Two for Tuesday

When I was looking into my media for my, “Two for Tuesday” post, I came across some other pics that I thought would be fun for some more media for today’s post. Remember, this is My Happy Place and I get to make the rules !!!

Happy Tuesday Blogger’s…Enjoy My Life <3

Happy Father’s Day…

It’s write anything Wednesday and I just realized it’s June 30th, OMG. This is the day me and the husband always say, “Summer’s over Mr. Nightlinger,” and this year is no different. He said that to me as he was getting out of the car this morning on his way to work in Chicago 😉 . It’s from a John Wayne movie we both love to watch, from back in the day.

I guess I really haven’t been blogging lately b/c I just am not really focused. It’s kind of like I just don’t have much to say other that I’m feeling really, I guess the word is “Wonky” from how our summer is moving along. It started out as most of things do like any other summer. The weather was warm, it’s baseball again Y A Y, I have all kind of plans and I’m feeling really positive, just happy I have made it through another Chicago Winter. Oh yeah and happy for some kind of normalcy again i.e. the Vid is under control and I can see so many smiles and people are getting back to the chit/chat again. Another huge Y A Y for that 🙂 !!! Except for the fact that now they are once again trying to control us by some kind of variant …oooh we all should be scared and put our masks back on.

No Way … Not Now, Not Ever Again !!!

Unless of course I become a Doctor and need to when I operate on someone, which I’m pretty sure will never happen. Me and the husband had the Vid before it was the Vid (that’s what the daughter/covid nurse) calls it, and we are both totally vaccinated … So no way am I going there, some stupid lockdown. Sorry I digress, I just get so mad at the control that the government thinks they have over our lives. They steal our money by taxing us to death and then try and convince us it’s for infrastructure. What is it that they say, “Good intentions are paved on the road to Hell.” Or something like that.

Visit to the ER w/the Vid (before they called it the Vid)
Our Lizzie an RN

I’m taking my cues from people who know up close and personal the risks, and that would be my daughter who I have been hugging since before they locked us down. My mother who is a retired Infection Control Nurse for over 40 years and my oldest sister who is also an RN…

We just had a great time as a family being together and celebrating life, love and being a family <3 … Something that for some reason has been labeled a dangerous situation to your life…OMG really, it’s not going to go on in my world ever again. Life is dangerous. Move on, get over it !!! I love my family and I’m going to spend every moment I can with them !!!! Which brings me to the point of this post, “Father’s Day.” Yes, Father’s Day. It was a fun day even though family was not able to spend it with dad…The kiddos got us baseball tickets to our beloved White Sox. What a great gift !!! That’s where me and my husband, their dad, had our first date, 45 years ago. A nighttime, Fireworks game at the old Comiskey Park vs. the Milwaukee Brewer’s who were still in the American League. I even remember the date, July 16, 1976…

Chicago from Guranteed Rate Field/The new Comiskey Park

The pictures above were from a couple of years ago. We did spend last Sunday out at the Ballpark, Guaranteed Rate Field. It was a beautiful day and we got to watch a lot of baseball b/c it was sort of a double header. It was the game from Saturday that they had to pause and then it was the game the kiddos got us tickets for on Father’s Day…They split it, lost the first one and then won the second game. But it’s always a great day win or lose out at the ballpark <3 It’s our happy place…

Y A Y for our Chicago White Sox b/c I guess they are in 1st place and we had so much fun. I didn’t go to any games last year so I had forgotten how much fun it was. The weather was beautiful and we had great tickets <3 Thanks to the kiddos <3 . The only thing that was missing was them but that’s what kids do, they grow up and go live their lives which makes this mom & dad very happy. Thanks to iPhones they were there with us during the whole games…i.e. texting and facetiming.

Happy to get this post up and returning to my blog. That too is my Happy Place b/c of all of you out there in the the blogosphere … I hope everyone is having a great summer. I have all the tools I need for a happy summer, my grill being the most important. The Flower’s are all planted and I even got tomatoes going and they are looking pretty good. Happy Summer, Happy 4th of July…Blessings Blogger’s and thanks for stopping by.

It’s Monday …. Not a very Happy One

I usually start the week with Monday’s Masterpiece. Father’s Day was great !!!! Dad and I will be going to a lot of baseball games…Y A Y <3 . Thank you to our Son’s Matthew and Connor. You made Dad’s day great !!!! Lizzie had to work but we are going to hook up later this week 😉 .

That’s where it all started at Comiskey Park which is now Cellular Field … Our first date was July 16, 1976 the Chicago White Sox vs. the Milwaukee Brewer’s before they went to the National League. Yes I’ve been with my sweets for 45 years and we will be celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary this August <3 …

It was definitely a Father’s Day to remember. It was hot and they said it was going to be a stormy day and for anyone who knows me, knows I’m a weather geek for sure. I watched the storm all day. It hung out west all day so I was thinking it wasn’t going to be anything.

Severe Weather Cone
Tornado Warning !!!

They upgraded us to a Severe Thunderstorm Watch. I went outside about 10:30 pm to just see what was going on. It was coming, but I still wasn’t worried. The wind started picking up and the husband joined me in the garage and I started getting the feeling things were going to go south pretty quick. I knew they were going to blow the sirens too, b/c they always do no matter.

No sooner did I have that thought the storm hit fast & hard !!!! Sirens blowing so it’s time to go in. I don’t have a basement so me and Rosie (our chicago brown dog) went into the bathroom and prayed b/c this storm was not fooling around. I told the husband to go look and see how bad it was and he said, “What am I suppose to stop the tornado.” I said, “Of course your are, your the guy and last time I checked that was a guy job ;). ” Thank god it was over fast, and boy were we lucky. We were probably 3 houses away, literally !!! Well here is what my neighborhood looks like this morning, and it’s not pretty….It will be a long week cleaning up…

No fatalities but a couple of people did end up in the hospital. Prayers for everyone who’s Monday has been a hard one !!! Blessings and to all <3 .