The devil whispered into my ear today, “You cannot withstand the storm.” I looked back at the devil and whispered into his ear today, “I am the S T O R M.”


Happy Wednesday…A little humor to start you day, Blessings Blogger’s

Hump Day…Woot, Woot

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Blogger’s

Just a quick thought on St. Patrick’s Day…

St. Patrick reminds us that, Good things can come from horribly difficult times and challenges…

This is a truth, whether you are Irish or not, from a family that’s thriving or one that’s struggling to stay afloat that we all need to cling to this St. Patricks Day <3 .

Back in the day <3 Love all those smiles and look at all that hair. Great Memories, Great Family <3 Happy St. Patrick’s Day <3

I thought I would just add this link on the Irish <3 It’s really true, we do handle hard times well !!!!