Stream of Conciousness Saturday

OLD/NEW That is the prompt for today. Seems appropriate as I am trying to re-set my OLD blog. I did other things this past summer so my OLD blog went away. Now that we are heading into a NEW season, Fall, I want to start a NEW Blog but I’m finding it a bit challenging. When I left, things were a lot different on the OLD WordPress. Now everything seems different so setting up my NEW blog is going to be a challenge. The OLD WordPress was easier but maybe that’s okay. I’m always up for learning NEW things. NEW challenges are good and I don’t feel so OLD. I was very happy to see many of my OLD blogging buddies still around. OLD friends are the best friends. I’ll be working on my NEW Blog and I hope it doesn’t get too wonky. Should be fun. I’m still the Planner Girl and having so much fun with that. I’m also still the painterswife and he has been getting a lot of new painting’s done as he has been home with me since March 13th OMG. This is his latest painting

Will this ever end…Thank you for staying with me on this blogging journey. I’ll be posting the Artist’s paintings and my planner escapades. Life is good. Blessings Bloggers ❤ . I forgot I’m suppose to tag and post this so I better get to it…

4 Comments on “Stream of Conciousness Saturday

  1. You are brave. I haven’t even given the new wordpress a go.. having read so many bad things. Welcome back…wondered where you taken off to.

    • Sometimes you just need to be quiet amid all the noise…I needed quiet ❤ Blessings and thanks bcp for noticing I was gone. That's important. Be well and stay safe…I'm back and all is great in my corner of the world ❤

  2. Good luck with the new blog! Every few months I change my theme which is stressful enough! My biggest question/problem is where does all the posts go after a while, I mean I have heard people “fill” their blog, having to start a new one. Not really sure what this meant.

    • I’m not sure either. I had quite a lot of stuff on my last blog. Maybe it means you have to upgrade and buy more space. I had to do that once. Thanks for stopping by 😀😀. Blogging brings joy into my life … It is definitely my happy place !!!

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