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Song Lyric Sunday

Happy Song Lyric Sunday, even though it’s Monday Morning…I’m just a bit late, Mr. Jim. Loving this prompt.  Enjoyed yours, love John Fogerty ❤ The Prompts for yesterday was … October 27, 2019 – Lost/Found/Hide/Seek I was thinking about it all day and then…

Song Lyric Sunday

Happy Song Lyric Sunday…Love blogging today, so easy to find music and to blog about it.  Today’s prompt is, “Haunted/Magic/Mystery/Supernatural/Trick.”  I usually use the first song that comes to mind so here it is…”Thriller ❤ ” by Michael Jackson  This music video was really an original…

AtoZChallenge…E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Good morning challenger’s.  Today’s movie quotes are going to be from  E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.  Saw this movie in 1982.  I was pregnant with our first and I remember it being so loud in the theater.  I think it was just the beginning of HD….


Okay this is my last video today. This one is of Connie’s older brother dancing to, “Michael Jackson’s Dangerous.”  Happy Halloween ❤

Happy Halloween

  I just had to put this video up of my youngest (Connie)…He’s been performing like forever (well really since he was 4 years old).  He is the one who is in back, in the street at :36 seconds, wearing a skeleton jacket. He’ll jump…