Merry Christmas, 2020

It was the best Christmas ever !!! Family, Food, Movies, Games and yes of course presents. I am blessed with so much all I want to say is Thank You for giving me so much. So much love, so much grace. My life’s is guided by God and guarded by his Angel’s. There are just no words. I am at peace and my heart is full of love. Merry Christmas and Happy Everything <3 …

Oh and I got my Christmas Card for next year 😉 …Happy Everything Bloggers <3 …

Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve <3 So I had such a hard time figuring out what to buy the husband for Christmas. I asked God to please help me and he did…So excited 🙂 Here’s what I got him. As you know he is an amazing artist. The painting above is his most recent painting. (I’m giving it to Connie & Missy for a Christmas present, shhhhh)

I bought him tickets to Immersive Van Gough in March Y A Y He’s going to love it <3 Merry Christmas everyone. Be safe out there, and Connie and Missy are on their way. Safe Travels, let the game begin <3 …

Welcome Home

Mom, can I sleep at Grandma’s tonight ??

I heard in the car, this morning….

When I managed to turn around to see my child, it made

me go back to the past, with just one sentence…

She was no longer within my reach.

I travelled far….

When did time go by and make us adults full of boring priorities??

We fight every day, for something we’re not even sure we really want…

When in fact grandma’s house, is what everyone needs to be happy.

Grandma’s house, is where the hands of the clock take a vacation with us and the minutes unhurriedly, go by.

Grandma’s house is where a simple pasta and homemade bread seem to have different flavors, delicious…

Grandma’s house is where an innocent afternoon, can last for an eternity of games and fantasies.

Grandma’s house is where the cupboards hide old clothes and mysterious tools.

Grandma’s house is where the closed boxes become chests of secret treasures, ready to be unveiled.

Grandma’s house is where toys rarely come ready, they are invented on the spot.

Grandma’s house, is where everything is mysteriously possible, magic happens without worries..


Grandma’s house on the inside, is the address of our deepest affection, where EVERYTHING IS ALLOWED.

That luxury no longer belongs to me – unfortunately – it will live with me only in memories.

Even so, if I could place an order now…any order of all orders in the world, I would order the same thing…


(Author unknown)

I am so thankful for my Grandmama Fannie…I look forward to seeing her again someday. I am blessed with all of my memories of her and my time spent up on that magical farm in Wisconsin <3

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