Our Family

Thank you so much Connie !!! What a great son. Call him anytime day or night and he’s always there for his mom. You just gotta love a son who’s like that. They are just the best kids. They have shared their lives and their beautius baby Ruby !! We have 4 beautius granddaughter’s who are the love of our lives. What a great family, and family is the most important thing in this crazy world.

This is our beautiful little miss Ruby <3…

Here is the rest of the girls…There’s our daughter the nurse, who has been a God send lately. When her dad was hospitalized recently, she’s a nurse and she slept in his room every night to make sure he had the best care !!! Oh and they bought us tickets to the Northwestern game for their dad’s birthday <3

… What great kids. Very thoughtful, that’s where dad graduated from and it was so much fun !!! So blessed to have them watching over us. Next to her is Mariah, and she’s just the sweetest little girl in the world. Grandpapa is next to Mariah and there’s Cordell next to Grandpapa. They have become quite the pair 😉 b/c those are the only two guys with all the girls. We have 2 other son’s out East . This is our family and we are having a blast. Making memories that will go on forever. That’s the best of all. One more picture of me and Cordell. He’s a great guy, and a great dad. Thanks for being there for us. We love you to the moom <3 …

We had a great dinner at Eddie Merlot’s and so looking forward to Chrismas with this bunch. They are my people and I love them so much. Cordell tell your mom, Gigi we are all coming over to decorate cookies… Loving the Christmas Season and all my people <3 …

I had to get these two sweethearts in there. They are just the best little girl’s ever !!! Grandmama & Grandpapa love you to the moon… I couldn’t be any prouder of my family. They are the sweetest family and I’m blessed to be the mom and grandmama of this bunch !!! I love you all <3, to the moon. Get ready for the holiday baking, it’s going to be a blast !!!!

Olivia and Mariah all ready for the game. Their mom always makes them look totally adorb !!!

One more thank you to our son Connie (that’s what I call him, he’s really Connor) but it’s just a thing between a mom and her son !!! Thank you so much for showing us kindness, respect and patience and always being there to help us out. You are a great son !!!!

Happy October

I’m going to just get something up b/c I’ve been away for a bit…You know, time just goes by so fast. Can’t believe it’s almost that time of year.

The family Northwestern vs. Wisconsin

Tickets to the game !!!! Birthday present from the kid’s for grandpapa. Thank you so much. It was a perfect day. The game wouldn’t of been complete w/o breakfast at Walker Bros.

A couple of our girl’s <3…Breakfast at Walker Bros./Evanston, IL

The artist is still rocking out !!!