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Jumping on my blog this Sunday…I am in the process of getting back here and making changes to give my blog a fresh look for Spring. Hopefully my IT guy won’t be 😉 Out of the Office toooo long. Set up a quick brunch this morning. It was wonderful…

Brunch/Happy St. Patrick’s Day
My Uniform 😉
My new toy 😉
Sneak Peak @Monday’s Masterpiece <3

9/11 “Have You Forgotten…”


‘Where’ Were You’… SoCS I know I never will…It doesn’t even feel like it was 20 years ago.. I remember every detail of that day. I had just taken my youngest to school. He was in 2nd grade and our other 3 kids were already gone. I had one in middle school and two in high school. The husband was driving into the city, Chicago, going to work.

I had left the tv on b/c I knew I was going to be back in a couple of minutes. When I returned home, they were showing the World Trade Center on fire because it had literally just been hit by the first plane. I knew in my mind that this must be a terrorist attack as the day was a perfect sunny fall day. This was no accident. As I was watching, the second plane hit tower two. Now there was no doubt in my mind that this was a terror attack.

The first person I called of course was my mom. I asked my mom if she was watching the news and she replied, “You know I never watch the news.” I told her she needed to turn on the tv. She did, and what she saw, well there are no words to capture her reaction. I remember her responding in horror, “Oh know,” is all she said. She told me to go get the kids and she would talk to me soon.

The next person I called was the husband. He was still in the car driving to work in the city. I told him to turn around and get as far away from the city as fast as he could, but naturally he did what he wanted to and kept driving into work. I can remember saying to him often that even if the entire city was burning on fire from a nuclear attack, he would still go into work. I never dreamed how right I was !!! OMG

We had just returned from New York as we vacationed in the city. We had taken a tour bus and I remember driving past the tower’s. The kids wanted to get off the bus and go up in the towers but I said no. I actually said, “You just don’t know if a terrorist was having a bad day,” referring to the first attack in 93′. The kids of course had no idea of what I was talking about at all. The first one I got was our Connie b/c he was the closest. As time elapsed, there were two more planes down and the tower’s had collapsed. My husband was still on the road to work when I got a call from him and he asked me, “What do they mean when they say the tower’s are gone, they are no longer there?” I told him, “They collapsed and they are down and they aren’t there anymore !!!” I think at this point he is finally getting the picture but he is almost downtown and he just wants to get to his office so he can see for himself what is going on.

I got Connie home and decided to leave the other 3 at school b/c when I called the school, they told me they were probably safer there for now. So I quickly just got the house cleaned up and showered and tried to figure out my next move. I was definitely shaken up by all those events of the morning.

Poor Connie was watching tv and he was so young he didn’t understand it was just a replay on tv of them showing the collapse of the tower’s. He asked me, “Why do those building’s keep falling down.” I didn’t try to explain, I said just put on your cartoons…No worries.

The husband finally got downtown and saw for himself what was happening. His reaction as you can imagine was the same as mine. He was in shock. He said I’m turning around and I’ll be home as soon as I can. When I get there, we’ll get all the kids and go from there. I was relieved he was on his way home, but nervous about him getting there.

As he was walking back to the parking garage to get the car, he told me how eerie the city had become. Everyone was walking back to their car or trying to get home. They were looking up in the sky. It was very quiet b/c they had shut-down the air space over North America. The skies were quiet…So weird, surreal….


We got everyone home that day, and we were all so sad. To think we had just been in New York city. That evening all 6 of us went to church and prayed the Rosary because that is what we did as a family when we didn’t know what else to do. Our Catholic faith is where we fine our solace and try to make sense of things that don’t make sense.

To this day it is where we find peace. Blessing <3 . God Bless America, God Bless us All <3 .

Write Anything Wednesday

I have wasted all morning on the computer, so I might as well post something. I’m thinking I’m going to get my summer on with some road trip music first !!! I’ll start out with something for Connor <3 this one’s for you !!!

Thunderstruck/The Chicago Blackhawks !!!

The next song I’m going to choose for my summer road trip is from Jackson Brown . Let’s go back to Rock n’ Roll and the 70’s Y A Y <3 !!!! This one’s for me !!!


I was looking for some pictures from the past Memorial Day’s and I came across all of the baby picture’s from all of us girl’s (the 4 sister’s)…I’ll share it with you, along with the Grandmama/Great Grandmama (my Mom)

Nieces & Nephews/Son’s & Daughter’s 1 Angel <3
Grandmama <3

Isn’t my mom so pretty <3 I love you Mom … It’s important to be a part of something so special <3 , a family … Thank you mom for being you <3 To the moon <3 .

Happy Birthday Sean Patrick

I’m going to skip SLS today…I think tomorrow I will put up my song. Today is a day for remembrance for me and the husband…Our 2nd son would’ve been 37 years old today.

Sean Patrick Frain

I always tell people that your birthday is a very special day because that is the day the world was changed forever, and it is. Today, March 21st was the day our sweet baby Sean Patrick came into this world. He was here for a very, very short time but still his short life changed the world forever. The picture above is a picture of your sister, and 2 of your brother’s that would not have been born had God’s plan take a different course for your short life. RIP dear our dear baby boy. We will meet again and we will always remember this day and celebrate your life. You did change our world forever. Gone but never, never forgotten…

Baby Sean Patrick

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Blogger’s

Just a quick thought on St. Patrick’s Day…

St. Patrick reminds us that, Good things can come from horribly difficult times and challenges…

This is a truth, whether you are Irish or not, from a family that’s thriving or one that’s struggling to stay afloat that we all need to cling to this St. Patricks Day <3 .

Back in the day <3 Love all those smiles and look at all that hair. Great Memories, Great Family <3 Happy St. Patrick’s Day <3

I thought I would just add this link on the Irish <3 It’s really true, we do handle hard times well !!!!


Thankful Thursday

There’s something about Singing, Sun & Spring when you are driving in the car. This morning took the hus <3 to the train this morning and other than having to get up early it was a great way to start this beautius day !!!

After dropping him off and watching him walk away (I love watching him walk away, he’s just a very cool guy after all these years (45 years to be exact)… I leave him to go do his job in Chicago, thankful that he still has a really good job and I go to Starbuck’s to get my day going <3 I always think how very lucky and thankful I am for our life. We are both really living the dream. Healthy living in the greatest country in the world, and the winter is almost over. Once we get through March, oh how I hate March. Such a schizophrenic month, can’t decide which one it is. March can be lovely when you actually feel the sun’s warmth (usually it’s not in Chicago) or it’s snowing which it’s suppose to this weekend.

I love listening to the radio and singing when I’m driving. Hoping it’s going to be a good day, one of my favorite songs come on…Jackson Browne’s “Running on Empty!!!” A great song in the car, immediately I turn it up L O U D and start singing. Yes it’s going to be a great day 😉 …

After singing that song, I started remembering songs from my past. Another song I just love, love, love is “Turn the Page” Bob Seger… The husband sings that one and I remember why I fell in love with him.

Love posting pics of the fam…Looking forward to the weekend <3 Hopefully it won’t snow too much, but like I said before it’s March in Chicago…Happy Thursday <3 It’s all about the family…I am Blessed and for that I will always be thankful for memories of being a mom <3 .

Happy Saturday

Well it was until it wasn’t…I was going to stick with SoCS/Stream of Consciousness Saturday until my day went south. Let me just warn you, if you don’t want to read about the election, covid 19, pro-life Catholic well I suggest you move on because this is America and not FB or Twitter where they obviously censor now, hello. Still going to link this on FB and see what they do.

Right now I’m watching another amazing rally with our great president, Donald Trump. I’ll be truthful the last election I voted for him but I wasn’t happy that was the Republican candidate, but I will not vote for Democrat/Pro Death i.e. Pro Choice. I’m sorry if that offends anyone but I told you to move on and you didn’t so I don’t care. I feel that I can say that as I was faced with that decision when I was a young 25 year old mother. We lost our second son, Sean Patrick to a neural tube defect. When I got pregnant with baby #3, they wanted to do all kind of test on me and these were the exact words of my OB doctor…”That way we can see in the baby is okay. If not then you can get an abortion if the baby is not viable. (OMG I thought I would faint) !!!! It’s also approved by the Catholic Church he went on to say.” Really, I wonder if God would approve that !! Sean Patrick was born alive, he got to be baptized and died shortly after that. We had a burial for him and laid him to rest with his Grandpapa Frain. Now we have an angel watching over us in heaven. Oh and the test he wanted to put me through could’ve possibly compromised a totally healthy pregnancy but that would be okay too I guess. I wonder if my daughter who is now 35 years old and my 3 granddaughter’s would think that was okay if I had rolled the dice with their life. Well I didn’t think it was okay at all. Always choose life b/c death is the only thing you can’t get out of. God is the Author of Life. Joe Biden thinks Choice is okay, I do not.

2. Covid19 and wearing a mask is on my last nerve, OMG. People wake up. You are not going to stop a virus wearing a mask. The Democrats think they can lock us away in our houses, close down business, ruin the economy, make us wear a stupid mask which does not stop the virus hello. Oh and the husband hasn’t been to work since March 13th !!! I wonder if that matters to the Democrats. I’m sure it doesn’t to that stupid Mayor Lightfoot who just locked the city down again. I won’t listen to the news anymore. You want to see what Covid19 looks like…

Guess what, I survived !!! The reason I survived is because God’s in charge, not a mask. Another reason I survived is because I live in America, the greatest country on this planet with an amazing healthcare system. Provided the Democrats don’t get their hands on it and ruin it with all their stupid regulations !!! Oh my mom is a retired Infection Control Nurse, my sister is a nurse and my daughter is a nurse so I think I get an informed opinion !!!

She works on the covid floor and guess what I give her hugs whenever I see her and maybe even a kiss <3 I’m not afraid but I’m really tired of all the lies and disinformation the media throws out there to scare us and try to control us. I absolutely am so done with this Democratic state !!! A woman had the nerve to tell me to wear a mask, that is what totally made me go off the rails and post this on my blog. If you want to wear a mask, wear one !!! If you don’t, don’t but leave me the hell alone. It’s my decision and this is America. I think this is almost like Germany and the mask is the marker. I’m not wearing one, not today, not ever !!!!

Open up the churches, let God back in our lives. This is so like the frog that jumps in a caldron of cool water and then they turn the burner on and before he knows it he’s cooked !!! That’s what I feel like is happening in this country. If anyone is responsible for this tragedy, it is the Democrat’s…Vote and vote for America and freedom. Let’s get our country back before they totally destroy it. President Donald Trump is the best president I have ever had the priveledge of voting for !!! A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for that horrible Commala Harris…Oh I’m sorry did I spell her name wrong or pronounce it wrong. She is a real piece of work. I thought Hillary was bad, but man is she is a political hack !!! I’m counting on God. He’s in control and let’s hope he doesn’t think we need to learn a lesson.

I’m done for now, and I really don’t feel much better but at least I said it and I’m not sorry for it. I’m going to let it go for now and just keep praying and having faith that God is watching us.

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