Thankful Thursday…

Today I am thankful for so much I could not fit it into one post, so I’ll concentrate on what I think is at the top of my list.

My greatest blessing is M E !!!! I know that it may sound a bit narcissistic (that spelling of this word was computer generated) and I don’t care b/c that’s a hard word to spell. I’m a good speller too, “Thank you Sister Madonna 🙂

Okay why am I my greatest blessing ?? I’ll tell you why…Because it’s the same as love. You can’t possibly love someone it you don’t love yourself first. So you really don’t understand blessing’s or being grateful if you don’t think you/yourself are a blessing and you are grateful for the life you have been given.

I’m really a very special person. If I love you, I’m all in. You can trust me with everything. That is special. Day or night I’ll be there for you. Basically I’d give you a kidney if you needed it.

I’m a great person to call when you have a problem. My life experiences are such that I have been through so many different issues, I have many answer’s to problems. If I can’t be of any help to an issue, I’ll pray and I’m pretty good at that. I have a special love of the rosary and I believe that will get you through any problem or situation that is out of your hands. If it still doesn’t happen, I’ll just use my 1st thing to do in a crisis, GIVE IT TO GOD !!!

I’m not saying I’m perfect but I’m pretty good. I love myself, my family, my life, my husband who is the love of my life. Most important I love God b/c all I have has come from Him. My mom is also a very special person as she made sure I had religion in my life and set a great example for me to follow. Thank you mom because w/o you I wouldn’t have had such a great life. You too husband, no one (except mom) has loved me as much as you have.

You’re still the one !!!

You’re still the one !!!

Happy Heavenly Birthday Sean Patrick

Happy Birthday Sean Patrick.  Today would’ve been your 39th birthday.   I remember our  short time together every year.   I know you see your family down here and are looking after us all.   We will all be together again someday, and I will get to hold you and tell you how much you taught me from our short time together.  After you were born, you changed our world forever.  You were here on this earth for only a short time but you were here for exactly how long you were suppose to be.  God took you with him and now you are perfect. 

Sean Patrick, March 21, 1984…He didn’t know how short his life was.  He only knew he lived a perfect life because all he knew was that he was loved by his mom & dad. Blessings today on your heavenly birthday … You will never be forgotten because your birthday changed the world forever.  It changed our world for good.  Your family will always love you.  

I remember the day after we lost you and waking up.  It was over and I felt very empty.  I got out of bed and I remember going and looking out the window down at all the people.  I was so sad.  Everyone was just walking so fast, going no where I thought.  Really what was so important.  I wanted the world to stop because my world had.  I wanted to cry and yell at everyone.  Why is life still going on?  Everything looked so normal, but it wasn’t for me.  Life can be so cruel sometime.  I was 24 years old but my innocence was gone.  When your baby dies a part of your soul goes with him, yet part of him stays with you.  I would never again be that young mother who walked into the hospital that Sunday night.

Well it was time to move on now.  I remember wanting to go home and be with my baby Michael Jr. and your dad.  The hospital chaplain came into my room and said that they would take care of you and I did not have to worry about it, but I said I did.  You were our baby and we would take care of the arrangements.  Michael told me not to worry about anything and that he would handle the funeral arrangements.  The same priest who married us come out to the gravesite.   It was a cold, gray rainy March day.  We buried you with your Grandpapa Frain.  I didn’t have a lot of people there because I was too sad.  It is hard to see a small little box that you know your baby was in.  It was hard burying you and letting go.  Saying goodbye was very hard.

The Family, 1994

I became an awesome mom that day. I learned not to take anything for granted ever. I learned about unconditional love, really. My faith in God grew strong and I learned how to accept his will. Maybe not agree with it, but accept it and know that someday I would understand it all. I learned how fragile life is and to appreciate all that I have. I went on to have 3 more children. I just gave my life to God, and let him handle it. It worked out exactly how it was suppose too.   Blessings to all my family, we have an angel watching over all of us…

Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s everyone. I hope everyone is celebrating, “Love” today. My Forever took me out for a Valentine’s Day Lunch today at a swanky restaurant in Oak Brook. It was lovely and I’m loved, what is better than that.

I’m posting one of the song’s that I fell in love with my forever. Whenever it comes on the radio when we are out and about, he has to sing it. I just melt. I love you husband <3 …

Load Out

You are still my guy <3 Forever and always <3 …

#Love is in Da Blog

Happy Friday … Hoping for a warmer February <3 Today the prompt for #loveisindablog, “Ukraine or country’s w/turmoil. I don’t keep up on those kind of war troubles, that is just not where I get my joy and music is my Happy Place. The song for today is performed by Ed Sheeran and Andre Bocelli, and they are both from countries (England & Italy) so I’m thinking that counts. I love, love, love this song and they do it so well together. Enjoy This is, “Perfect.”


My favorite line in the song is is, “We were just kids when we fell in love.” We were and it’s been an amazing journey, not perfect but it’s as close to perfect as you’re going to get !!! I love you husband <3 …

How do you like me now…

That song title says it all for me 🙂 !!!!

I just had to put this song up b/c I really love it !!! Please say a prayer for Toby Keith that he will over come all of his health issues and get back to doing what he does so great…We love you <3 Prayer’s

How Do You Like Me Now !!!

#Love is in Da Blog

This is our first song !! I still sing it to him and it still kind of annoys him but he’ll give me that wink and I know he’s right where I’m at !!! It’s a great life waking up with him next to me all the time <3.

Your Still the One

Our first dance as Mr. & Mrs…

Oh yes, did I mention he is an amazing artist (not his day job) b/c we didn’t want to be starving artist and trust me that is a true thing…This was at one of his show’s with an oil painting he painted. Name of this one is, “The Jazz Piano Player.”

Okay that’s all for now…and yes he’s still the one and will always be !!!! #Love is in Da Blog !!!

A couple of more pics, one of him which I’m pretty sure was when I first met him (I was 16) and he was a college boy and I said to myself that’s the guy I’m going to marry…True Story

and this next picture was one of us when we were younger. I just always liked the picture … Our boys were professional ballet dancer’s and we had just come from one of their shows when they danced w/Joffrey in Chicago. Time’s were grand, b/c everything is beautiful at the ballet 🙂 …

So I guess I need to put up one more pic of the boys at the ballet 😉 …These are pics of our 3rd son when he danced Cinderella as the Ugly Step Sister, and I’m thinking the last one was the Nutcracker and just a random one that I like…

I can’t leave out our youngest and his beautiful wife who were both professional ballet dancer’s. They are now the proud parents of our 7th grandchild…

Connor & Missy/Romeo & Juliet …

Our Beautiful Granddaughter…

It’ noon so I better get busy with my housework and laundry…It’s been fun going down memory lane with y’all…Stay warm and safe, it’s crazy cold around here 9 degrees below zero !!!! Let February be warmer…Blessings #loveisindablog

Happy Song Lyric Sunday…

Today’s prompt for SLS is the music genre, “Country”…When I hear country music I think of one of my fav’s Mr. Toby Keith, plus he’s real easy on the eyes 😉 !!! I’m going with “How Do You Like Me Now,” for my SLS…

How Do You Like Me Now

This is a big favorite of mine. It reminds me of when I went to a new highschool my senior year. I’m sure most can know what a cruel adjustment that was. Highschool was a challenging enough to begin with let alone having no friends to hang with. Let’s just say Senior year sucked, (sorry for the crudeness,) but I can’t think of any other way to describe that. I was pretty much alone and jailing it for the entire year. You know crossing the days off til I could graduate. I went for the early graduation doing correspondence courses. Happiest, at least one of them, days of my life when I got that, “Sheep Skin.”

Really song says it all. I was dating the husband during my senior year. He was a Junior at Northwestern University. I wanted him to take me to my senior prom that year so I could stick a finger in the eyes of all of those nasty senior girls who ignored me. No one believed me when I would talk about him, but who cares. Then I saw one of those snotty senior girls (post graduation) in a grocery store working the register. She kept trying to get me to notice her, (probably b/c I had my awesome, handsome college boy with me, and the huge diamond I had on my hand 😉 ) ” I just kept looking at her saying, “Do I know you. I can’t really place the face.” She kept saying, “Remember senior year, I was in your blah, blah, blah gym class & 1st hour.” Me, “Sorry, just can’t place the face.” Knowing exactly who she was.

That’s right, “How do you like me now 😉 “

#JusJoJan/January 15th/

I say, Thank You” for today’s prompt which is,”Gratitude”….I really can’t think of a more meaningful word. I’m trying to stay on task, but I can’t think of anything better to add to this prompt. It can really make you feel wonderful when people are grateful. Gratitude can get you through the darkest of days. I want say, “Thank You,” and I’m grateful for everyone who stops buy and reads my blog. You mean the world to me.

I try to come up with things to help you smile, a painting the artist is painting. A recipe I found and baked and realized this was too good not to share. I just hope I add a little ray of sunshine to someone’s day. Thank you for being in my blogging world, your presence gives me a reason and that is so important now.

I’m going to give you a sneak peak at The Painter’s lastest Masterpiece…It will make it to Monday’s Masterpiece soon. Happy week to y’all. Hope you are all well …

Happy Sunday, Just Jot It January

Good Sunday Morning Blogger’s, woop’s I mean afternoon … Boy the times just flies. Enjoying coffee with the husband (my Best Friend) and having a great weekend. The husband bought me a new computer, Y A Y !!!! He’s such a great guy, and he has given me a life that is as perfect as life gets <3… I love him to the moon.

I’m going to post a song, just to see how this computer works and if it’s any different. I spent all day down at the apple store getting acquainted and setting it up. Better than calling Connie and wasting his time as he is my personal computer tech. I felt good b/c the apple guy said I was pretty good with the computer and so did Connie. I guess all this blogging has at least kept me in the game.

I guess I’ll just use this post for my Just Jot It JanuaryI forgot that I was doing this. My blogging habit got a little sloppy as my old computer was annoying me, but this one is fun getting to know. I love, love, love new things.

So for today it’s just going to playing all day with my new computer and my new planner’t for 2023. I must say I’m a bit behind setting all of those up. I’m not going to worry about that b/c I’ll get it done and like the husband says, ” You’re always looking for stuff to do…(Yeah, right like I don’t have enough to do). That’s a man for you though, but I still love him to the moon… I’m going to post one of my favorite songs and I love it when he sings this song. He does a good job with Bob Seager <3

Turn the Page…

I’m giving him my old computer which I have to say is still in pretty good condition. He’s not really a computer guy. He’s salesman by trade and until the computer can shake his hand, he’s not really interested in what it can do.

Happy Sunday, and make sure you come back and visit. I will be posting regularly and showing his amazing artwork. He’s done with, “Von Ryan” Express and has started on a new one, “Cool Hand Luke” aka Mr. Paul Newman <3 …

2023 Resolution

I did not make any resolution’s this year but I have to say this is one of my favorite days of the entire year !!!! I love, love, love New Year’s Day. A brand new year with brand new possibilities, a blank slate. It is always so exciting in my world !!!

I always say, “Write it down, Make it happen.” I learned from making lists that this is the key. Writing things down does make it happen, it almost makes it real. Today I really did nothing today but just being happy b/c it’s a new year.

This is going to be my first challenge of the year…Just Jot January 2023

Merry Christmas, 2022

So for today, it’s Sunday so it’s my day off and tomorrow I will start my new planner. We will have a year of first’s again and those are so exciting. I’m not going to say too much of those first’s b/c I have discovered an evil troll who has done some very mean things and I would expect nothing less from that person/people b/c they just aren’t very good people. I have one thing to say to those mean, horrible people. What goes around, comes around so you had better be careful because good always overcomes bad, horrible people !!!! You know who you are and so do I. You know I have a song for everything, and this is not my song for SLS. This song is for you, I know who you are. Believe me, I’m watching and it wasn’t hard to figure out who did this. This song is for you 😉 …

Back Stabbers

There’s a reason when people leave your world and I’ve learned God’s in control and he takes the people out of your life who will be no good for you. He’ll deal with them and that’s good enough for me. The best thing to do is to live a good life and be happy and I choose that.

Happy New Year 2023

Happy New Year Blogger’s !!! I meant to do this last night, but I guess on purpose I waited until this morning b/c I’m going to be reinventing my blog this year. It’s going to be fun, so I hope you’ll be checking back regularly…

The Holiday’s were just the best this year. We had so much fun with the family. It really didn’t matter that there were miles between us. We were all together in such a good place.

Happy New Year to Everyone…

Christmas Baking @ Kendall College, Chicago, IL
Merry Christmas, 2022
Happy Christmas 2022

I’m wishing and hoping for the best New Year ever !!!! Let’s get this party started !!! Happy 2023 to all from Scarlet …. Today is the day.

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