Thankful Thursday

So I just realized that I have not been blogging. Totally in my January Slump. I don’t like January at all except for January 1st. I haven’t been doing anything that I am suppose too. That’s going to stop right now.

The husband is at work at I can’t tell you how that worries me. It’s not the same Chicago it was back in the day. Very dangerous place and I would rather he just work from home. A business man was attacked right out on Michigan Avenue, OMG stabbed right out in broad daylight !!!

There’s really nothing I can do about it and I can’t waste my days worrying about it. Hopefully he will retire soon and we can leave Illinois. As far as states go, it’s pretty horrible here.

My BFF called this morning so we chit chatted for a bit, as we do every morning. I’m her phone call as she drives to work. She works for the husband (i.e. he’s a dentist) at his office. We catch up on the day or whatever, I’m her ride to work. I look forward to that call everyday <3 . When she calls, I know it’s time to get to work 😉 … I’m thankful for her and our phone calls. It’s good to keep in touch with the people that you love <3 .

This afternoon the day started to drag and I needed to get something accomplished so I went through my recipes and found one that didn’t need a lot of ingredients or energy to make. I came across a really tasty one and you could even say it’s healthy, 😉 😉 … I’ll let you be the judge.

Let me know what you think ?? Im waiting for my Nespresso Coffee order to get here. It’s out on truck being delivered today, Y A Y … Love, love, love my coffee.

I have to get busy and get caught up on the challenges…Blessings blogger’s <3 .

#SoCS and #JusJoJan

A short story from my stream of consciousness 😉 Enjoy and I ended up with something for #JusJoJan Blessings <3 Mz. Janet <3

I knew the end was coming, but I had hoped. I really didn’t know what I had hoped for. Rosalee, our dog, heard him coming before me. She woke out of a deep sleep in front of the fireplace and was completely alert and barking at the door.

Maybe I had hoped it wouldn’t ever happen. So much time had passed. So many years had been lost. I looked older, and although the getting older had been kind you always want to seem like aging was agreeing with you.

As I was walking toward the door, I thought should I open it or just pretend I wasn’t there. Or he could think maybe I was sleeping and didn’t hear the bell. I wanted to do anything to avoid this moment. I was lost in my memories and thought, “Should I just get it over with so I can finally move on, put an Amen to it ??” The bell rang again and I was jolted back to this moment certain he knew I was standing right on the other side of the door. Just open the door and smile. Act surprised , be civil. The way I see it if it does not feel right you have an appointment that you can’t get out of. Make it a short conversation and say, “Can we do this another time, I have an appointment that I can’t get out of. We’ll do lunch. We can talk and catch up. Call me.” Or something to that effect. If it seems comfortable, invite him in for coffee. Keep the conversation light, away from the past. Definitely away from that horrible day that’s for sure.

I opened the door and there he was. Standing there with that same sparkle in his eye’s and that smile. Oh that smile, that made my heart melt. The smile that I fell in love with. Yes I remembered that smile. His suit was perfect, the color’s were a total match. The tie, his shirt, the scarf in his pocket, perfect. Then I looked down, OMG even his shoes and socks, EVERYTHING was perfect and there I stood in my sweats. My hair was tied up with the scrunchy on top of my head, and then I felt it, there it was. That same feeling I always had, that we were never meant to be but we were.

I wanted us to work, but for some reason we never did. “Can we do this another time, I have an appointment that I can’t get out of. We’ll do lunch. We can talk and catch up. Call Me.” It sounded like the beginning…



Happy Tuesday, the storm did not go south. The storm did not go west. It hit right in the middle, it hit in Naperville, in the Midwest… I remember a snowstorm back in 67′ and the anniversary of that storm is today, January 26, 1967. That was the big one!! The biggest one ever to hit the Chicago area. I remember we had a drift of snow so high we couldn’t get out the front door. Dad worked in the city and he had to walk home from the train station which was about 2/3 miles. Mom was a nurse and she barely made it home driving. Me and the 3 sister’s were at our elementary school, St. Mary’s and I remember walking and wondering if I would make it home. As usual being the youngest of the 4, they (my sister’s) didn’t wait for me, but whatever. I made it home b/c I was a very tough youngest. I had to be 😉 … Here’s a link of the storm. They have a picture of the train station (Randolph Street Station/Illinois Central RR) where I worked many years later. It was a mess. Here’s a youtube video of the storm. The day before the storm we had a record high of 68 degrees. There are pictures of people walking around w/o coats in dresses and heals. It was surreal…

The snow we had yesterday, was just a snow. I wouldn’t even call it a snowstorm. I would call it January in Chicago…Here are some of the before/after pictures.

My Yellow rose that is still here !!!!

So it’s over and I need to go get my cup of coffee with the husband….January in Chicago, that’s all 😉 …

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