Today I’m doing nothing !!! It’s my day off and it looks like I’ll be doing nothing this weekend too. Yes another winter storm is on the way. Which okay, I’ll sleep in tomorrow and it will be a cooking day (Lasagna Soup) and playing with my planner for the weekend. I was just looking at my treasures and I thought I would share them with you.

My first one is my Barometer…I absolutely love, love, love this. This was my grandmama’s and my mom made sure I got it b/c she knows what a weather geek I am. It works too, which is really cool. It’s got to be over 100 years old.

My next treasure is this cross. This too was my grandmama’s. It hangs in the my room right by the door. It slides open where you can keep some holy water. It is safe with me <3 .

My third treasure are these tiny, little tea dishes. I don’t know why, but I have always loved them <3 .

Tiny Tea Dishes

It’s not always about how much money someone leaves you when they pass over. In fact these items are priceless to me. I thought about what I would sell these for if they had any monetary value, and I wouldn’t sell them ever. <3 Happy Friday and be safe out there in all that snow… Oh I’ll take pics of the snow and keep you posted on the storm.

One last treasure that she has entrusted me with. This was a prayer missal that she kept from her 1st love, “Louie <3 .” He lost his life tragically before they were married, so I’m honored to keep it safe for her.

Romeo & Juliet

I found this in my Computer somewhere 😉 I’m not the best at locations. Anywho, I just wanted to get this up so our Connie & Missy could see it. We knew when we saw them dancing together that was their love story. Such a great couple !!! An absolutely stunning couple !!! Great dancer’s and they’ll have some really fun stories to share with the kiddo’s some day <3 … (Make sure you click on the video, IDK why but you’ll hear the music then ;).)

Mr. & Mrs. <3 …
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