Happy Song Lyric Sunday…

Today’s prompt for SLS is the music genre, “Country”…When I hear country music I think of one of my fav’s Mr. Toby Keith, plus he’s real easy on the eyes 😉 !!! I’m going with “How Do You Like Me Now,” for my SLS…

How Do You Like Me Now

This is a big favorite of mine. It reminds me of when I went to a new highschool my senior year. I’m sure most can know what a cruel adjustment that was. Highschool was a challenging enough to begin with let alone having no friends to hang with. Let’s just say Senior year sucked, (sorry for the crudeness,) but I can’t think of any other way to describe that. I was pretty much alone and jailing it for the entire year. You know crossing the days off til I could graduate. I went for the early graduation doing correspondence courses. Happiest, at least one of them, days of my life when I got that, “Sheep Skin.”

Really song says it all. I was dating the husband during my senior year. He was a Junior at Northwestern University. I wanted him to take me to my senior prom that year so I could stick a finger in the eyes of all of those nasty senior girls who ignored me. No one believed me when I would talk about him, but who cares. Then I saw one of those snotty senior girls (post graduation) in a grocery store working the register. She kept trying to get me to notice her, (probably b/c I had my awesome, handsome college boy with me, and the huge diamond I had on my hand 😉 ) ” I just kept looking at her saying, “Do I know you. I can’t really place the face.” She kept saying, “Remember senior year, I was in your blah, blah, blah gym class & 1st hour.” Me, “Sorry, just can’t place the face.” Knowing exactly who she was.

That’s right, “How do you like me now 😉 “

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  1. I think that girls can be crueler than guys sometimes, but some guts are awful also. I am sorry that you had to endure that, but it sounds like you won the prize that you were after. Thanks for participating again, Scarlett.

    1. Without a doubt Mr. Jim…I know all about the girl side as I was one of 4 girls in my fam. I sometimes think guys definitely win in the nice category. Guys don’t have time for all that silly drama. I had 4 son’s so yes I’m well aware of the difference and it’s striking 😉 Happy Sunday <3

  2. Oh me too !!! I saw him in-concert!!! We were supposed to go last year, but he was sick. Prayers that his recovery is going good. Thanks for stopping by Mz. Ghostmmnc <3. Blessings on the rest of your week …

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