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Day 17/25 Days of God Given Gifts

My Christmas Corner

Day 15 Joy/25 Days of God Given Gifts

Today I am joyful.  This 25 Day journey has brought me closer to the real meaning of Christmas.  You never get to old to learn and I am joyful and blessed to be coming up on a new year with new planners and calendars.  Joyful…

Faith/25 Days of God Given Gifts

Todays God given gift is faith.  I also came across a really great song.  I’m going to post it along with my layout.  I hope you will listen to it, very good ❤ Blessings on your Thursday.

Day 11 of God Given Gifts 🎁

If you want to follow along, tomorrows prompt is…Hope/Romans 15:13a  Merry Christmas

A Tune for Tuesday

Good sunny and really cold morning bloggers.  This song will warm you heart ❤  Have a great day ❤


This is my #craftycommonplace book that I use to write in everything I read that means something to my life, day, purpose.  You get the picture. I use that name because I follow Cori Speiker, The Reset Girl.  She came up with the name and…

Good Monday Morning

So it’s Monday after Thanksgiving.  I hope all had a great one.  I know I did.  It was very quiet, (quiet is good) and the weather was great.  We took walks, went to church, shared good food with people we love.  Now it’s time…