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Who Doesn’t Love the Nutcracker

Well I can think of a few who might be struggling with that question right about now with 4 shows to go after a gazillion performances.  I just wanted to share with you a couple of my really fun and great memories that I…

Monday’s Music

Definition of hallelujah —used to express praise, joy, or thanks This song is usually the first one that I listen to everyday.   It puts my mind into a thankful mode.  Thank you for a new day and happy to be alive.  I like…

Terrific Tuesday

and I’m really, really busy.  I’m sorry I haven’t been putting up much content as of late.  A song or two.  But besides getting ready for the holidays, the guys are coming in.  We have hockey games to get too, YAY !!!  I’m also…

A Tune for Tuesday

Good sunny and really cold morning bloggers.  This song will warm you heart ❤  Have a great day ❤

Monday’s Music

I thought I would just share some of my favorite Christmas Music.  Enjoy