Tuesday’s Travelor’s Noteook

Happy Tuesday Blogger’s. I have a question, “Do you think the sun is ever going to shine again???” It has been forever and they said on the weather last night we’ve only had 18 percent of sunshine this month…It’s kind of dreary but I guess it’s cold so who really cares. I don’t want to go out anyways. I’m not a cold weather person, still living in the Midwest.

Ah, but I still have my glorious planner’s. Today I’m getting my Traveler’s Notebooks set up for this year. I’ll refer to them as TN’s b/c it’s just shorter. I can’t decide which one I’m going to use. My featured picture is of both of the traveler’s notebooks that I’m trying to deciding to use.

I’ve been using the black one but it’s just black, no personality. It is velvet on the outside and I don’t worry about it getting dirty, but it might get wet. Then I have the other one. It’s kind of busy and my inserts might clash with the outside, but it is one from my fav’s #theplannersociety…

I also have bought some really cool inserts all the way from the Ukraine. They are suppose to be delivered on Friday. They are monthly inserts and they are the best. I’ll make sure I post up the final product, inserts and all. Here are a few pics of the TN I’m using now. I really love it. It is one of my favorite planner’s of all. Best of all, it doesn’t need charging and I always know right where to look for something. There is something to be said for having a, “Hard Copy.” The TN fits right in my purse and I never leave home w/o my it !!!! Here are a few pics of the TN I’m using now. I really love, love, love it <3 Happy Tuesday again <3

Wednesday’s Words

Good morning Blogger’s, hope everyone’s week is going smoothly. It seems to be a bit stressful at this point in our nation, but as my very wise grandmama use to say (and say quite often) “This too shall pass !!!” So what I’m doing at this point in my week is going to my happy place. That would be my Daily Planner. I have Mz. Serena up and running, (pictured below) and I’m also starting to set up, “The Mother Ship.” She will be my planner that keeps everything that is near and dear to my heart.

I really love planning my day !!! It just looks so pretty…I’m going to be posting what I do with my planner which for now I will call the Mother Ship. This year I am going to devote to J O Y !!!! Anything that does not bring joy into my life, well it is going to be removed. Life is short and I’m not wasting anymore time on things that do not bring me J O Y. My blog is a happy place for me and brings me joy. I love to write, I love to plan. Let’s do this <3 Happy Hump Day <3