Happy Song Lyric Sunday…

Today’s prompt for SLS is the music genre, “Country”…When I hear country music I think of one of my fav’s Mr. Toby Keith, plus he’s real easy on the eyes 😉 !!! I’m going with “How Do You Like Me Now,” for my SLS…

How Do You Like Me Now

This is a big favorite of mine. It reminds me of when I went to a new highschool my senior year. I’m sure most can know what a cruel adjustment that was. Highschool was a challenging enough to begin with let alone having no friends to hang with. Let’s just say Senior year sucked, (sorry for the crudeness,) but I can’t think of any other way to describe that. I was pretty much alone and jailing it for the entire year. You know crossing the days off til I could graduate. I went for the early graduation doing correspondence courses. Happiest, at least one of them, days of my life when I got that, “Sheep Skin.”

Really song says it all. I was dating the husband during my senior year. He was a Junior at Northwestern University. I wanted him to take me to my senior prom that year so I could stick a finger in the eyes of all of those nasty senior girls who ignored me. No one believed me when I would talk about him, but who cares. Then I saw one of those snotty senior girls (post graduation) in a grocery store working the register. She kept trying to get me to notice her, (probably b/c I had my awesome, handsome college boy with me, and the huge diamond I had on my hand 😉 ) ” I just kept looking at her saying, “Do I know you. I can’t really place the face.” She kept saying, “Remember senior year, I was in your blah, blah, blah gym class & 1st hour.” Me, “Sorry, just can’t place the face.” Knowing exactly who she was.

That’s right, “How do you like me now 😉 “

Good Song Lyric Sunday Morning

I’m up and ready to start this Sunday. I must be honest, I’m just not really feeling it today. It was easy to get a song for today’s prompt. I really love this guy. Me and the husband saw Toby Keith in Las Vegas back in the day. He put on a really great show.

The today’s prompt is, “Army, Soldier, War” for SLS comes from Mr. Jim.


I’m just trying to be a father
Raise a daughter and a son
Be a lover to their mother
Everything to everyone
Up and at ’em bright and early
I’m all business in my suit
Yeah, I’m dressed up for success
From my head down to my boots

I don’t do it for the money
There’s bills that I can’t pay
I don’t do it for the glory
I just do it anyway
Providing for our future’s my responsibility
Yeah, I’m real good under pressure
Being all that I can be

And I can’t call in sick on Mondays
When the weekends been too strong
I just work straight through the holidays
And sometimes all night long
You can bet that I stand ready
When the wolf growls at the door
Hey, I’m solid, hey I’m steady
Hey I’m true down to the core

And I will always do my duty
No matter what the price
I’ve counted up the cost
I know the sacrifice
Oh, and I don’t want to die for you
But if dyin’s asked of me
I’ll bear that cross with honor
‘Cause freedom don’t come free

I’m an American soldier, an American
Beside my brothers and my sisters
I will proudly take a stand
When liberty’s in jeopardy
I will always do what’s right
I’m out here on the front lines
sleep in peace tonight
American soldier, I’m an American soldier

yeah, an American soldier, an American
Beside my brothers and my sisters
I will proudly take a stand
When liberty’s in jeopardy
I will always do what’s right
I’m out here on the front lines
so sleep in peace tonight
American soldier, I’m an American

an American
an American soldier

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Chuck Cannon / Toby Keith

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend. Looking forward to warmer days !!! Happy Monday, Happy Spring 🙂

Two for Tuesday…

Happy Tuesday, blogger’s…It’s always a little harder getting going after a 3 day weekend but I’m up and starting the day. After the 4th a sense of urgency comes on and I feel like, “Summer’s over Mr. Nightlinger 😉 .”

The Artist was busy painting this weekend. I’m really enjoying these past oil paintings. I have already have a spot for them in our home. Don’t worry if you like them, they are on our Amazon Handmade acct. for purchase (at least the pair is) . I still have to load, “Storm Front”.

Also getting busy on my planner/planner area. I’m not even going to post until I’ve got that under control b/c quite frankly it looks like a hot mess…No bother though, I’ll get it together and it will be beautius for sure <3

Since it’s 2/2 Tuesday I thought I’d put up a couple of songs…The first one always makes me smile because I remember times from years gone by where this song makes me feel this way, only I’m not living in their radio probably just their head 😉 and it’s rent free 😉 …

How do you like me now/Toby Keith <3

It’s going to be a busy week b/c I only have 4 days to work with…Appts., houseclean, menu plan & groceries, Target run of course, yadayadayadayda…I’ve also got so behind in my, “10 Year Journal” I’m determined to get caught up on it !!! Oh and I’ve got to fit a mani/pedi in there somewhere, ahhhhh 😉 . I know, I’m spoiled. It’s the husband’s fault. He’s a great guy <3 and I love him to pieces <3

My second choice for my song today is, “Perfect”. The husband and me always give each other songs and he gave me this one. He said it reminds him of us b/c we were just kids when we met and fell into forever with each other (he was 20 and I was 16 😉 ), 42nd wedding anniversary this year… Together 45 years, OMG <3 .

“Perfect” Andrea Bocelli & Ed Sheehan <3

Have a great week and get busy…Summer’s over Mr. Jebediah Nightlinger 😉 …

p.s We use to do Community Theatre every summer and I came across this picture of one of the shows we did…How did you think the kiddos became professional dancer’s, singer’s, musicians ??? It wasn’t by accident, Mom and Dad had a little something to do with it. Uber talented family, started with my mom 😉 and everyone has the DNA…I was a piano player and the husband is the Artist (not his day job, OMG starving artist, I don’t think so 😉 ) …Even though they all took a different direction, they were amazing on stage performing, of course I may be a bit prejudice. 😉 …

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