Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday and it really is. Having an amazing fall here in the Midwest, but we all know what’s coming…I really need to get out and get my tree pictures i.e. leaf peeping. I have seen a few that makes !!!!

I saw this today and I grabbed it with my phone. I loved it and making, “Lists”…Really I can’t do the day, any day, w/o a list. Top 3, To Do’s, Daily, yadayadayada. I’m sure you get the picture.

The weather has been prrrrfect up until yesterday but I think we’ll eek out a few more nice, sunny, warm days before everything goes south. I think they call it Indian Summer…I know, that you can only call it that after the 1st tracking snow. Yes, I’m also a weather geek…There really isn’t a season or storm that I don’t like.

I hope this makes you smile !!!

This one’s for you Mz. Cheryl !!!! Because I knew you <3 This song really says it all for me <3 I love you friend <3 …

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