Share Your World – March 28th…

1.  Do you have a lot of friends or do you know a lot of people ?

Not really I have a couple really great friends and I think that’s so much better than having many friends…Less drama and the relationships are so much better and closer.

2.  If you are at a party and know very few of the guests, do you mingle and introduce yourself, sit on the sidelines and people watch, or discreetly leave?

I’m more of a mingler. Party’s are suppose to be fun and sitting on the sidelines is just not much fun. I can go to the mall and people watch. Interacting is much more fun and interesting !!!!

3.  What is the best job you have ever had?

That would be at the Railroad. The pay was great for a young kid 19/22. Union wages and great insurance, Railroad Retirement (had to go on disability b/c of a car accident and I was paid for 6 months) and I just loved, loved, loved my boss. He was more like a father to me than my own father.

4.  Can you swim?

Not really but I wouldn’t drown if I was in water. I probably don’t look like a great swimmer and I really don’t do the rotary breathing thing. I tried but I’m not so great at the athletic stuff…I can do the crawl and doggie paddling and float on my back, but as far as the butterfly and competitive type swimming not so much…

Things may not always turn out the way we’d hoped, but sometimes they turn out better.
Life is great with our Rosie !!!!

Share Your World…January 30/31, 2022

What is one topic you love to talk about? I suppose one of my favorite topics is my planner, writing, and archiving…Love to document just about anything and everthing..

Ask the wonder question . ‘But so, suppose there was a magical wizard standing right in front of you and you could turn your life into anything you wanted, what would you do? ‘  For example: What, who, where, why? ‘  (Short explanation:  Suspend disbelief and suppose for a moment that you COULD turn your life into anything you wanted it to be.  Answer any or all of those “W” codicils as you wish)

For “What” I’m pretty sure my life as I know it would not change so much. My life is good. Definitely the “Who” wouldn‘t change either, I’m pretty much loving me 😉 . I think I would live somewhere warmer and by an ocean. Most likely the Atlantic. I would have a thriving, on-line business with the husband’s artwork. Throw in a couple of cats, a gourmet kitchen and a studio where the husband can create many more masterpieces !!! Sounds pretty perfect to me <3 .

(This one has been asked before in various ways)
Could you adjust to life without any internet?
This means the net has theoretically failed and there’s no cyber connection any longer.  Things have gone back to the old ways of land-line telephones (because cells don’t work without the ‘Net) and hand written letters.  Paper newspapers and magazines.  Hard bound books.  Having to actually do finances with ledgers, paper and pen or pencil.  There are a myriad of things the internet brings with it that I think we’ve all gotten so used to that we now take them for granted.   The Millennials and generations after them don’t know the ‘old ways’ at all really in my opinion.

I’m thinking I could survive w/o the internet. It would be an adjustment, but I think I could remember how to live. I’m thinking life was so much less complicated before the internet…

What do you think is unique about the human ‘animal’ (homo sapien)?

Human’s and their ability to reason and think compassionately. Life is not just black or white…


GRATITUDE SECTION  (As always, optional)

Share some encouraging words that you’d say to someone who was feeling down

Share Your World


Fill in: ‘If I were really completely honest, I would say that …’ This is a question for ‘radical honesty’. What are the things you wouldn’t normally say? Things you would otherwise actually hide?  What’s on your mind? What would you really like to be able to say?

I guess I normally don’t speak about my conservative morals & values b/c they aren’t likely to align with today. I don’t really hide them, it’s better just to keep your cards close to the vest. The people that really are important in my life know what they are and that is all that matters. Actually all that truly matters is me, but whatever. I write in my Common Place book quite often and one of the entries way back on February 16, 2013 was

Have you ever broken anything? What about rules?

I suppose that’s all I ever do is break the rules. The question I have to ask myself is who makes the rules?? Isn’t that why rules are made to be broken ?? I don’t care about these wordpress settings that keep changing and altering mid post, whatever…ugghhhhhhh

Are you  also  afraid of spiders? What is your biggest fear, other than spiders?  (if you’re not afraid of spiders, use your biggest phobia instead).

Spiders just creep me out. I mean how can you be afraid of something so small…Just smash it with a shoe or your foot. But whatever you do, don’t have your husband kill it b/c he hates them worse than you do and 9 x’s out of 10 he misses and it disappears under the bed!!! :0 Ahhhh OMGGGGGG

Do you think time goes faster as you get older?

I’m certain it does. Think of your life’s timeline as a roll of toilet paper…At the start it is big and bulky and takes some coaching to come down. When it gets to the end of the roll, well it just spins out of control right til it’s empty 😉 Am I right ??? You know I am 😉

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always, optional)

Please share something that really inspired you from this last week or month.

Monday’s Masterpiece <3

Share Your World…

Share Your World <3


Who do you think is an example of a successful person?

A person who is kind and is loved. Someone who is a giver and not always taking.

Why are you doing what you’re currently doing?

Staying inside keeping warm and getting the house back to ground zero from the holiday’s. Setting up my plan for the next year and finishing up on decorating. I just have 1 room to paint, 1 bathroom and then the kitchen. I should have it all done by the summer and then we’ll move 😉 Isn’t that how it always works out ???

What is your personal theme song?

This one is an easy one and for anyone who knows me, well it will always be this song…

Nothings Gonna Stop Us <3

What do you think about tofu?

I don’t like it. I thinks it’s just blah…

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always, optional)

Where did you find bliss this past week?

I am loved and I have a friend. We went out to an exhibit of “Princess Diana and to dinner. It’s nice to have a friend to do things with <3 . She is my royal friend…We watched both of the wedding’s together and we love all things Royal…Yeah we’re kind of geeky that way but we have fun <3 Love ya, Mz. Beth <3 .

Princess Diana Exhibit
Beth <3 Princess Diana

Share Your World…Happy October….

1 . Are you easily frightened or startled?

That would have to be a not really…I’m pretty aware of my surroundings at all times…”To be aware, is to be alive 😉 .

2. (Purely whimsical supposition.  Suspend disbelief for a bit)
If you were a ghost, what location do you think you would haunt? Is it the same or different from the location you’d want to haunt?

If I were to haunt anything, I think it would be right outside my front door of my home…That way I could scare away anyone that I didn’t want coming over and probably be pretty sure they wouldn’t come back 😉 ...

3. What do you see in your mind’s eye when you close your eyes? 

I usually see my forever home by the ocean or maybe the winning lottery numbers 😉 . It’s usually something very comforting as I really look forward to laying back, resting with my eyes closed and just dreaming of wonderful things…All of my blessings the past ones and those yet to come…

4. If a Semi (Big Rig in Americanese) (lorry or trolley over the pond) were about to smash into a crowd, and you could divert the vehicle’s course to hit only one person, would you?  How would you decide who would become the victim?

This is a question that I don’t think I have an answer for…I suppose I would jump out of the big rig, steering it into an inanimate object hoping no one would get injured or worse !!!!

Erratum:   A “trolley’ over the pond is the same thing as a trolley here.  It’s a trolley CAR.   Ours in the USA run on electricity though.  I have heard of them jumping the tracks and going berserk, but not often.  This is just for clarification in case any over-the-pond ers are reading and thinking “She’s daft and she doesn’t know our language very well at all, does she?”  😉 


This is just Mz. MelBCee’s answer to one of the, “Share Your World” questions and I just thought I would share it b/c I enjoyed her answer. It had a nice melody i.e. rhythm to it and I enjoyed the way she used the word, “Daft.” I also carry a dictionary of words with me that I don’t know the meaning of and she gave me a couple of new words today that I will be able to add to my dictionary…Thank you Mz. MelBCee


Please feel free to share what makes you feel warm and cozy when the wind blows cold? Alternatively (for those on the other side of the world), what makes you feel relaxed and comfortable when the thermometer starts rising?

I am extremely grateful for how beautius this fall has been…It almost makes me think I’m going to be able to survive another Midwestern Winter. I am also extremely grateful for my family. All of them have truly taught me so much about life I simply can’t put it all here. I have been blessed with the most wonderful husband, children and grandchildren anyone could ever hope to have. Even in the rougher times, it’s all been worth it and I’d do it all over again and not change anything !!! I might of had one more baby 😉 . I wanted 6 but I stopped at 5 b/c the body said you’re done…and the husband I think was good with that. Blessings Blogger’sI’m glad to be back at it again, have a great rest of your weekend <3 …

If the blog looks a bit wonky, it’s not my fault. I’ve been off for awhile and they keep changing stuff and I’m not the best at the tech stuff…Who cares…

I hope you don’t mind Mz. MelBCee…I stole your art work 😉 I just thought it was so pretty. I’m always stealing your stuff <3 . I thought the least I could do is share your link to your blog…Blessings and thanks for the cool pics !!!

Share Your World, September 6, 2021

Do you believe in soul-mates?  (my definition of ‘soul mate’ is the IDEAL partner romantically).

Definitely do believe in soul mates !!! I married mine. We’ve been together for 45 years, 42 of them married. I also believe in love at first site b/c the first time I laid eyes on him, I knew he was my guy <3 …

What are three scents you like?

Anything cooking from the kitchen, Lavender and Vanilla…

What are some things that you might be considered too old to do, but that you enjoy?

Dancing …

What is one food you absolutely refuse to share?

French Fries…

The Husband

I am alway thankful and grateful when I wake up and see that face next to me…You’re still the one I want to talk to in bed, you’re still the one that turns my head, we’re still having fun and your still the one <3 …

Oh yes and one last thing I’m always thankful for a night out at the baseball game with the family !!!! You can’t beat fun out at the old ballpark…That’s where it all started 😉 Chicago White Sox vs. the Milwaukee Brewers at the old Comiskey Park in Chicago on July 16, 1976 !!!

He came out from Virginia and took us to the Ballpark on Friday Night…Surprise, Gotta love a son who takes such good care of his mom & dad. We had a blast and they won !!!! Y A Y Thank you Matthew <3 We love you <3 …

Share your world

Would you rather be a super nice person and be depressed all your life, or be happy and a total *sshole?  (Credit goes to Cyranny for this question, aired on one of her “Cyranny’s Quickies” posts.) Well I’m not sure it has to be either or, but I think for most of my life I was the nice person and that was my problem. When I turned into the blankety, blank I enjoyed being happy and realized that life is short … eat the cake 😉 .

Have you ever made someone cry? Probably, but not on purpose.

Are you a dreamer or a go-getter? I’m more of dreamer. It’s more fun to dream, being a go-getter brings stress. There is more joy in dreams <3 .

If you were in a band, what instrument would you play? Well that’s an easy one for anyone who knows me, the piano of course…

Gratitude Meme


Do you feel gratitude is necessary?  Gratitude is how I get through my day. Being thankful can cure anything. My gratitude journal sits right beside my bed on my nightstand.


I never go to sleep w/o that simple, two word prayer every night, “Thank You.” It always makes for a happier morning. Blessings Blogger’s on your week

Share Your World


If you could throw any kind of party, what would it be for?  (Covid considerations are suspended for this question)

I think the best kind of party is a surprise birthday party…Such a happy occasion and I love, love, love to surprise people…Especially those that I love <3 S U R P R I S E … Y A Y

Is a picture worth a thousand words? Elaborate.

OMG absolutely !!!! I’ve got a few that mean so very much to me…

Family Love

Grandpapa/Missy/Cordell/Lizzie/Connor/Mariah & Olivia (Our gorgeous granddaughter’s) Gabriella’s (older sister) she’s somewhere and I’m taking the picture (Grandmama) Best Christmas picture ever !!!! Love you all <3 .

Where IS Waldo?   (Waldo, for those unfamiliar with him, is a cartoon character featured in many “find Waldo” images and puzzles)      <——  WALDO

What’s the best part of waking up?

I’ve been blessed with a new day…A whole 24 hours to do with whatever I want and having that 1st cup of Coffee. My Coffee it the best !!!!

Would you rather be covered in fur or covered in scales?   (Wee disclaimer.  I’m certainly not advocating the slaughter of creatures and the use of their skins for clothing or accessories.  No!  This question is a ‘grow your own’ type question…if you had an option of your own skin being made of fur OR scales, which would you choose?)

OMG what’s the question FUR…

GRATITUDE SECTION (Always optional) 

Feel free to share your gratitude for our world!

My writing spaces…And there are many <3 …

Share Your World/March 7 (so I’m a week late…)


  1. Is every piece of truth worth telling?   I’m not thinking that every little bit of the truth is worth telling. I think they would call that not being truthful by omission…Depending on who would get hurt with the cold hard facts, maybe it’s better not to… <3
  2. Whom do you miss more Freddy Mercury or Prince?  (if you don’t know who those people are, just skip this question.  It’s cool). I’m thinking neither one really. Prince I really didn’t care for his music and Freddy Mercury, whatever. I did like Queen but I didn’t really have a bond with either of them. They weren’t my generation…I did like the song, “We are the Champions <3
  3. If you could only email or text people for the rest of your life (no other form of communication), which would you chose?  I think it would have to email. Texting is just too impersonal…
  4. Would you prefer to work the midnight shift at a really creepy out of the way motel OR work alone for eternity? I’m thinking it would have to be working alone for eternity. At least I wouldn’t be scared out of my mind forever 😉 .

Bonus question because yes, these are a weird bunch this week:   What’s one secret you’re still keeping from your immediate family? (no details required.  You could say something like “The lost weekend in 1982”.  You can also answer “Why I NEVER keep secrets from my nearest and dearest!”). I can really say I don’t keep secrets and I don’t have any secrets…Or maybe I’m just getting old and I don’t remember if I have any secrets, but I don’t think I do 😉 .

Gratitude Section

Share Your World

Share Your World


If the government offered to suspend all laws, and law enforcement for 24 hours, letting you (and everybody else) do whatever you wish… Would you be in favor of it, or not?  (Credit for this question goes to Cyranny and her Daily Quickie Question)

Never, No Way, Not for one little miniute…We have laws now and nobody follows them now or enforces them and look at the mess it has created…

What would be the creepiest thing you could say while passing a stranger on the street?(We’re suspending the whole social distancing and Covid involvement in this scenario)

“When you pass that guy sitting in the chair, see if he’s breathing. “

As a child, what did you think would be great about being an adult, but isn’t as great as you thought it would be?

Going to bed when I wanted or sleeping as late as I wanted…

What, in your opinion, has been blown way out of proportion?

Oh that’s an easy one, Covid19And they keep it going, and going, and going…

Gratitude Section (Optional as always)

Where is your ‘happy’ place?

Forever and always <3 .  

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