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Okay this is my last video today. This one is of Connie’s older brother dancing to, “Michael Jackson’s Dangerous.”  Happy Halloween ❤

Masterpiece Monday

Good Monday morning blogger’s.  I hope your weekend was fun and festive with it being Halloween.  Let’s hope you dragged out your ghoul’s and ghost’s costumes.  Here is our Matthew as a Ghoul in the Ballet, “Dracula” in Milwaukee, WI.   That was probably 4 years ago….

Happy Halloween/A Tale of Two Brother’s

I saved the scary one for Halloween…”Dracula”  A tale of two brother’s…Look at that smile 🙂

Happy Halloween

A day early.  I went back to some earlier halloweens.  I have such good memories from my happy memory bank ❤  If you follow my blog, you know we are a theater family.  My boys (young men actually, but you know the are my…

Happy Halloween

Okay so I know its still about a week away but I am getting my halloween going.  I got my nails done and their purple and so I thought let’s do the hair purple too, OMG !!!  So I did !!! I think the nails…

My Happy Place

My happy place is my room.  It is so pretty and warm.  It has everything I need to make me feel good.  It has my pens and papers and my journals.  It has my dolls (build-a-bears).  Pictures that make me feel good.  The bed…