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Terrific Tuesday

I couldn’t think of anything else for a title so whatever.  I know I can be sort of like a pollyanna, but hay that’s better than being a negative nancy 🙂  I love the weather, why oh why can’t it just stay this way….

Happy Monday

I was looking for, “Monday, Monday.” But I really like this one from the movie, “The Bridesmaids !! Well I have had the best Easter.  Today I woke up and was just so happy with my life.  I am such a lucky lady.  I…

Michael Frain The Artist

This was one of the first works that he did when he started his artwork up again.  The Artist is Michael Frain.  He is a husband, a father, a grandpapa.  He is my best friend.  We have been married for 34 years this year….