Christmas 2013

Well this is going to be a Christmas.  Let’s see I have been sick since December 1st.  No really, I have literally been sick w/bacterial pneumonia and my asthma.  So the Christmas tree just got put up and I have done no shopping,  The shopping I did get done was through Amazon and I gave them the wrong address.  So that was just a huge mess.  It’s not been a great year but I am really just praying to God to give me the strength to see all of the blessings he has given me this year.  It is really better to think about all of the good than the not so good.

I have a great husband who is just beyond amazing.  He is my rock.  He is well educated and has a really good job.  But more than that he is an awesome artist.  You should go look at his artwork. It is on Elan Creations.  I wish I could give you a link, but I’m just not that good with this computer.ImageImageImage

So these are just a few of his older paintings.  He’s really very talented  Here

is his latest.  The title of it is, “Strictly Business.”  I think we can see where Michael

the artist is right now.  It’s really telling…  He really is very good at his art

So you should go check out his other stuff.  It is at Elan Creations or  on Etsy

I think under Michael Frain…

Strictly Business
Strictly Business

Rite of Spring/November 4th, 2013

Christmas Nutcracker

Matthew performing the,”Rite of Spring” w/Richmond Ballet.

Fancy Free

Fancy Free

Richmond Ballet/Matthew Frain – November 1, 2013 thru November 3, 2013

Michael Frain The Artist

IMG_0769This was one of the first works that he did when he started his artwork up again.  The Artist is Michael Frain.  He is a husband, a father, a grandpapa.  He is my best friend.  We have been married for 34 years this year.  We have been through so much together.  He is the most wonderful man I have ever known.  God has truly blessed me with this man in my life.  He is strong.  He loves me and he loves his children.  There is nothing that he would not do for us.  He puts his family 1st.  He is always 2nd.  He has been a great provider.  He works harder than anyone I have ever known.  When he lost his business years ago, (and evil people tried to ruin his career) he drove a limo and poured coffee.  He taught a college course at night.  He did whatever he had to do to get his family money.  His commitment to all of us was amazing.  This is why we love him so.  He has been the cog in the wheel for our family.  He keeps us together, he keeps us going.

It is truly amazing how far he has come.  When he was just 9 years old, his father died suddenly and it was just him and his mother. He put himself through college and not just any college Northwestern University.  He was always about education.  As a father, he gave his children the best of everything.  The best schools and he made it possible for me to stay home and take care of the family and the home.  The only thing important to him was that his children were taken care of.  He didn’t care if we had the biggest house or the nicest cars.  It was always about his family.  Did we have what we needed.

He has taught me a lot about life and commitment.  About loving yourself and to never, never quit.  No matter who tries to bring you down don’t let them.  We laugh a lot together.  I think that is something that has kept us strong and happy.  Life is short.  Do your best, and then let it go.  We are so good together.  Our faith is strong and God has blessed us and our love.  He always keeps us one step ahead of where we need to be.

I could tell you story after story about us, and what has made us strong but I’ll leave that for another day.  It has been an amazing journey with an amazing man, and we are probably only half way home (I hope)  Stay tuned for more amazing pictures from an artist who just decided one day he had a picture he needed to paint.  I love you, Mchael

Spring Flood

Spring Flood

Don’t do it !!! Turn around, ahhhh


IMG_0173IMG_0171So here I am on the worst day of the Winter (Winter Storm) in January. Cant’ remember the date, but trust me of all days for this to fall on why did it have to be on this day. But I will soldier on and thank goodness I did because I had a great time getting my make-up done by a make-up artist from New York. I met a lot of fun people and we all had some laughs during a big midwestern snowstorm !!!