It’s Monday …. Not a very Happy One

I usually start the week with Monday’s Masterpiece. Father’s Day was great !!!! Dad and I will be going to a lot of baseball games…Y A Y <3 . Thank you to our Son’s Matthew and Connor. You made Dad’s day great !!!! Lizzie had to work but we are going to hook up later this week 😉 .

That’s where it all started at Comiskey Park which is now Cellular Field … Our first date was July 16, 1976 the Chicago White Sox vs. the Milwaukee Brewer’s before they went to the National League. Yes I’ve been with my sweets for 45 years and we will be celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary this August <3 …

It was definitely a Father’s Day to remember. It was hot and they said it was going to be a stormy day and for anyone who knows me, knows I’m a weather geek for sure. I watched the storm all day. It hung out west all day so I was thinking it wasn’t going to be anything.

Severe Weather Cone
Tornado Warning !!!

They upgraded us to a Severe Thunderstorm Watch. I went outside about 10:30 pm to just see what was going on. It was coming, but I still wasn’t worried. The wind started picking up and the husband joined me in the garage and I started getting the feeling things were going to go south pretty quick. I knew they were going to blow the sirens too, b/c they always do no matter.

No sooner did I have that thought the storm hit fast & hard !!!! Sirens blowing so it’s time to go in. I don’t have a basement so me and Rosie (our chicago brown dog) went into the bathroom and prayed b/c this storm was not fooling around. I told the husband to go look and see how bad it was and he said, “What am I suppose to stop the tornado.” I said, “Of course your are, your the guy and last time I checked that was a guy job ;). ” Thank god it was over fast, and boy were we lucky. We were probably 3 houses away, literally !!! Well here is what my neighborhood looks like this morning, and it’s not pretty….It will be a long week cleaning up…

No fatalities but a couple of people did end up in the hospital. Prayers for everyone who’s Monday has been a hard one !!! Blessings and to all <3 .