Good Friday Morning fellow bloggers and I really did mean Happy Friday b/c I just realized it is Good Friday 🙂 I am just happy to still hanging be hanging in there w/the AtoZ Challenge. Didn’t have a great editorial calendar for this year’s challenge but I figure I get a pass b/c I am just trying to get my site back up an running.

Today’s letter is ‘L’ so I’m going to go with that … I know it’s really ‘M’ but I’ll get to that but first let’s do ‘L’ …

Scarlet’s Italian Fresh Cream Lemon Cake

This is a great cake for Spring and Easter…Enjoy <3

Butter vs Margarine

Good Saturday morning blogging family. Starting out my week in the blogosphere on a positive note. Getting back into my challenges and so today is the start of my week with #SoCS. Thank you, Mz. Linda for the prompt…”Butter.”

Mom was a nurse back in the 60’s when margarine was first introduced and it was suppose to be healthier for you. Raising a family (4 girls and dad) margarine was the obvious choice. I was in grade school so I really didn’t pay any attention at all to butter/margarine and just thought everything was butter that was yellow and in the butter dish. I only knew that I wanted it to be soft so as not to destroy the toast when I was using it to butter my toast.

My mom grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and my grandpapa worked at the dairy after the boys grew up an went away b/c he was getting on in years and running the farm would be to much for him. Whenever we went to visit grandmama & grandpapa I always wondered why the butter tasted so much better at their house than ours back in Chicago.

Love you, Grandpapa

When we were up at the farm one day, I asked my mom why the butter tasted so much better here. It was lighter and fluffier. The color was a pale yellow, almost a tint not like ours at home where it was Y E L L O W !!!! They didn’t keep it in butter keeper per se it was more like a dish and it was definitely more that a stick of butter. More like a slab and was it ever good on grandmama’s homemade cinnamon rolls just out of the oven.

In fact she used butter in almost everything. I would watch her cook. She would slather it on her dough’s as she was making her breads. She would carve out a chunk and throw it in her soups, spaghetti sauces, chili’s. She would add more to all the noodles and pasta. Every frosting she ever made, that’s right there was butter in it. She would even take it and butter up her hands before kneading the dough or working with any kind of food !!!

We got on the subject of butter and how it tasted so much better up here in Wisconsin. When grandpapa heard us he responded, “That’s because your mother probably uses that other stuff that’s suppose to be good for you. I better not find it here in my house. We’re really dairy people here. This is Wisconsin after all, “The Dairy State.” Grandmama just looked at all of us with her cheeky little grin, and gave us a wink 😉 .

When I started homemaking, it wasn’t a choice. Butter it will be and butter it has always been <3 . Don’t care about the cost or being better for me, I just love, love, love the taste of butter. There’s a reason it costs more….You get what you pay for 😉 .