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The writing prompt for today’s #SoCS is, drum roll please…..”What was the last piece of mail you received.  Totally fitting with today.  It is Saturday and the last piece of mail I received yesterday was a bill from the doctor.  Actually the last 2…

It’s going to be a Planner kind of year…Y A Y

This is my beginning, the start of my new year…How are you starting your new  year, blogger’s ???  I am starting with what I love to do.  My passion, planning and organization.   Oh and I can’t forget writing… This is the year, the year I…

Monday’s Masterpiece

Good Monday morning blogger’s, I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We did and our Chicago Bears are 2/1.  I think they might even be in 1st place.  I’m not a huge football fan, but I listen.  Now hockey, that’s a whole different story….