Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s everyone. I hope everyone is celebrating, “Love” today. My Forever took me out for a Valentine’s Day Lunch today at a swanky restaurant in Oak Brook. It was lovely and I’m loved, what is better than that.

I’m posting one of the song’s that I fell in love with my forever. Whenever it comes on the radio when we are out and about, he has to sing it. I just melt. I love you husband <3 …

Load Out

You are still my guy <3 Forever and always <3 …


Today’s prompt is , a love song about Forgiveness” I think I will be staying with my prompt from yesterday but move it a bit further down the road. Yesterday’s prompt was about Unconditional Love, and I used a song from the musical, “Les Miserable.”

Today I’m going to pull another from the same musical only it’s about forgiveness. The song is, “I Dreamed a Dream.” You should watch the whole youtube that I am posting, very cool having the casts from other shows of Les Miserables.

Les Miserables, The Miserable, The Poor Ones, The Victims…

I’m sure I will see this musical again. Very powerful for people from all walks of life. It’s absolutely breathtaking. The husband has read the book/Les Miserable by Victor Hugo, and I think I’m going to have to put that one on my bucket list !!!! It’s a long one as is the musical. Totally worth it …


The prompt for todays is Unconditional Love Song… between a father and his daughter. Great prompt Mr. Jim !!!! I found this one from one of my favorite‘s, “Les Miserables…” I’ve seen the musical live at least half a dozen times and I did enjoy movie theater version of it with Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman. This song was probably one of the top 3 for me…

Les Miserables (2012)

The Winner Takes it All

One of my favorite groups, who knew they were Scandinavian…Actually Stockholm, Sweden. One of my favorites of ABBA, and I saw the Musical, “Mama Mia” …. Enjoy 😉

The Winner Takes it All

Sneak, peek @ Monday’s Masterpiece…The Painter working on, “Cool Hand Luke.”

Happy Tuesday


Happy Monday…Today’s prompt is,“Love Song from your tweens.This is a love song, but not between two people. This is a love song to a time, an artist. It definite speaks to my soul…Now I Understand, enjoy..

The Potato People


After attending the Van Gogh Virtual Art Exhibit, it was a painting he needed to paint…

Below are a couple of more his interpretation’s of Van Gogh’s paintings…Sunflowers


Van Gogh’s virtual Art Exhibit…He’s happiest when he’s near the painting’s !!!!

#Love is in Da Blog

Happy Friday … Hoping for a warmer February <3 Today the prompt for #loveisindablog, “Ukraine or country’s w/turmoil. I don’t keep up on those kind of war troubles, that is just not where I get my joy and music is my Happy Place. The song for today is performed by Ed Sheeran and Andre Bocelli, and they are both from countries (England & Italy) so I’m thinking that counts. I love, love, love this song and they do it so well together. Enjoy This is, “Perfect.”


My favorite line in the song is is, “We were just kids when we fell in love.” We were and it’s been an amazing journey, not perfect but it’s as close to perfect as you’re going to get !!! I love you husband <3 …

How do you like me now…

That song title says it all for me 🙂 !!!!

I just had to put this song up b/c I really love it !!! Please say a prayer for Toby Keith that he will over come all of his health issues and get back to doing what he does so great…We love you <3 Prayer’s

How Do You Like Me Now !!!

#Love is in Da Blog

This is our first song !! I still sing it to him and it still kind of annoys him but he’ll give me that wink and I know he’s right where I’m at !!! It’s a great life waking up with him next to me all the time <3.

Your Still the One

Our first dance as Mr. & Mrs…

Oh yes, did I mention he is an amazing artist (not his day job) b/c we didn’t want to be starving artist and trust me that is a true thing…This was at one of his show’s with an oil painting he painted. Name of this one is, “The Jazz Piano Player.”

Okay that’s all for now…and yes he’s still the one and will always be !!!! #Love is in Da Blog !!!

A couple of more pics, one of him which I’m pretty sure was when I first met him (I was 16) and he was a college boy and I said to myself that’s the guy I’m going to marry…True Story

and this next picture was one of us when we were younger. I just always liked the picture … Our boys were professional ballet dancer’s and we had just come from one of their shows when they danced w/Joffrey in Chicago. Time’s were grand, b/c everything is beautiful at the ballet 🙂 …

So I guess I need to put up one more pic of the boys at the ballet 😉 …These are pics of our 3rd son when he danced Cinderella as the Ugly Step Sister, and I’m thinking the last one was the Nutcracker and just a random one that I like…

I can’t leave out our youngest and his beautiful wife who were both professional ballet dancer’s. They are now the proud parents of our 7th grandchild…

Connor & Missy/Romeo & Juliet …

Our Beautiful Granddaughter…

It’ noon so I better get busy with my housework and laundry…It’s been fun going down memory lane with y’all…Stay warm and safe, it’s crazy cold around here 9 degrees below zero !!!! Let February be warmer…Blessings #loveisindablog

#Love is in Da Blog

Okay I’m in and do I need this today. Me and the husband have been together for 46 years, OMG (he married me when I was 12 😉 ) …. I just always say that so you don’t know how old I am, but let’s just say I’m not rocking the 60’s so much. But whatever. Me and my guy have been through so much in those 46 years, 43 of them married. I was injured in a car accident, traumatic brain injury (Coma for 5 weeks), paralyzed on the left side. The anniversary coming up on Feb. 7th. #Love is in Da Blog

We lost our son Sean Patrick at 7 months. This is my way as his mom to let him know he changed the world the day he was born and my way to honor him as he was truly loved and his handprint is on our heart forever <3

I’m not going to into all of our crosses, but we carried them together and went on to raise 4 more kids and have been blessed with 7 grandchildren. This year we will be celebrating anniversary #44.

We have many song’s that we refer to as our song but our song from the beginning is

I still sing it out when I hear it. I love him to the moon and always will. I’m sure I’ll have a few more great love stories to tell through the month b/c that’s what got us through it all…L O V E <3

I have been blessed with so much love and I have a great family !!!

Here is our other half of the family that are out on the east coast…

These two are getting married this year Y A Y !!! So excited, this was from 2 Christmas’s ago and their dog. Just the sweetest couple and their dog is such an extension of their sweetness…They are both retired professional Ballet Dancer’s…

Gender Reveal, Baby Girl Frain/Aunt Dawn’s, Maryland

These 2 are the youngest. They just had our 7th baby granddaughter. They to are retired professional Ballet Dancer’s too. They danced Romeo & Juliet together and we knew they were going to end up together.

This is our 7th grand daughter, Mom & Dad above…

I’ll have many more stories ahead, make sure to come back and visit. I guarantee they will put a smile on your face and see a family full of love !!! #Love is in Da Blog <3.

This is the year I’m updating a family picture…Get ready everyone, this is going to happen. Time for a new family picture…I love you all <3.