Friday’s Follies…


  fol·​ly |  \ ˈfä-lē   \plural follies

Definition of folly

1: lack of good sense or normal prudence and foresight …his folly in thinking he could not be caught

2a: criminally or tragically foolish actions or conduct b. obsolete EVILWICKEDNESS especiallylewd behavior

3: a foolish act or idea… The prank was a youthful folly.

4: an excessively costly or unprofitable undertaking Paying so much for that land was folly, since it was all rocks and scrub trees.

5: an often extravagant picturesque building erected to suit a fanciful taste

This is what my post is going to be on Friday’s, “Friday’s Follies” so I thought the least I should do is find out what the true definition is. Imagine my surprise when one of the sentences explaining, “Follies” was as follows….

” The folly of Obama and now the Biden administration is believing that the leader’s in Tehran want to be a normal country…” WSJ/June, 2021

Hey I didn’t write this, Merrium/Webster had it on their website 😉 …

And that’s all I’m going to say concerning politics b/c I really don’t care about politics…It’s not my happy place ;} imagine my surprise to realize that I have been married to a Poli/Sci i.e. Political Science, graduate of Northwestern i.e. again, “The Harvard of the Midwest…Who knew…I know it’s not making much sense, but that’s the take away from Friday’s Folly 😉 .

I’ll finish with what is my Happy Place…Planning, Y A Y !!! I got the new Planner Kit from yes, “The Planner Society.” I have been planning forever and I have so many planner supplies, you just can’t even believe how much I have, any whooo back to what I was blogging about… My Planner, aka Mz. Serena. Here’s my layout for today…Y A Y

My Beautius Planner…Mz. Serena/The Planner Society (TPS) Fall Kit

Happy Fall…Happy Friday

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