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Song Lyric Sunday

Happy Song Lyric Sunday Blogging Buddy’s…Today’s prompt is your song has to begin with the letter, “M or A.” I’m going to use the letter, “M.” My Song is Money, Money by the Group ABBA. I know it’s a little dated by then so… Continue Reading “Song Lyric Sunday”

Merry Christmas/Happy Everything !!!

Let the games begin !!!! This ones for you Connie & Missy ❤ Safe travels, see you soon ❤

Happy Song Lyric Sunday

Happy Sunday and Happy Halloween !!! Today’s prompt is Ghost/Pumpkin/Trick or Treat/Witch…and is very appropriate for this week. I’m going with, “Witch.” The song I’m playing today is Witchy Woman by Glenn Fry and Don Henley, The Eagles. Once again thank you Mr. Jim…Great… Continue Reading “Happy Song Lyric Sunday”