Stream of conciousness saturday

The first thing I’m going to say is if you don’t like politics or reading about our President, move on. I’m going to do it. I’m going to write about how I feel about this entire situation. It is deeply disturbing to me that I have to feel that I cannot talk about this w/o being hated. For what, I truly just don’t get it. The level of hatred and vitriol against our President from the day he came down the elevator with his beautiful wife, I just don’t get it. I am off of facebook b/c the level of hypocrisy from their sight was more than I could bare. I just have to ask myself why do they get to censor me. Back in the day after Thomas Edison discovered electricity, could you only use it if you did it the way he said. One guy, or Alexander Graham Bell. Were you only allowed to talk to who he said you could or talk about the way he believed. What has happened to this Country and no I don’t think our President did anything to create this situation. I think it is the media and Big Tech. I don’t know, what will happen to WordPress if they don’t like what I say ??? Are they coming for me next ??? Or maybe you, because the pendulum always swings back. I have earned the right to say, write whatever I want too. I got off of FB because I will not be censored and I never was on Twitter…Twitter is just stupid. “I’m standing on a corner right now.” Who cares or maybe I just don’t understand Twitter. I am a very tolerant and forgiving person. I don’t judge b/c I don’t know everything. I just think I know one thing and this situation is very dangerous for this great nation !!! “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We all better realize this before it’s too late. We all know that Joe Biden is not going to be the president. It will be Kamala or however you spell her name. She is very dangerous to our Republic. I’m going to have to say a lot of prayer’s for our country and our right to be free with her at the helm. I really hate to be right on that point. Please look at my family picture that I took at Christmas time. Like they say, “A picture is worth 1000 words !!!” That is the last thing I’m going to say <3

Merry Christmas, 2020 Husband Son’s Daughter’s Granddaughter’s

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  1. bcparkison – Madden , Ms. – Country living wife, mom and grandma. Former Stampin'Up! demonstrator, cowgirl, gardener, chief cook and bottle washer. animal lover, care giver. Married to best friend for 50+ years, Mom to 4 sons, Grandma BeBe to 7 super kids. Two boys and 4 girls and a new girl on the way. Designer of hand made cards and lover of all things God has given us.
    bcparkison says:

    what is going on …on wordpress? I don’t know Maybe its because I don’t post much for myself but another friend today posted she has left . Hang on…help is coming. .If and this is a big if…if it is Gods will.

    1. Scarlett79 – I am a wife, mother, and a homemaker. I love my family. I am a pro-life, conservative catholic. I have 1 dog our Rosie. I have been married to my best friend Michael for 42 years this year...Wow!!! It's been an amazing 42 years !! Looking forward to the next 40!!
      Scarlett79 says:

      God is and always has been my leader. I take my prompts from him <3 It's sketchy right now but he's in charge, always has been, always will be. Keep the faith <3 Blessing BCP

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