Happy Tuesday, the storm did not go south. The storm did not go west. It hit right in the middle, it hit in Naperville, in the Midwest… I remember a snowstorm back in 67′ and the anniversary of that storm is today, January 26, 1967. That was the big one!! The biggest one ever to hit the Chicago area. I remember we had a drift of snow so high we couldn’t get out the front door. Dad worked in the city and he had to walk home from the train station which was about 2/3 miles. Mom was a nurse and she barely made it home driving. Me and the 3 sister’s were at our elementary school, St. Mary’s and I remember walking and wondering if I would make it home. As usual being the youngest of the 4, they (my sister’s) didn’t wait for me, but whatever. I made it home b/c I was a very tough youngest. I had to be 😉 … Here’s a link of the storm. They have a picture of the train station (Randolph Street Station/Illinois Central RR) where I worked many years later. It was a mess. Here’s a youtube video of the storm. The day before the storm we had a record high of 68 degrees. There are pictures of people walking around w/o coats in dresses and heals. It was surreal…


The snow we had yesterday, was just a snow. I wouldn’t even call it a snowstorm. I would call it January in Chicago…Here are some of the before/after pictures.

My Yellow rose that is still here !!!!

So it’s over and I need to go get my cup of coffee with the husband….January in Chicago, that’s all 😉 …

2 Replies to “S N O W”

  1. We’ve had a couple of snows already this year, most recently 7 inches, which is a lot for us here in TX. I enjoyed watching that old video of your big one! 🙂

    1. I think I was like 7 years old and I just remember dad and the neighbor had to walk up to the grocery store with a sled (about 2 miles) just to get milk and some bread. When they got there, there were no groceries to buy !!! The trucks couldn’t get to the stores…OMG. Quite the memory !!! Today was just another day in January ⛄️⛄️ I’ll be glad when spring comes ♥️♥️. Hope you are well. Blessings dear and thanks for stopping by.

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