AtoZ Blogging Challenge/”E”

This was a head scratcher ;{  What in the world do Planner’s and the Letter, “E” have in common.  It’s like I said yesterday, “Just sit down at your desk and start typing.  It will come to you.”  And it did.  Planner’s and the the Letter, “E” or any letter for that matter can be used to monogram your planner. This item can be found on Amazon…Here is the link…






There wasn’t much to say about the letter, “E” it’s more like monograms, but I’m still going to use it for the “E” prompt today.  Something very exciting happened because of my blog and doing the AtoZ Challenge that I want to share with you.

On the “C” prompt, I used Christy & Cori, they are my go to girls for my planner supplies and I just love them both.  They are really what keep me going and now that I’m getting up there in years (not really, but let’s just say I didn’t know I would get this old so fast)…Anyways after I do my post, I go around and put a link of my planner on Cori’s FB page and Christy’s FB page with a link of course back to my blog.  When I looked at my FB page tonight Christy had put a comment on my post.  She posted, “I love this !!”  OMG I’m still smiling.  To have her say she loved my planner or my blog, well  it was just very cool.  Something I would just like to share with you.  I think I’ll go and get the post that so you can see it again.  You’ll have to click on the highlighted post. I’ll put her link up again too, so you can see my planner layout for today <3…We really are all together in the crazy journey called life ❤ Love Ya’ll  ❤  I think this is a good song for some music right now.  I love the music ❤

I just want to share a blog I did with you Mz. Christy…I hope you like it.

 It really was so exciting.  I have been with her and using her planner store forever and for her to comment on my post, well like I said there are just no words.  Still Smiling 🙂 Christy you are the best, and you really made my day !!! 

Happy Weekend, Happy Challenge ❤

AtoZ Blogging Challenge/”D”

I am really behind.  Do you see my monthly planner for April, I haven’t even done it  yet…Really this is why you need to plan 😉


I was thinking about my post for today’s Challenge, “D”.  I could not let this pass by without giving it a mention because it’s a huge part of my Planner, Mz. Serena ❤

Probably the most important section of my (D)aily planner it the daily schedule and layout.  How could I even forget it, very sorry.  A few thoughts on the, “Daily Section.”  Try to set up the daily section the night before.  I can’t tell you what a much more restful sleep I get when tomorrow is planned.

Another part of the daily is a, “To – Do List.”  This is pretty much your chores for the day.  Mine go like this…Monday/Plan the week & housecleaning is weekly maint. w/vacuuming, Tuesday/Errands, Wednesday/Housecleaning, the deep clean like change bedding, scrub bathrooms.  The reasoning behind this is when you are a homemaker it seems as that’s all you do is clean the house or laundry.  If you give it a one day task, at least you can say you are done 🙂  Thursday/plan weekend, menu planning, read & write, Friday/Weekend Maint, grocery shopping.  Saturday basically I’m off the clock at noon, so I get some time off too.  You need to make time for yourself.  This is a much easier schedule now that all the kido’s are gone, Y A Y ❤  There is also the 15 minute list that can go in the daily plan.  The 15 minute list is when you have some down time, a task you can get done in less than 15 minutes.  Such as if you are waiting for the water to boil, you can fold a load of clothes, empty the garbage cans or the one I really like is to sit down and close my eyes and have a power nap 😉  It really does help ❤

Here is my daily layout for today.  I’ll admit I broke my own rule and did it this morning.  It comes out  much nicer when I do it the night before.  There’s not a time crunch thing when I do it the day before 😉


Just had to include this in the AtoZ Challenge Blogging for the letter, “D”. 


Blogging from AtoZ Challenge/”D”

Happy Blogging Challenge Thursday…Today the letter is, “D”  I have been giving you background on how I fell down the, “Planner Rabbit Hole.”  I’m pretty sure it has to do with my career choice.  I started out as a Secretary, oops they don’t call it that anymore.  I mean an Administrative Assistance, it’s still a Secretary though.  I worked  for the Railroad in Chicago.   It was a small office, underneath the Prudential Building.  Somedays I didn’t see the light of day because the train station was underground, Randolph Street Station.  I worked for the Chief Electrical Engineer, he was a great boss…really the best.

My duties were basically running the office and all things that included that.  I had to be organized so I had to get a plan going.  I was young, only 19 years old and it was my first job.  No worries though, I was union so basically I could be there for life and there was nothing they could do to get rid of me.  That’s where me and the husband’s paths crossed.  He was a suit, management.  Didn’t like the union so much.

Back to my letter, “D”  When I took a break, I usually would go upstairs into the Prudential Building.  They had a little book store that I would get my paper in and the corner of my eye caught this book.  “Confessions of the Organized Homemaker,” by Deniece Schofield.  I grabbed it because I knew it could help me to set up my plan for the Office.

It would also be useful when I could quit my job and do what I really had a passion for, Homemaking and being a Mom ❤

There it was, right in front of me Chapter 4…Calender, To-Do Lists and Schedules.  It has become my bible ❤  That’s the story of the birth of my Planner and boy has it ever evolved.  My first planner was a three ring notebook that probably cost me .79 cents at the time.  Things have certainly changed !!!

Fast forward to 1979, and I became Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady and the rest is history 

 After the kido’s started coming I knew the job in the city would end and my life as a homemaker would begin.  I knew it was a very important job and not to be taken  lightly.  I mean I had 7 lives in my hands (including my own) so I better not blow it.  Enter Mz. Serena, my planner.  Plus my 1st commandment… Write it Down, Make it Happen (which is my 2nd book I live and die by !!)

Homemaking is an art and very demanding.  Nothing less than 100 percent for me.  That’s my legacy and my planner is my Diary of Scarlett, My Confession of Being a Great Homemaker, and everything I Write Down, some how gets done ❤  Happy Challenge Day

Wouldn’t mind a little bit more glamour in my world, but I did my job and I did a great job.  I love my home, my life and most importantly my FAMILY ❤  Better get today’s plan going 😉


Cori & Christy…My Planner Heros !!!

Happy Wednesday AtoZer’s.  I’m never quite sure what I’m going to write about for the letter day which today isAtoZ2019CThen I do what I always do when I’m not sure, I just sit down at my computer and start writing.  Boom out comes a blog post 🙂  Today is hard because last night my (C)hicago Blackhawks were eliminated from the playoff’s.  No if you think it’s just a game, there’s next year.  I learned from my Connie (Connor,#4 son who is my Hockey guy) when I said that very thing to him before Hockey became my life, that it’s not just a game and when they get eliminated there really is no tomorrow.  

I’m moving on because I have to.  They are playing tonight and I’m wearing all my Blackhawk’s stuff i.e. Sweater, Shoes, Jewelry…So it is over, but I’ll watch the last couple of games.  At least I can just watch and just enjoy the game and not worry about them getting to the playoff’s.  Okay back to “C” and it’s not going to be Chicago Blackhawks because today I’m going to stay on point…P L A N N E R ‘ S

I’ll start with Cori.  She is the creator of the Resetgirl planner supplies, not just for the planner but for everything you can think of.  I’m going to leave her link for her website and really go check it out.  I can’t say enough about her.  She has got so much going on that I have a hard time keeping up but she is really the inspiration and motivation that I need to get my day/week/month Life going.  I also love her title, “Theresetgirl !!!”  Everyone needs a reset and she’s just the one to help you to get that reset.  Here’s her link to everything Reset

Here are a few of my pictures of some of the things she got me going with.  I literally love getting my day going with all of her crafty projects.  It’s just so inspiring and makes my life fun !!!  We all need to have fun.  


























But wait, stay with me blogger’s because I have Christy and she is just as amazing.  The name of her planner store is Scarletlime, The Planner Society ❤  I started my planner with her supplies.  It’s been so long ago, I don’t even remember where I found her or how I got hooked up with her but I’m so thankful I did.  Her products are amazing.  Top of the line, just beautius !!!  Here is the link to, “The Planner Society.”  She too is on Instagram.

These are her monthly Kits for April and there are no words that I can use that will let you know just how happy this makes my day and how much I look forward to the kits every month.













I love planning and using these planner kits and supplies bring beauty into my day, into my world.  There’s only one problem I have with my planner supplies and that’s organizing them all.  That’s a 1st world problem and really doesn’t bother me or the husband (he’s a great guy and doesn’t need perfect order, that’s one of the reasons we work ❤ ).  I don’t really don’t mind because I am a very visual person.  If I don’t see it, I don’t have it.  That’s why I have 3 bottles of just about everything, ketchup, shampoo, yadayadayada…Here’s my planner that I use Christy’s #theplannersociety to set up my monthly layouts.  Oh and her name is Serena, my planner 😉












I’m hoping you’ll checkout their websites and Happy Planning…Thank you Cori and Christy for making my planner world beautius…I hope you know you can never retire 😉  Blessing’s to all those who create a beautiful world ❤

These are notes I scribble down to put into my Commonplace Book when I have time to do it.

I forgot to mention my (C)ommonplace Book.  I’ve had that one for a long time too.  Was just thrilled when Cori started one.  I use that to write all of the things, quotes, memories, etc. that I want to remember.  I use it a lot when I’m writing…Here are a few pictures of my Commonplace Book…















Now I’m done with this post…I hope you are enjoying the AtoZChallenge blogger’s.  I know I am.  Blessings to you, this week ❤


Banking, Bob Seger/Turn the Page, Box Stickers/A5 Planner

Good Tuesday Afternoon AtoZ Blogger’s.  I’m getting a late start today with my Challenge post.  The husband woke me up (ughhh) early today b/c he got up late and needed a ride to the train.  He usually takes the bus, which he catches right in front of the house but today he slept in.  I can’t really get to irritated because he’s a great guy and  he can sleep in if he wants too.  He’s a hard worker and a great provider and really it was 8am which is not that early.

As it worked out I got to do my (B)anking and get that out of the way plus there’s a Target right by the (B)ank so this morning it was going to Target with money and that’s always a blast.  Got a bunch of stuff I really didn’t need but who cares, “Buy the shoes, Eat the Cake !!!”  Life is too short.

If you’ve followed my blog, you know I usually will have some music on it because music is my life.  “Without a song, a day would never end.  Without a song, a man ain’t got a friend. Without a song, the road would never bend.  Without a song…So I’ll keep sining a song.”  Elvis

Today because it’s the letter, “B”  I’m going to put up a song from one of our (me and the husband) fav’s Mr. Bob Seger…Turn the Page from 1973.  I remember him singing this song, smoking a cigarette (yes I know, but back in the day everyone smoked and we thought we were cool 😉 )because we were, until we had to quit 😦  Well I think that was the day I totally fell in love with him and I knew he was my forever.  Every time this song comes on, I make him sing it because I just love the way he sings it.  He’s very cool ❤

Mike loves Patti
My Forever

I know I’m getting a bit off topic but I’m just trying to put something in here for everyone…Now I’ll show you my planner, “Mz. Serena.”  These are the new April (B)ox stickers that came in my kit for April.

 These are an add on, but they really make a difference to your planner page.  I use these sparingly because I only get 8, plus some extras stickers, but they are special so they get used for special days ❤  I hope you are enjoying the challenge.  I know I am…Happy Tuesday, Happy Blogging Challenge…

Footnote, our (B)lackhawks are still in the hunt, just barely.  They tied last night and did pick up 1 point.  Who knows, maybe they can pull it off.  That would be amazing if they did.  

I’ll give you a few pictures of my TN’s/Travelor’s Notebook.  They are really my favorite and get the most use because I take them out with me wherever I go.  I’m in the car a lot doing errands, picking up the husband, shopping.  I keep the coupons in there, I write a lot while I’m waiting, yadayadayad…I’ll put up some of the A5 tomorrow  🙂



















AtoZ Blogging Challenge – “A”


This AtoZ Blogging Challenge is going to be about my planner’s.  But I’m going to start from the beginning of my Planner /Journaling road and today’s letter is perfect.  I started planning/journaling because of a book I read in school.  That book would be,”The Diary of (A)nne Frank.”  That book had such a profound impact on my life, well there are just no words for how that shaped my world. 

So for today and the letter “A” will be for Mz. Anne Frank.  But there is more to this story than her.  I am also an Archiver, Blogger and Writer.   I  love things from the past.  Anyone who knows me, certainly would agree with that statement.  The husband sketched a picture of her for me, he’s a great guy ❤  I have kept a plethora of newspapers, magazines, pictures anything that tells me a story worth keeping and remembering.  I know that the past is over, gone but what do they say about the past…If you don’t learn from the past, you will be doomed to repeat it.  

When I think about the past, I don’t dwell on the negativity of things.  There’s just no reason for that. I just love remembering and I try to keep everything Archiver safe, which is no easy task…  

As I was driving today running errands, I remembered what the husband told me.  He said, “The past are your review mirrors and your future is the windshield.  Do you see the difference in the size. The windshield is much larger than the rearview mirrors.  It’s necessary to see what’s in back of  you, but so much more important to see what’s right in front of you.  Hopefully you’ll go in the direction that is best for your life and not make a wrong turn and get lost.”  That said it all for me.  Okay I’m done pontificating now we can get to the fun stuff.

It’s been a great day.  I got all three of my (A)pril planner kits.  My favorite day of the month is when they come.  So exciting !!!!  Yes I get three b/c you never know if your going to need something extra.  So for today I’m just going to show you the April kits from The Planner Society (link to her shop below) and I’ll leave the rest of what I do with all my planner stuff for future letters…

This is the link for The Planner Society.  She has one of the best planner supply kits.  Really if you are interested, check her out !!!  She’s also on Instagram.

I’ve also started my Crafty Club Playbook/Spring Edition for April.  I’m going to be so busy with the planning and writing.  I’ll try to keep posting and show you how it’s working out.  I’m really excited to dig into this ❤

Here’s the link for the Crafty Club Playbook.  It’s really very cool…

I will be letting you in on my Commonplace Book too.  That’s another really fun one.  I started this one along time ago.  I use it to write in anything quotes, ideas, yadayadayada.  It’s a fun book too.

Let me know what you think and good luck with the Challenge blogger’s.  This is my 4th year doing the challenge and I just love it.  Make sure you visit other people’s blog, it’s a great group of people out there in the blogosphere and  it’s fun to see what people are up too.  Also a great place to make some new friends, but as always when dealing with the computer be safe.  Happy AtoZ Challenge  ❤

One final thought, I’m so sorry to say it looks as if our Chicago Blackhawks season is just about over 😦  They ran out of road, so looks like it’ll have to be maybe next year.  I really hope so b/c now that baseball has started, well I just don’t get into that as much as my hockey guys !!!  


Good A2Z Monday Morning Challenge

Y A Y for a new year of the a to z challenge..I just had to put some music with this, I love music and this one was the first songs that came up, besides I really love this guy ❤  He’s amazing and has such a talent.  He truly is a gift from God and it’s always a good way to start any journey with God’s blessing.


That’s my Gabriella…She loves her grandmama (me) You’ll be forever in my heart little girl ❤




This will be my 4th year participating in this challenge.  I can remember the 1st year I started this, I remember someone (who will remain nameless, but you know who you are) saying to me that my blog was stupid and no one reads it anyways.  I didn’t care though and even though that really hurt me I just kept going and I’m so glad I did.  I try not to listen to the haters.  I just remember what my mom said to me.  She told me that anyone that puts you down really just wishes they were you and that’s all they know how to do is to tell you that your life doesn’t really matter.  Well I’m still here blogging in this amazing community and I’ve got 354 bloggers who follow, but don’t read my blog 😉

This year I will be doing the challenge on my planner, Mz. Serena.  Yes she has a name and she is the reason I get out of bed every day !!!  I love my planner.  I’ll have to start “A” later in the day because I’m waiting for my Planner Kit for the month of April to arrive.  I’m also going to throwing in everything about my planner i.e. the planner library, my TN/Travelor’s Notebook, my subscriptions to my planner kits, my crafty club notebook, etc.  Should be a lot of fun and I hope you jump aboard and you fall for my beautius planner.

I started my planner when I became a homemaker, about 40 years ago.  I think being a secretary (administrative asst.) at the railroad was when I fell down the planner rabbit hole but it has given my life so much meaning to my journey, and it just really, really makes me so happy 🙂  So stop back sometime today/tonight and let’s get this party started !!!  Happy Monday and Happy A 2 Z Challenge…