So if you feel the need for company, please, my darling, let it be me. I may not be able to express the depth of the love I feel for you, but a writer put it very nicely when he was away from the one he loved. He sat down and wrote these words:

No wind, (no wind) no rain, (no rain)
Nor winter’s cold
Can stop me, babe (oh, babe) baby (baby)
If you’re my goal

No wind, no rain,
Can stop me, babe
If you wanna go

I know, I know you must follow the sun
Wherever it leads
But remember
If you should fall short of your desires
Remember life holds for you one guarantee
You’ll always have me.

And if you should miss my lovin’
One of these old days
If you should ever miss the arms
That used to hold you so close, or the lips
That used to touch yours so tenderly
Just remember what I told you
The day I set you free.

Ain’t no mountain high enough
Ain’t no valley low enough (say it again)
Ain’t no river wide enough
To keep me from you.

Ain’t no mountain high enough
Ain’t no valley low enough (say it again)
Ain’t no river wide enough
To keep me from you.

Ain’t no mountain high enough
Nothing can keep me
To keep me from you.

Ain’t no mountain high enough
Ain’t no valley low enough (one more time)
Ain’t no river wide enough (say it again)
To keep me from you.

Ain’t no mountain high enough
Nothing can keep me
To keep me from you.

Hope you enjoy this version.  She makes quite the entrance !!!  Love her music and the sounds of Motown ❤  Happy Song Lyric Sunday and Blessings ❤ for you week…




I just found some videos of Matthew as he prepares for his role as one of the Ugly Step Sister’s w/Richmond Ballet.  Such hard work, but I’m quite sure he’s having the time of his life preparing.  This is his second time in this role so he’ll probably nail it.  Wish we were there.  Merde

Make sure you click on the link, scroll down and you’ll see a couple of videos of him…So much fun watching him living the dream 😉  Looking really great ❤ ….