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Stanley Cup 2015 – Chicago Blackhawks vs. the Tampa Bay Lightning

So we are going to the Stanley Cup Finals. B O O M !! How exciting. I watched the game last night. So funny me and Connor had been face timing during the Western Conference Finals, but every time we FaceTimed they would lose….

Chicago Blackhawks – Game 7

I just have to do one more post about our Blackhawks. Very excited about this game. I’m feeling positive ❤ Let's get this done, B O O M !!! K A B O O M !!!!

Blackhawk’s vs. Duck’s – Game #7 … B O O M

Okay you have to watch this video !!! It is so cute. It is a cockatoo (dressed up in a Blackhawk’s sweater) throwing ducks on the floor and laughing. I hope it works. http://nbcchi.com/K5zCoHw These are the highlights from game #6. It was a…

Happy Memorial Day Monday

Today I woke up and I felt really good.  No I mean really, really good.  I read my writing journal (I have every kind of journal you can think of) last night before I went to sleep.  I was feeling bad as usual because…

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Anaheim Ducks/Game #4

Amazing game !!! OMG we were there. On the glass again. Love you Michael.

Chicago Blackhawks

Number 2…It’s Hawkeytown/Hawkytime again 🙂 It’s time for game 1 of the Western Conference Finals !!!! Go Blackhawks BOOOOOOM Let’s get this done and onto the Stanley Cup Finals. I am sooooo excited ❤