This was my Christmas present from husband/artist. I just love it !!! It is hanging in the hallway right outside of my kitchen. Everytime I walk out of the kitchen I see it and smile. He is so talented. I love you Michael Frain ❤

Grandpapa & Gabriella

Grandpapa & Gabriella

I love my Grandpapa !!!

Who am I and why am I here ??

Well I am a 50 something wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter and friend.  My name is Patti, and I am a homemaker by profession.  I have 3 sons, 1 daughter and 1 granddaughter.  I am married to my best friend for 35 years this year.  I spend my days creating an environment that helps my people be the best they can be.  I have 2 dogs, Bella and Miss Elsa and we have a Mr. Jinx (a tuxedo cat) who lives in the basement.  Someone dropped him off in a bag on a below zero morning in January.  I think I finally figured out who would do that, but I’ll save that for another day.  I really don’t know why it took me so long to figure it out because it was so obvious. But like I said, I’ll save that for another day.  

I am here on this blog today, because I want to learn how to blog.  I have a lot of interesting stories and I want to tell them.  This is 2014 and this is what you do.  I want to learn this technology.  My family is a bunch of artist.  I want to share their talent with you.  My Husband is an amazing artist, who knew.  It’s not his day job but it should be.  My 2 sons are professional ballet dancer’s in Richmond and they are amazing to watch.  My daughter is a nurse.  My oldest, well he’s really talented and a genius (scary smart).  That’s another story too.  So I hope you will follow along.  I started following a blog, and it was really good.  It was very inspiring and I learned a lot.  I love to write, it is an outlet for me.  It helps to process so much of my life.  You can’t keep it unless you give it away.  Image

Merry Christmas

So this was Christmas morning in our new home. It is our 1st Christmas here. The gangs all here execpt Matthew. He’s still sleeping. Actually there is no food made yet, otherwise he’d be here. It was a good Christmas, alot of food and surrounded by the people I love. I got some really cool presents. The best present was being told I was an awesome mom. I love my family. Being surrounded by them I feel loved and nothing else really matters. Christmas is hope. I think it’s good to be so close to a “New Year” because a new year is really good too !! That is what I really love. A new year, leave last year behind and move forward. It’s all good

Merry Christmas Eve, 2013

OMG am I tired.   Why do I think the floors need to be cleaned they are just going to get dirty again. I guess it looks nice.  Boys should be wheels down, Gabriella is counting the minutes, no literally.  Grandmama it’s 2:33.   Grandmama it’s 2:54.  What time do you think they will be here.  Maybe 3:30.  No, I am sure Midway is a mess today so are the roads.  I love having her around.  She keeps it real.  I remember when I was her age, waiting was agonizing.  She got me to open her present from her and her mom.  It was a, “Build a Bear!!”  They built it to look like a Blackhawk.  I have named it Kaner.  I just love it <3.  Well I just took a break, still have a little cleaning to do so I’ll be back when I have some pictures to post.  Hope I get a video up of the boys coming home.

So  my Gabriella and daughter, Lizzie got me the coolest present.  They did “build-a-bear”.  I have named him “Kaner”!!!  He is so cool.  Gabriella told me how she picked out the bear and all the clothes.  So thoughtful, they know how much of fan I am.  I told her I was going to watch all the games with him!


IMG_0780So my guys made it home for Christmas. It was so good to see them and have them home. They were so tired. They had 2 shows (Nutcracker) on Sunday and 2 shows on Monday. That was after they had been dancing Nutcracker the whole month of Decemeber and dancing on the road. I know how demanding doing shows is. Let me tell you it is a hard, hard life. I am so very proud of my boys and what they do. I thank God for the beauty they bring into this world.

So we went to Autumn Leaves (Lizzie’s Job).  It is good to go see the old folks. They get so happy to see people..  They just love the little ones.  Matthew and Connor got to see what their sister does.  They were proud of her.  Then we came home and got ready for Santa.   I was cooking as usual.  I alway cook on Christmas Eve.  I made my overnight sticky buns.  I got the recipe from my good friend Cheryl Wilson.  I couldn’t find the recipe or the pan I usually use.  We moved this year and I still have unpacking to do obviously, but they turned out great.  So I am a rock star !!!!  I also am trying a new recipe. It is overnight blueberry french toast.  Got done cooking and went to bed.  It is great having everyone home.  It just feels like a warm bed.  You just never want to get up.  You just could let the world pass you buy.  That is how great is having the ones you love close by.   Merry Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas Eve


It wouldn’t be Christmas w/o the Nutcracker !!  That’s my Matthew up there.  He’s the guy w/the girl and then there he is disguised as a dancing bear.  Well we so wanted to go see the Nutcracker, but I was too sick this month.  Frist year I did not see the Nutcracker.  So sad, but I’m feeling better and that is making me happy…

Yes it is the night before Christmas Eve and all through my house, yes I’ll be honest, it’s a mess.  But I really have learned that Christmas is not about a clean house, with presents all neatly wrapped and under the tree.  I really have been searching for the meaning of this one day.  First that’s really it, it’s one day people.  My daughter was upset because she has to work both Christmas and Christmas Eve.  She’s a nurse.  But how wonderful for those people she is caring for.  She is such a great nurse and they really need her.  I told her that her little girl will be fine (she’s a single mom, and they both live with us).  I told her we will have our arms around her and she’ll be so happy with all of the toys that santa is bringing and she’ll be to busy playing with her uncles to even know her mom is missing.  We will be taking a trip to where she works and spread some more joy for those folks who find joy in the small things in life.

Well the boys will be flying home tomorrow.  I am soooo excited to see them.  I haven’t seen them since August, and Connor’s my baby .  So looking forward to watching the Blackhawks with him and just hanging out w/my family.  I truly am so lucky to have a family.  They are the reason I get up every morning.  We don’t have a perfect life, because we aren’t perfect people.  We love each other and it’s good to have a family.

Well we will all be together and that is so good.  The personalities are so interesting.  The dogs just love when the boys come home.  That is a reunion that is so fun to watch.  So I’ll let you know how it goes.  It should be a great Christmas.  Because when the Frain’s get together it is always interesting.

So for Christmas Eve dinner we will be having Italian Beef Sandwiches w/peppers & mozzarella – Vodka Rigatoni – Chopped Salad Shrimp Cocktail Tray & Cheddar Bay Biscuits – Vegetable Tray – Celebration Punch.  So we will have plenty of food.

Christmas 2013

Well this is going to be a Christmas.  Let’s see I have been sick since December 1st.  No really, I have literally been sick w/bacterial pneumonia and my asthma.  So the Christmas tree just got put up and I have done no shopping,  The shopping I did get done was through Amazon and I gave them the wrong address.  So that was just a huge mess.  It’s not been a great year but I am really just praying to God to give me the strength to see all of the blessings he has given me this year.  It is really better to think about all of the good than the not so good.

I have a great husband who is just beyond amazing.  He is my rock.  He is well educated and has a really good job.  But more than that he is an awesome artist.  You should go look at his artwork. It is on Elan Creations.  I wish I could give you a link, but I’m just not that good with this computer.ImageImageImage

So these are just a few of his older paintings.  He’s really very talented  Here

is his latest.  The title of it is, “Strictly Business.”  I think we can see where Michael

the artist is right now.  It’s really telling…  He really is very good at his art

So you should go check out his other stuff.  It is at Elan Creations or  on Etsy

I think under Michael Frain…

Strictly Business
Strictly Business