atozbloggingchallenge/”U” is for the United Center

Okay I know you are thinking, “What is the United Center?”  I’ll tell you it is the sports arena in Chicago known as, “The Madhouse on Madison !!”   This is where the Blackhawks play hockey and won the Stanley Cup last year.  I just had to talk about the Chicago Blackhawks today ❤  OMG it’s game 7 and I can’t think of anything else.  I love, love, love hockey ❤  Tonight is the night…Stay tuned and Go Hawks !!!!  I have to put this video up too !!!  I can’t help myself  ❤


Share Your World/Week #6

What is your favorite word?  Blessings

What is your least favorite word?  Can’t/No

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?  Writing   There’s always something going on with that blank piece of paper.  I can start anything ❤

What turns you off?  Being Lied too/Fighting/Yelling/Being Ignored

What is your favorite curse word?  I won’t even spell it but it’s the “F” word…It’s really a good release although you would seldom hear me say it.  If I do, I always give you a warning first so as not to shock anyone.  I don’t think I would say it in front of the kids, even though they are all adults 😉

What sound or noise do you love?  The garage door going up or a key opening a door.  That means someone I love is home ❤

What sound or noise do you hate?  The phone ringing

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?  Writing

What profession would you not like to do?  Nursing or anything in healthcare !!!

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?   I am so happy to see you.  I have loved watching you in life.  You were so much fun and you made me smile now you can bring all of your light up here…Blessings ❤  

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?  I am grateful for my manicure I got.IMG_4187 IMG_4186 IMG_4184












It was payday and I got some bills paid and still have some money in the bank, the Chicago Blackhawks are still in the playoffs Woo Hoo.10269408_10152336255742744_8547299329676922653_n  






Oh and a bonus, I got my planner supplies on Saturday and that always puts me in a good place 😉IMG_4190 IMG_4188








I am looking forward to some more playoff hockey and dare I say winning game 7 OMG ;0  Go Blackhawks !!!  

#atozbloggingchallenge/”T” is for Tea

One of my favorite things to do is have tea.  It is an event.  It’s special because you have to stop and have tea.  First you must boil the water, then it has to steep.  Waiting ❤   The steam rises and you smell that lovely aroma.  I like mine black w/sugar.  Using not just sugar, it has to be special like drinking tea is.  A sugar cube in a tiny little glass jar with a lid and a mini spoon to retrieve it.   After you get the tea to just the right spot (spot of tea) you have to enjoy that moment with at the very least a tea cookie or some shortbread & jam.  Your world stops, just for a second ❤   


You can go to tea.  That is just such a treat.  I went to high tea at the Drake in Chicago with a friend this past holiday and it was just the best.  Well see for yourself…

 This was so much fun ❤  


atozbloggingchallenge/”S” is for Singing

Which is how I get through the day, Singing.  My kids always said you have a song for every situation and I really do.  Happy, sad, exciting, funny, religious well you get it.  I think this is because of my mom.  She use to sing all the time.   Growing up I was always in a choir be it in school or singing in mass.  I really do love to sing it usually brings me to a happy place ❤  So yes I am singing through life ❤ Without a song , a day would never end.  “Without a song, a man ain’t got a friend.  Without a song, the road would never bend…Without a song.  So I keep singing a song.”  Elvis Presley

atozbloggingchallenge/”R” RIP Prince

Another legend has gone to sleep.  RIP Prince ❤  I was not a huge Prince fan but come on what an amazing person he was.  Just the number of instruments he could play says everything you would ever need to know about him.  He had a huge impact on the music world and his passing is very sad.  He will be missed ❤  RIP Prince

This is a really great show put on by Prince, you should watch it.  He truly was amazing and one of a kind …What a professional !!!


Share Your World/Week #5

I’m still catching up on this Share Your World.   Here are the questions for week #5.

If you had a shelf for your three most special possessions (not including photos, electronic devices and things stored on them, people or animals), what would you put on it?  Well my very first possession would definitely be my Planner.  If you’ve followed my blog, you know about my beautius planner ❤  My next possession would be have to be my planner supplies, because they are what make my planner so beautius ❤  The 3rd thing that I would have up there (and this is not in order of importance, the order is just random) would definitely be my Bible !!!

Planner Love
Planner Love
Planner Society
Planner Society
Planner Love
Planner Love
3 A5 Planner's and 2 Personal Planner's <3  They are so beautius aren't they !!!
3 A5 Planner’s and 2 Personal Planner’s ❤ They are so beautius aren’t they !!!
















If you had a box labelled ‘happiness’, what would you put in it?  Pens, all kind of pens.  Markers, colored pencils anything you could write with.  A few pads of paper would be good too ❤

What do you want more of in your life?  More quiet time to create, write and just be…

Daily Life List: What do you do on an average day? Make a list of your usual activities you do each day.  Wake up around 7/8 am…Coffee & Computer for an hour or so, maybe write a post…Work in my planner, looking over the day…Different days have different tasks.  Monday/Weekly Maint. & Finances, ugh..Tuesday/Errands & Laundry…Wednesday/Housecleaning (deep clean) & Menu Plan, Grocery List…Thursday/Grocery Shop & Clean Out Refrigerator (garbage day-Friday)  Friday/Weekend Maint. & Plan Weekend…Everyday has daily maint./ground zero…Shower, Hair…Walking…Breakfast, Lunch…Taking care of the animals…Sometimes I can squeeze a  nap in or maybe watch a little tv…I usually  pick up the husband around 6pm then dinner.  The evenings are quiet.  TV watching, usually a Hockey game or a Baseball game.  I don’t really follow any tv shows anymore.  I usually read, write or blog.  I lead a pretty normal life of a homemaker and I love, love, love it ❤  There’s really more to it than this, but this is just the nuts and bolts of being a homemaker ❤  Blessings


#atozbloggingchallenge/”Q”is for Quiet

My home is quiet now.  No more running, no more yelling, no more 3 tv sets on at once, no more doors slamming, no more kids fighting.  Some days the quiet is deafening, other days it is peaceful.  It’s okay because I’m right where I’m suppose to be.  I was here everyday, and I heard all the sounds of my family in our home.  It’s all where it’s suppose to be now, up in my memories and I am thankful for those sounds that I will never forget.  They are imprinted on my soul.  Happy Life 😉