Happy Birthday Sean Patrick

I’m going to skip SLS today…I think tomorrow I will put up my song. Today is a day for remembrance for me and the husband…Our 2nd son would’ve been 37 years old today.

Sean Patrick Frain

I always tell people that your birthday is a very special day because that is the day the world was changed forever, and it is. Today, March 21st was the day our sweet baby Sean Patrick came into this world. He was here for a very, very short time but still his short life changed the world forever. The picture above is a picture of your sister, and 2 of your brother’s that would not have been born had God’s plan take a different course for your short life. RIP dear our dear baby boy. We will meet again and we will always remember this day and celebrate your life. You did change our world forever. Gone but never, never forgotten…

Baby Sean Patrick


Happy Saturday and Spring will finally arrive tonight I think that’s what they say. I’ll be asleep when it gets here at like 4 am. Just breaking the ice and browsing the reader and came upon these questions from my fellow blogger Mz. Janet . Great questions and looking forward to AtoZ.

  • What is your favorite quote. I collect them. “Fate whisper’s to the warrior, You cannot withstand the storm !!! The warrior whisper’s back, I am the storm !!!”
  • If money were no object where would you go? Alaska, I love, love, love that state…I have never been there but the adventures look endless and the weather has got to be totally amazing to experience.
  • How many places have you lived or jobs have you held? I have lived in two places, Chicago, IL and Portland, ME…I have really only had two jobs, the 1st working for the Illinois Central Gulf RR, Commuter Side/Randolph Street Station, Chicago IL and my present job for the last 42 years, Wife/Mother/Homemaker which I have loved every minute of ❤ …
  • Have you tried meditation? Not in the conventional way but yes… Did it help you? It always helps. I consider mediation laying down, quieting all the noise in my mind and going to a place I have been that I loved or imagining doing something that I think would be amazing i.e. vacationing, moving to a place I would love to live. So many things and thoughts that bring me so much comfort.
  • Who would you like to meet (living or dead) for dinner?  I don’t know if this would count, but I would have to say Jesus…So many questions I have to ask and I could finally get an answer in person. Why, about so many things, what about tomorrow, when will it all be okay or when will this stop or go away. I’m not sure I would want to hear the answers but it might be comforting just sitting there talking with him. Of course I have had many conversations, albeit one-sided with him b/c, well you know. He’s a constant in my life and every day. I’ve just always talked with him 😉 and those conversations have given me peace and kept me going in the right direction.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Blogger’s

Just a quick thought on St. Patrick’s Day…

St. Patrick reminds us that, Good things can come from horribly difficult times and challenges…

This is a truth, whether you are Irish or not, from a family that’s thriving or one that’s struggling to stay afloat that we all need to cling to this St. Patricks Day ❤ .

Back in the day ❤ Love all those smiles and look at all that hair. Great Memories, Great Family ❤ Happy St. Patrick’s Day ❤

I thought I would just add this link on the Irish ❤ It’s really true, we do handle hard times well !!!!


Happy Tuesday…

The snowstorm didn’t happen, at least not here…Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now Spring still has a shot at coming sooner rather than later. I missed Monday’s Masterpiece post yesterday but here I picked out a few of my favs ❤ .

Snow Leopard
And the Tiger’s Come at Night

The 3rd Picture I’m posting for Monday’s Masterpiece is the featured image for this post and the title of this one is, “Monday Morning Meeting”…

This is just a sneak peak of his artwork. It is all for sale if you interested. Just Click on the link

Have a great Tuesday…Enjoy the artwork…

Grammy Party…

It’s been a great Sunday spent with the family, our daughter and her guy Mr. Cordell, his Mom, GiGi and our adorable and I do mean A D O R A B L E grand daughter’s. Well you see for yourself how adorb they are….

Our Granddaughter’s…

Here’s me and GiGi w/the family ❤
Here’s Grandpapa & GiGi and the family ❤

When my daughter (the nurse) invited us over, she said we were going to have, “A Grammy Party…” I thought she meant a Grandmama party, but then she put on the Grammy’s and got it. I got that I’m really old 😉 Deep Dish Chicago Pizza, Buntini’s (dessert) and the family made for a great Sunday and no one really even watched the Grammy’s. (No worries, we are all part of the bubble so no Covid here 😉 Actually GiGi is also a nurse so we were following protocol.

Having a major Snowstorm tomorrow…I hate March in the Midwest. Ironically the book that I am reading now is, “The Children’s Blizzard.” Will Spring ever get here !!!

I’m taking pics and videos of the storm, so stay tuned for Monday & Tuesday’s Post…I’m working on picking out Monday’s Masterpiece too.

Thankful Thursday

There’s something about Singing, Sun & Spring when you are driving in the car. This morning took the hus ❤ to the train this morning and other than having to get up early it was a great way to start this beautius day !!!

After dropping him off and watching him walk away (I love watching him walk away, he’s just a very cool guy after all these years (45 years to be exact)… I leave him to go do his job in Chicago, thankful that he still has a really good job and I go to Starbuck’s to get my day going ❤ I always think how very lucky and thankful I am for our life. We are both really living the dream. Healthy living in the greatest country in the world, and the winter is almost over. Once we get through March, oh how I hate March. Such a schizophrenic month, can’t decide which one it is. March can be lovely when you actually feel the sun’s warmth (usually it’s not in Chicago) or it’s snowing which it’s suppose to this weekend.

I love listening to the radio and singing when I’m driving. Hoping it’s going to be a good day, one of my favorite songs come on…Jackson Browne’s “Running on Empty!!!” A great song in the car, immediately I turn it up L O U D and start singing. Yes it’s going to be a great day 😉 …

After singing that song, I started remembering songs from my past. Another song I just love, love, love is “Turn the Page” Bob Seger… The husband sings that one and I remember why I fell in love with him.

Love posting pics of the fam…Looking forward to the weekend ❤ Hopefully it won’t snow too much, but like I said before it’s March in Chicago…Happy Thursday ❤ It’s all about the family…I am Blessed and for that I will always be thankful for memories of being a mom ❤ .

Family Fun !!!!

Share Your World


If you could throw any kind of party, what would it be for?  (Covid considerations are suspended for this question)

I think the best kind of party is a surprise birthday party…Such a happy occasion and I love, love, love to surprise people…Especially those that I love ❤ S U R P R I S E … Y A Y

Is a picture worth a thousand words? Elaborate.

OMG absolutely !!!! I’ve got a few that mean so very much to me…

Family Love

Grandpapa/Missy/Cordell/Lizzie/Connor/Mariah & Olivia (Our gorgeous granddaughter’s) Gabriella’s (older sister) she’s somewhere and I’m taking the picture (Grandmama) Best Christmas picture ever !!!! Love you all ❤ .

Where IS Waldo?   (Waldo, for those unfamiliar with him, is a cartoon character featured in many “find Waldo” images and puzzles)      <——  WALDO

What’s the best part of waking up?

I’ve been blessed with a new day…A whole 24 hours to do with whatever I want and having that 1st cup of Coffee. My Coffee it the best !!!!

Would you rather be covered in fur or covered in scales?   (Wee disclaimer.  I’m certainly not advocating the slaughter of creatures and the use of their skins for clothing or accessories.  No!  This question is a ‘grow your own’ type question…if you had an option of your own skin being made of fur OR scales, which would you choose?)

OMG what’s the question FUR…

GRATITUDE SECTION (Always optional) 

Feel free to share your gratitude for our world!

My writing spaces…And there are many ❤ …

Masterpiece Monday/AtoZ Theme Reveal

A new challenge and this is one of my fav’s of all time, AtoZ Theme Reveal I’m pretty sure I haven’t done this one before. I have chose the Artistst’s Artwork. Having been pretty much home for the last year, thank you Covid19, not…The husband has been able to do a lot of paintings. I’m pretty sure I have A to Z in the paintings. Will be looking forward to this challenge. Here is the latest one he is now working on…

Old Port/Portland, ME

We lived in Portland, ME for a short time and hopefully we will be able to get back their. It is a beautiful place and we both want to live their again…I know the weather and winter’s are quite the challenge but we are born and raised Chicagoan’s so we know the drill. I have most of his painting’s named so it should probably work out well. I’ve kept the names rather simple. I might add that all of his work is for sale (a bit of self promotion) which I hope is allowed. I also have a widget on the right of his artwork, “Elan Creations” which will bring you to Amazon Handmade.

I hope you will enjoy the artwork. He is a very talented artist. Never took a lesson at all, The Artist Wife ❤ .

Share Your World/March 7 (so I’m a week late…)


  1. Is every piece of truth worth telling?   I’m not thinking that every little bit of the truth is worth telling. I think they would call that not being truthful by omission…Depending on who would get hurt with the cold hard facts, maybe it’s better not to… ❤
  2. Whom do you miss more Freddy Mercury or Prince?  (if you don’t know who those people are, just skip this question.  It’s cool). I’m thinking neither one really. Prince I really didn’t care for his music and Freddy Mercury, whatever. I did like Queen but I didn’t really have a bond with either of them. They weren’t my generation…I did like the song, “We are the Champions ❤
  3. If you could only email or text people for the rest of your life (no other form of communication), which would you chose?  I think it would have to email. Texting is just too impersonal…
  4. Would you prefer to work the midnight shift at a really creepy out of the way motel OR work alone for eternity? I’m thinking it would have to be working alone for eternity. At least I wouldn’t be scared out of my mind forever 😉 .

Bonus question because yes, these are a weird bunch this week:   What’s one secret you’re still keeping from your immediate family? (no details required.  You could say something like “The lost weekend in 1982”.  You can also answer “Why I NEVER keep secrets from my nearest and dearest!”). I can really say I don’t keep secrets and I don’t have any secrets…Or maybe I’m just getting old and I don’t remember if I have any secrets, but I don’t think I do 😉 .

Gratitude Section

Song Lyric Sunday

Woo Hoo favorite challenge of all…Music is a great and wonderful gift. Love everything about music. I love to sing songs, I love to play the piano, I love going to concerts !!!! Everything about it soothes my soul ❤ The Prompt today comes from Mr. Jim (thank you so much for showing up every week) and is Cappuccino/Coffee/Expresso/Latte/Mocha…

Today I chose the song. Usually it’s the husband who comes up with the song but not today, it’s my pick…

No Sugar Tonight//New Mother Nature…The Guess Who

No that’s the name of the group, “Guess Who.” 😉 …

Lonely feeling deep inside
Find a corner where I can hide
Silent footsteps crowding me
Sudden darkness but I can seeNo sugar tonight in my coffee
No sugar tonight in my tea
No sugar to stand beside me
No sugar to run with meIn the silence of her mind
Quiet movements where I can find
Grabbing for me with her eyes
Now I’m falling from her skiesNo sugar tonight in my coffee
No sugar tonight in my tea
No sugar to stand beside me
No sugar to run with meJocko says yes, and I believe him
When we talk about the things I say
She hasn’t got the faith or the guts to leave him
When they’re standing in each other’s way
You’re tripping back now to places you’ve been to
You wonder what you’re gonna find
You know you’ve been wrong but it won’t be long
Before you leave ’em all far behind’Cause it’s the new Mother Nature taking over
It’s the new splendid lady come to call
It’s the new Mother Nature taking over
She’s gettin’ us all
She’s gettin’ us allJocko said no, when I came back last time
It’s looking like I lost a friend
No use callin’ ’cause the sky is fallin’
And I’m getting pretty near the end
A smoke-filled room in a corner basement
The situation must be right
A bag of goodies and a bottle of wine
We’re gonna get it on right tonight’Cause it’s the new Mother Nature taking over
It’s the new splendid lady come to call
It’s the new Mother Nature taking over
She’s gettin’ us all
She’s getting’ us allJocko says yes and I believe him
(Deep inside) when we talk about the things I say
(Find a corner) she hasn’t got the faith or the guts to leave him
(Where I can hide)when they’re standin’ in each other’s way
(Silent footsteps) you’re driven back now to places you’ve been to
(Crowdin’ me) you’re wonderin’ what you’re gonna find
(Sudden darkness) you know you’ve been wrong and it won’t be long
(But I can see) before you leave ’em all far behind’Cause it’s the new Mother Nature takin’ over
It’s the new splendid lady come to call
It’s the new Mother Nature takin’ over
She’s gettin’ us all, yeah, she’s gettin’ us allDa-un-do-dow dow, da-un-do-dow (Mother Nature)
Da-un-do-dow dow, da-un-do-dow (nature)
Da-un-do-dow dow, da-un-do-dow (sugar)
Da-un-do-dow dow, da-un-do-dow (sugar)
Da-un-do-dow dow, da-un-do-dow (sugar)
Da-un-do-dow dow, da-un-do-dow (nature)
Da-un-do-dow dow, da-un-do-dow

This one takes me back to the 70’s…One of my all time favorite groups !!!! Enjoy, Happy Song Lyric Sunday ❤ Blessing for your week and thanks for stopping by ❤ .