2023 Resolution

I did not make any resolution’s this year but I have to say this is one of my favorite days of the entire year !!!! I love, love, love New Year’s Day. A brand new year with brand new possibilities, a blank slate. It is always so exciting in my world !!!

I always say, “Write it down, Make it happen.” I learned from making lists that this is the key. Writing things down does make it happen, it almost makes it real. Today I really did nothing today but just being happy b/c it’s a new year.

This is going to be my first challenge of the year…Just Jot January 2023

Merry Christmas, 2022

So for today, it’s Sunday so it’s my day off and tomorrow I will start my new planner. We will have a year of first’s again and those are so exciting. I’m not going to say too much of those first’s b/c I have discovered an evil troll who has done some very mean things and I would expect nothing less from that person/people b/c they just aren’t very good people. I have one thing to say to those mean, horrible people. What goes around, comes around so you had better be careful because good always overcomes bad, horrible people !!!! You know who you are and so do I. You know I have a song for everything, and this is not my song for SLS. This song is for you, I know who you are. Believe me, I’m watching and it wasn’t hard to figure out who did this. This song is for you 😉 …

Back Stabbers

There’s a reason when people leave your world and I’ve learned God’s in control and he takes the people out of your life who will be no good for you. He’ll deal with them and that’s good enough for me. The best thing to do is to live a good life and be happy and I choose that.

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