It’s Tango Time

 “But what if I make a mistake??”  There are no mistakes in the Tango, darling 💖💖 …  Not like life.   If you get tangled up when your are dancing, you just Tango on 😉😉”. It’s Tango Time.. 💐💐💐.

I am so excited … 💐💐💐  Merde

Everything went really good.  Such a great time.  Houston is a really good dancer and he helped me a lot tonight.  I am so proud of what I accomplished !!!  I really had to fight through this.  It’s a great group of dancer’s and they were all so supportive.  Michael even said he was going to take some lessons too !!!  🙂  Well enjoy the video, oh and as the video God’s would have it the last 45 seconds got cut off some how, but Michael did a really good job.  I don’t really care that much, I was there and I danced the Tango and Michael was there and saw the whole dance and loved it.  He was smiling from ear to ear. He said I did really good and he was so proud of me.  I have also been nicknamed, “Patti Cakes, IDK why,” but I feel loved.  So I will  Tango on ❤

Tango Tips/Medal Ball 2015

Well it’s almost tango time.  I thought I would just post it now because I’m pretty sure I won’t be thinking about anything else.  I have the dress, it looks amazing.  I went and got it altered so it fits just right.  The dress was $20 and the alterations were $49.  Maria had them make me a gorgeous deep red sash that sits above the waist.  She told them she wanted it tight, well it is real tight.  The husband, as usual could not get it clipped.  He just has no co-ordination with his hands.  And I had no patience with his fumbling around.  He said, “Just do it from the front and slip it around the back.”  I said, “No, you don’t understand.  There is no room for slipping it around to the back.  I can’t even breath.”  I’m pretty sure with all of the spanx and sashes, my head is turning red because all the blood is being forced up and can’t get back down.  Now I’m not really that heavy, but 5 kids takes its toll and middle age doesn’t help either (and the brownie brittle I have stashed in my nightstand 🙂 ).  Let’s just say I look really healthy.   I will try to post a picture of how I look when I leave, and I’m not being vain but if I dance half as good as I am going to look, I will be happy.   Again not being vain, I have always been blessed with good looks and if the dancing doesn’t go as good as I want, I can always just dazzle them with my sense of style ❤ It has been so much fun preparing for this.  I didn’t realize it just until now how much fun I’m having.  My friend is coming over and she is going to do my hair and make-up.  Then I’ll get dressed and try to take a picture.  Michael has been so supportive as usual.  He just smiles and loves to see me doing this.  Last night we went dancing with the people who have been teaching me the tango.  They really are just the nicest people and Houston (my tango partner) is a really good dancer.  We danced our routine last night in front of everyone and it went pretty well.  Michael said I looked really good and my feet were spot on with Houston’s when we danced.  I’m hoping that he will start taking some lessons with me and we can dance a routine together at next year’s Medal Ball.  He really has some natural talent and he is in really good shape so who knows anything is possible 🙂  I am really looking forward to this.  I didn’t realize this until now, but I have been preparing for this my whole life.  Everyone in my family has been a performer at one time or another and I have spent my life getting them ready for their shows.  My 2 guys do this for a living, they are professional dancers.  This is the first time for me being on the stage and I can’t wait. Michael did mention last night that this dancing thing is cutting into our hockey time.  Right, I know but I’m sure our Blackhawks will handle the Wild until we get back.  We did get to watch our Blackhawk’s last night.  We caught the end of the 1st game of round #2 in the Stanley Cup Series.  They are now playing the Minnesota Wild.  I don’t really want to give them second billing so I’ll post after the game tomorrow, but they won the 1st game !!!!  Woo Hoo  Again I need another something other than Woo Hoo.  Please help me people 🙂  Oh and the weather is great for Medal Ball. Wish me luck, fellow blogger’s

Tango Toes & The Medal Ball

Well I have been working all week on preparations for the, “Medal Ball” It will be in the city and I can hardly wait. I am so thankful for all of my blessings. I am happy and healthy. I am married to the most awesome man who takes such good care of me. He really spoils me. We have been together for 39 years, 36 of them married. We have gone through so much together that has only made us stronger. When bad things happen, it is like water being poured onto us. We just grow and get stronger. I love being able to look into his eyes and see my reflection. When we look at each other, it’s like looking into a mirror. We can see each other’s pain and it goes away because the love we share blocks all of the pain. All of the bad things go away, and all of the good things come out. We laugh a lot.

Our resources are much better now, because of him. He had the foresight and the discipline to plan for OUR future, me and him. Money always makes the hard times easier b/c you can go away, you can buy yourself a new purse or flowers. You can take dancing and go out in the evening and make new friends. The husband is so generous. He has been that way for as long as we have been together. He hates it when people hurt me. He saw what a great mom I was and how hard I worked on making a home for our family. It really bothers him to see me sad. He feeds off of my positiveness and that just makes for a very healthy relationship. We don’t play the blame game. Nothing good comes of that. Don’t get me wrong, we love our boys, Matthew and Connor and will always support them in their lives because that is what parents do. As long as they are productive members of society and work hard, we want to help them reach there dreams. It is an investment. We won’t enable are kids though, especially if when they are adults. That leads to a destructive, negative impact on society, this world. People are always talking about global warming and destroying the planet. Well I can’t think of any greater threat to this world than to have people put out children who are destroying the communities they live in. Having children with no father or father’s who just live off the mom. Just another mouth to feed. No family structure, no religion or faith of any kind. No work ethic, just what can people give me and how can I scam to get them to take care of the messes I’ve made. But of course they are a victim.  I say it’s time to let them clean up their own messes.

We did not raise our family that way, but sometimes things just don’t work out how you planned them. Then it’s time to hit the reset button, cut your losses and move one. We did and we have. It is our time now. I am going to plant flowers this weekend. The husband is getting a passport because one of our son’s is going to China to dance, (A cultural exchange. Dancer’s from China came over here to dance with their company) We are sending our other son to Disney World. He’s never been and he is 23 years old, OMG. He’s going with his girlfriend so I think he will have a really good time. Happy Birthday Connor, you really deserve it and congratulations on another year of dancing out east.

Well I don’t know how I got off the subject of my dancing and The Medal Ball, but this weekend looks to be great. My Blackhawk’s start the 2nd round of the playoffs, tonight is game one (stay tuned) and game 2 is Sunday. I’ll be dancing.   Tonight is the dance party and then Medal Ball this weekend. I’m going out to buy flowers today. The weather is suppose to be good, so we will plant flowers tomorrow. We are going to buy a tree too and plant it. We are going to name it the Mr. Jinx tree, RIP. Our cat died today, so sad but I will write another post on him. He was beautiful.  This was my Mr. Jinx.  He was a beautiful cat and we all loved him.  He was part of our family and he will forever live in our hearts ❤

Mr. Jinx
Mr. Jinx
Mr. Jinx
Mr. Jinx
Mr. Jinx
Mr. Jinx

I leave you with a couple of pictures with my, “Tango Toes” and how I am wearing my hair for the dance. Just snippets, hopefully I’ll have more pictures and a video, good, bad or whatever I can post on my dance. I’ll be great, it’s all a state of mind. I believe in me ❤




Tango Time <3
Tango Time ❤

Today the world was changed forever

There comes a point in you life when you realize who matters, who never did.  Who won’t anymore, and who always will.  So don’t worry about people from you past.  There’s a reason they didn’t make it into your future ❤

I sent myself some flowers today

So Pretty <3
So Pretty ❤

Theme Song

I need this one for today… And we can stand this storm for ever, nothings gonna stop us now.  We’ve come to far ❤  And when I say we, I mean Michael, the love of my life, Matthew and Connor, and of course me.  This is my family who know what family means ❤  I love you guys !!!

All that I ever need is you <3
All that I ever need is you

My Guys <3  We are family forever...
My Guys, We are family forever…

Tango & The Chicago Blackhawks

Well we will be playing the Minnesota Wild in the next round.  They haven’t put the schedule up yet so I don’t have any other news except,  G O   B L A C K H A W K S !!!  We’ll be at a game next round too 🙂

I am also getting ready for Medal Ball.  It is this weekend.  I have been learning the Tango/Rumba and I will be dancing it with Houston.  Going to be a lot of fun and I’m not even nervous about dancing in front of people.  I will have the Husband record it and I will put it up, even if it’s not the greatest.  I did it !!!  My friend has been helping me get together my outfit and it has really come together nicely.  She’s coming over to do the hair & make-up.  Love ya, Maria.  Today I’m going to get my hair done how I want it for this weekend so I can see if it looks good.  Red toes, red nails and she made me the cutest hair accessory with red and black flowers.  We took the dress to get altered yesterday.  Shoes are good.  So it looks like everything will come together.  My husband is so sweet. He says I’m going to be the prettiest girl there ❤

So today I am going to go dance with Houston and get ready.  He is just the best.  He is my friend and he knows what life is like for me now and how I might need a little push to get this done.  I’m not worried because he is a really good dancer and a good leader so he can cover for me if I mess up.  But I’m pretty sure I’ll look great.  I just think this is the best.  Dancing has gotten me through so much in life for so long and this is really the first time I have danced publicly.  I wish my boys (my dancer’s) could be there.  They have given me so much moral support and that is what I need right now.

So I probably won’t be posting after this because I have a lot to do between now and the Ball.  Shopping, hair, nails and dancing to prepare.  Wish me luck ❤