So interesting, I just came up with that word.  When I started typing that’s how it came out and I think that I’ll keep it.  It is a combination of friends and family.  That is what I am going to do this post on.  You can’t pick your family, it’s kind of the luck of the draw.  You do however get to choose who you will have in your life as your friends.

I have the coolest friends that anyone could ever hope for.  I thank God for them because I know he really put them into my life as a support system.  Yesterday I have to give major kudos out to Beth.  She really is my angel.   She pops up whenever I need her.  It’s really rather magical.  She took me out to dinner, we shared a bottle of wine and laughed.  Very unusual for me to drink alcohol, but it was so nice sharing a bottle of wine with her.  Dinner was fabulous!!!  I had the best shrimp and then we walked over to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and we had our desserts.  It was the best ❤ and she is truly a great friend.  It is good to hang with her, it’s like they say you are who you hang with.  So I’m in very good company !!!


I took a writing course last month, “The Artist Way” and I made some new friends there too.  I got a call from one of the ladies in the class and we are going to try to get together and maybe I’ll have another lunch buddy.  B O O M !!!  Also one of them emailed me, so it’s nice to meet new people with interest that are the same ❤  Writing ❤  I’ll give a shout out to my blogging buddy D too…

Then of course there are my life long friends who have been with me the whole way (adult, married life).  They are truly part of my family.  They know every little and big thing about me and me about them.  We had babies together.  We lost babies together.  Life’s crap that has been thrown at us from the world and from places and people you’d least expect.  We still love each other and know that they are only a phone call away.  It’s sad to think that some people in your life be it family or friend could hurt so many, but you really just have to move on !!!   God gives you the strength you need to carry on.   He’ll handle that, you just have to let it go !!! 

He gives you those people who bring love and support to put their arms around you and say, “I’ve seen what you have done, you are the best and I won’t let you quit.”  So yes God gives you another day and you say thank you for that and thank you for the wonderful people you have put in my life to help me through.  Forget the bad and focus on the good ❤    

I really just wanted to write a post about friends but I have a really great family too.  My husband/Artist is the best and sweetest man ever.  Did I mention he is an Artist with a website … This is, “Ballet Beauty”  It’s on his website…


 I know, but I have to get all of you amazing blogger’s, performer’s over there to buy some of his really affordable artwork 😉  I also have two son’s who are also artist and are just the finest young men that I love to pieces ❤  Professional Ballet Dancer’s !!!1794586_10202208365914794_1345909896873643771_n

My favorite pictures of my guys !!!  They are just too freaking cool and good looking aren’t they ❤   

Well I’ve put up my post for today and so excited because the husband will be home tonight.  He was away on business and I always miss him so much when he’s gone.  So looking forward to that.  Blessings everyone I hope you are having a great week.  It’s Hump Day 😉  So for everyone remember just, “Shake it Off”  😉  After all tomorrow is another day…


And forget about people like this, because everyone has dealt with this.  But remember we are in very good company and all we can really do is pray for those people…

Strictly Business

Blessings ❤  




Hi, I’m sorry I have been away.  I’ve been working on our new website and I have been ignoring my site.  You know our new Website  I hope you will go over there and check it out.  I’m still learning and now I’m trying to figure out this twitter thing.

 I am so glad I am not raising a family in this day and age.  What a hard job keeping up with all of that social media.  I’m pretty sure if I were, my kids would not own a cell phone until maybe they were 16 years old.  But I wouldn’t even know how that would go over.  It’s got to be hard, but what can I say this was their generation who created all of this madness so now they will just have to live with it…

So back to the blogging thing.  I don’t know how you pick up followers over on our website, but maybe one of my friendly follower’s of this blog could go over and follow my blog over there.  I guess you go to the site, click on Blog and follow.

I have also been working on my new, “Summer Planner.”  I just love it.  It is very cool and I even got back to work on my, “10 Year Journal +” so I am keeping busy.  I really need to start reading my books but trying to keep a lot of balls in the air right now…I will take some pictures of the Beautius Summer Journal…I think we need to have some music for this next part 😉

Here is the one of the latest paintings the Artist did.  This one is with oils and that is a first for him. I think it turned out wonderful.  He even liked it and that’s saying something, because he is really picky about his paintings and artwork…

” I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day. ”  Vincent Van Gogh


Check out our new website and you will find more really cool painting’s like this one above.  Blessings ❤


Hello Sunday

So I’m not really sure what to write about today so when I come to that I just sit down in front of my computer and get on wordpress aka my blog and I start typing.  It’s kind of fun just seeing what comes out.  

First I think I’ll give a little shout out to a new friend I made on Friday.  She is a fellow blogger and we met for lunch.  We are blogging buddy’s now we became lunch buddies too 🙂  So go and check out her blog because she’s a really good writer.  She helped me come up with a limerick for our new website.

 So now I have a new friend to have lunch with and that is always a good thing.  We took a couple of selfie’s, but I didn’t like the way I came out.  Hey D if you are reading this and you like your selfie that we took, go ahead post it.  It was a really nice lunch, we should exchange info and set up another lunch date.  Maybe we’ll try that restaurant you mentioned. 

Here’s some music for your Sunday, even though it’s kind of not like music for a Sunday…It’s for you Connie ❤  I love you ❤

We had an inquiry on our Handmade by Amazon for a picture which is always exciting !!!  I put up a blog on that site today, but I have more fun over here.  I’m not really sure what I’m going to blog about over there.  I have to do some research and see how that’s going to go.  I have a lot to do and I like it that way.  

Well I’m going to cook my Apple Pancake and some smokies for me and the husband.  I’ll try to get the recipe up too 😉  Very easy and deliciouoso.  Is that a word ??  Well it is for me.

Here is the finished product.  I really love, love to cook.  My next kitchen is going to be very cool.  All the bells and whistles !!!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend !!!  Love ya and don’t forget to go check out

As long as I’m making mention if you buy anything at Amazon, go through the link on my Blog’s front page on the left.  You guys are the best and enough of the self promoting ❤  Happy the rest of the weekend.  Let’s get ready for Monday **B  O O M**

Hello June

Well almost…It was a really great weekend and I’m sorry to see May go.  I realized I really love May ❤  It is always somewhat warm, and you can count on no more snow.  It is the month where I can officially say, “I survived another Midwestern winter !!! B O O M.”  Once June hits it is officially the  beginning the summer, which means the clock is now running and you better manage your time well because time is short when it comes to summer in the Midwest.  

I have a lot of plans for the summer but I’m just going to start with this month.  Here is what’s up around my window for the month of June.

  1. Do my planner for the month of June (of course)
  2. Continue on my,  “Artist Way,” a lot to do i.e. Morning Pages, Artist Date  I’ll explain all of that along the way.  I thought I might even start blogging about it.
  3. Keep working at the store
  4.  Keep packing and looking for a new place, closer to the city…
  5. Picnic and Barbecues
  6. Garage Sale
  7. Start reading my 1st book  

 That’s about it.  Don’t you think, I need a nap already.  Happy Week and Blessings Blogger’s.  I hope your summer is off to a great start !!!!

One more thing.  I got a video of our Bella and Mr. Louie (the kitty) yesterday.  Here is your dose of cuteness for the day ❤  I love it, it makes me smile 🙂

Happy Memorial Day

Good Monday Morning, Happy Memorial Day !!!  So this is just a quick post for this Memorial Day..   It’s Starbucks this morning for breakfast and the store to pick up some flowers.  Then a trip out to the cemetery because it is Memorial Day after all <3.  Blessings and have a great rest of your day 😉  


Good Sunday Morning

How’s everyone doing ??  I hope you are enjoying this 3 day weekend.  I am getting a lot done.  The weather is really great.  Warm and a little sun.  At least it’s not raining…So I think we need some music, don’t you 😉  This is my summer, what’s yours ???

So yesterday I started working on my Summer Traveler’s Planner.  It turned out really nice.  It is a Webster Pages/Traveler Planner.  I even have some jewelry on it. 

 I have 3 different sections.  The first section is my, “Daily-To Do’s.”  The middle section is my shopping lists and things to buy section, yadayadayada…Then the last section is my fun section for whatever is fun for me to put in there.  I just took some pictures of the inside, so I’ll be right back because I have to get them loaded up for you to see !!!  So cool, so very, very cool !!! 

Okay I’m back and here they are.  This is such so much fun setting up my Summer Traveler’s Planner.  So much to look forward to.  Concerts, Festivals, Storms (yes, I really love watching them from the basement window), Barbecues, Farmer’s Market oh I could go on and I will but I want to get these pictures up for you to see !!!

I’m already filling it up with stickers and sticky notes.  It has a ziploc bag in the back and a place for cards.  This is perfect for my summer “Bag of Tricks <3.”  I’ll be able to take it anywhere I go.  It is perrrrrfect !!!  Enjoy the pictures ❤  Love ya ❤  

Oh and don’t forget to visit the our store

Blessings ❤  

IMG_4259 IMG_4260 IMG_4261 IMG_4262 IMG_4263 IMG_4264 IMG_4270 IMG_4271 IMG_4272 IMG_4273 IMG_4274

Happy Memorial Day/Happy Summer

Well there’s a great title for a post.  I really am happy summer is here !!!  

Friend’s the husband says, ” Don’t look at what people say, look at what they do.”  I will focus on my real friends and I have a couple of really good friends and I’m thankful for them.  We saw some of those really, truly great people that is in our lives.  The husband came home early to take me out to the dentist.  The office is a bit far i.e. expressway driving so my guy, being the great husband he is took me out there.  He’s the best husband in the world, okay back to the friends.  

That would be Dr. Scott & Cheryl.  We lived side by side when we were young marrieds.  We got married a week apart.  He was in dental school and we were just beginning our married lives together too.  Neighbors living in very humble townhouses and starting our journey out together.  We are still together, 35 years later.  Yes he is our dentist and I had a dental emergency yesterday.  He is really such great dentist.  He makes me smile and that’s always helpful when you are at the dentist 😉  Cheryl came in later, after the office was closed.  We just talked, and talked, and talked like we always do.  If someone doesn’t say, “We have to go home or leave to feed the dogs,” we would probably still be standing there talking.  We always laugh and we can say anything we want to.  It is wonderful to have friends like that in our lives.  They are closer than family and we love them to pieces and I say thank you Dr. Scott for fixing my tooth.

I’m also going to share this video with you, because it’s much better than the video I took last summer when we saw him at Summerfest.  He’s just the best.  We go and see him every summer so I guess it’s fitting to put up this on my Memorial Day summer post.  

I’ll tell you a quick little story.  We saw him at a venue one year and we had come in the concert a little late.  He was up singing one of his love songs, I think it was, “The Search is Over,” that he made famous w/Survivor.   As he was singing it, we were walking by the stage going to our seats and he came down, off the stage in front of the whole audience, and kissed me.  I was so thrilled.  For a 50 something lady, it really was a thrill of a lifetime.  We really love his concerts, they are just such a blast…We love you Mr. Peterik, blessings for a great summer to you.  We’ll see you at one of your concerts this summer soon ❤ …

So I have made my summer plans.  They are pretty simple, but that’s not always a bad thing.  I am going to read 3 books this summer and continue with my Artist Way class.  Met a bunch of really great writer’s and so I’m going to pick their brains  and soak up as much as I can !!!  I’m going to picnic a lot while I’m reading my books, probably go to festivals and see our friend Jim Peterik lead singer w/The Ides of March…Vehicle Baby, I’ll take you anywhere you want to go…

Well I need to get a post up on our new website.  I hope you will visit there often and maybe even buy something.  We are going to be posting new paintings all the time, so definitely make a stop there everyday.  Bookmark it 😉  Blessings blogger’s and have a great start to your summer ❤  Love ya ❤ …