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Happy Winter Solstice Day

Good afternoon and I’m sure everyone else is as happy as I am that we have finally broke the back of winter !!!  The days will start getting longer now so we can stay up til at least 7 pm… Christmas is almost here…

25 Days of God Given Gifts

5 Days and counting…Merry Christmas I just heard this song yesterday and I remembered so many good things.  I thought I would share it with you…Enjoy and Blessings ❤

Day 18/25 Days of God Give Gifts

“ Mercy ”  Hebrews 4:16 Busy, busy, busy last minute things…I do this in the morning but I just didn’t have time to post it til now. This has really started my day off right this Holiday Season.  I got most of my calendars delivered…

Day 17/25 Days of God Given Gifts

My Christmas Corner

Good Saturday Evening

I’m a little late today, but that just means I’ve been playing but hey it’s Saturday and that’s what the weekend is all about.  Sleeping in late, getting coffee with the husband. This morning instead of my oatmeal I had the most wonderful Almond…

Day 15 Joy/25 Days of God Given Gifts

Today I am joyful.  This 25 Day journey has brought me closer to the real meaning of Christmas.  You never get to old to learn and I am joyful and blessed to be coming up on a new year with new planners and calendars.  Joyful…

Faith/25 Days of God Given Gifts

Todays God given gift is faith.  I also came across a really great song.  I’m going to post it along with my layout.  I hope you will listen to it, very good ❤ Blessings on your Thursday.