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Welcome Home

Mom, can I sleep at Grandma’s tonight ?? I heard in the car, this morning…. When I managed to turn around to see my child, it made me go back to the past, with just one sentence… She was no longer within my reach.… Continue Reading “Welcome Home”

Good bye Mz. Bella

You were loved and you were my friend…Thank you so much for all the joy you brought to our family ❤ Blessings Dear Bella ❤ You will be missed. RIP ❤ Rudyard Kipling “The Power of the Dog” There is sorrow enough in the… Continue Reading “Good bye Mz. Bella”

Share your World

I’m loving this challenge, as it has always been one of the fav’s !!! Thanks so much Mz. Melanie ❤ love, love, love the questions …Happy Thursday;) Questions: When was the last time you tried something new? That would be right now b/c I… Continue Reading “Share your World”