Amazing <3
Amazing ❤

Today is a very exciting day.   Number 1 my son, Matthew Frain is flying to, “The People's Republic of China Tour/Beijing, Deshou, Jinan & Shanghai.”  We couldn't be more proud of him.  Our son is going to China to dance.  There are no words to explain just how I feel.  Excited, nervous, proud, worried… When I talked to him yesterday he sounded a little be nervous too.  I told him he has been preparing for this for his whole life.  He just didn't know it.  He has worked so hard to get to this point in his dancing career.  He is so young.  He will be 27 this June 19th.  I can't even imagine doing what he is doing.  As a mom, I too have been being prepared for this moment.  I can't tell you the how many times I have taken my dancing boys to Houston, San Francisco, New York and dropped them off for the summer to dance at a dance intensive.  Setting them up in housing, w/complete strangers in some city far away.  I remember telling Connor who was just a sophomore in high school (we were in San Francisco) that if I didn't see something the next day that screamed, “He'll be fine here for the summer,” he would be on the flight home with us !!!  Luckily we went to a Pier something and bought some really good strawberries.  We also traveled to wine country and I thought well he should be okay for 6 weeks here.  So he stayed.  My sister lived in San Diego, so I thought if anything went wrong she was close enough.   But it was never easy leaving them, so many things that could go wrong.  But I did.  So that was how I was being prepared for this.

I read all the travel stuff they gave him and I probably shouldn't have.  A lot of stuff, but he has assured me he has got this.  I think he does.  Then last night I thought how cool.  He's going to China, OMG he's going to China !!!


This is going to be an amazing trip for him. He has always wanted to travel abroad and dance. He is such a star and a great dancer. But I’ll admit I am a little be biased as he is my son ❤
But really he is. Well I'll ask my fellow bloggers to say a prayer for him as he travels to far away lands. Be safe Richmond Ballet and take care my son. Your parent's love you to the moon ❤

I will definitely post updates on his travels.

And so it begins…


Sunday, May 17 3 p.m. Chicago at Anaheim

Tuesday, May 19 9 p.m. Chicago at AnaheimWooHooA

Thursday, May 21 8 p.m. Anaheim at Chicago

Saturday, May 23 8 p.m. Anaheim at Chicago

*Monday, May 25 9 p.m. Chicago at Anaheim

*Wednesday, May 27 8 p.m. Anaheim at Chicago

*Saturday, May 30 8 p.m. Chicago at Anaheim

* = If necessary

OMG I am so excited !!!  We have decided that since we already went to a playoff game, we are going to save our money.  If the Chicago Blackhawks win the Western Conference/Final we are going to the Stanley Cup.   We already saw a game 6 where they beat Nashville and moved onto the next round so it just makes sense.  And the tickets we want for the conference finals are already $700 +, OMG…  So I/we are really hoping they go to the Stanley Cup Finals.  Connor will be home so he will go with us.  I told the husband that I would stay home and watch it and let him and Connor go (b/c those tickets are going to be insane, on the glass) but he said we are all going

I am going to post the video I took last Christmas.  It is, “The Frain’s road to the Winter Classic.”  Last Christmas me and Michael took a road trip out East for Christmas.  It was just the best Christmas ever.  We got to see our guys dance in the Nutcracker w/Richmond Ballet.  Matthew was the Snow King, he was amazing.  We got to see Mr. Jinx, albeit for the last time.  We didn’t know it then.  We chilled out by the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia Beach with our guys and then we went to the Winter Classic.  It was an outdoor hockey game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Washington Capitals.  It was amazing.  But unfortunately the Washington Capitals got beat last night by the New York Rangers and won’t be heading to the conference finals or the Stanley Cup Finals.  To bad so sad, I guess the Cap, Cap, Caps are still not going to get a Cup.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH.  I know I should grow up, but I hate those Capital’s and their fans.  They were totally rude.  Oh well I’ll save that for another day.  I really would have liked to have seen them in the Final’s so we could have handed them their head, but maybe another time!!!  Take that Ovechkin and Backstrom.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  Okay here’s my video from 2014.  This was on our way to the ocean at Virginia Beach.  You have to drive under the ocean to get to Virginia Beach and it just creeps me out.  You can tell I’m just a little bit nervous about being under the ocean !!!

The next video is New Year’s Day and I am going to throw away my trouble from 2014 into the Atlantic Ocean.  It was just a symbolic gesture and it made me feel good.  I’m sure the guys thought I was a little bit coo coo.  Oh well, I’m sure they love me ❤

We headed back to Richmond after that.  I’ll post the Winter Classic pics and videos tomorrow.  It was my first time doing video.  I’ll get better but it did bring a smile to my face.  We have so much fun when we are together ❤

A lot going on now as it always is at the beginning of the summer.  Connor is coming home and Matthew is going to China !!  That’s right, China.  He is excited but I can also hear a little anxiety in his voice too.  I mean China, wow !!!

Remember Me

Remember me with smiles and laughter, because that is how I will remember you all…

If all you can remember me is with tears and sorrow, then don’t remember me at all ❤

Tired Tuesday

Good morning fellow bloggers.  Been away for awhile.  Had a lovely Mother’s Day w/the husband. I got some beautiful flowers from my guys and they called both days on the weekend ❤

Beautiful <3


The husband took me out for a lovely brunch.  The weather was a bit chilly.  Cloudy and rainy in the am, but it warmed up in the afternoon.

<3 love the desserts.  I just get one of everything because they are so pretty... It was a nice quiet Mother’s Day.  I am so lucky to have my guys ❤ I feel loved…

Chicago Blackhawks sweep Minnesota Wild in 4

Well for the 3rd year in a row we’ve played the Wild and for the 3rd year in a row we have beat them.  The only difference is this year they did not steal a game from us.  They must really hate the Chicago Blackhawks, but I don’t really think there is anyone out there that can beat us.

I was a little bummed by their win last night because I didn’t get to a game in that series.  The husband just said thanks they saved me $1000.   However, we will be going to either game #1 or #2 in the next series (Western Conference Finals) whoever wins that it’s onto the Stanley Cup Finals.  We could be going to game #3 or #4 depending who they play.  I hope it’s Calgary, because that’s probably a sweep or maybe they will steal 1 game from us.  The Ducks might give us a little trouble, but I’m pretty sure we can handle them !!!  Connor says  it will be a tough series, but I just think the Hawks are playing so good right now that they could go all the way.  How about that Kaner, (Patrick Kane) he scored 5 goals in the 4 games against the Wild.  He is a beautiful thing to watch.  Love his theatrics after he scores.  That is real passion.  These guys are just so good, I don’t think they can be beat…

Well it’s Mother’s Day weekend and we were going to do a lot of planting outside, but it looks like rain.  So the husband said lets go shopping for you Mother’s Day gift. OMG, those are words I never thought I would hear him say, “Lets go shopping !!”  He hates to shop, what man doesn’t but I said okay.  He said, “We are going to celebrate you and what a great mom you have been.  Let’s go get that new purse you been wanting for the spring/summer.  I know you love purses and maybe that ring you lost, we can replace it.”  I love you, Michael.  You make my world beautiful.  Oh and we are going to our favorite brunch place again for Mother’s Day ❤

The love of my life <3
The love of my life ❤

I don’t know what I ever did to deserve a great guy like you, but I thank God everyday for you in my life.  You are truly my greatest blessing and I am thankful for that.  You make our life easy, even in troubled times, because there is always trouble.  That’s just life.  But we are so good together and we definitely know how to weather the storms.  Thank you for just putting your arms around us and getting us through whatever.  Life can be dark and stormy, a lot of wind.  But if you just hold on, the storms will pass and we will have our rainbow.

Dancing through life with you is the best.  And we are going to go dancing with our group tonight.  Houston says he’ll play, “Promised Land” if we come.  Love to dance to that song, it really gets the blood flowing and the heart pounding !!!

Well Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mom’s out there.  Hope everyone has a great weekend !!!

Promised Land

So this is the song me and Houston danced to yesterday.  I am learning the 2-Step.  So much fun and it’s fast.  I just told him don’t let me go.

Game #4 against the Minnesota Wild.

Game #4 against the Minnesota Wild tonight.  We could finish the series, and I hope we do ❤

It’s a Wonderful Wednesday


Good Morning fellow blogger’s 🙂  What a great/grey day…It is a great day, but also grey.  So much fog, but that’s okay because it’s warm.  I didn’t post the last couple of days because I have been so busy, busy.  I hope you all enjoyed my video of the Medal Ball.  I am still on cloud nine.  That was really a life changing experience for me.  I’m going to write an entire post devoted to that, but I’ll save that for another day.  I want to tell you all that I learned from that experience.  But I will just say again, it was life changing 🙂  And I had to go the the see Dr. Scott yesterday (our friend/dentist) for some work I needed done.  OMG I remember why I’m not crazy about the dentist.  Except not Dr. Scott because I love him.  He has been our friend for like 35 years.  Really he is family.  His wife is my BFF.  We started out living side by side.  We were young marrieds.  We even got married on the same weekend.  We had all our kids together i.e. at the same time.  He was in dental school and Michael was working on his MBA, you get the picture.  I’ll leave those stories for another day because there are so many good times to share ❤

What I am super excited about is my Blackhawk’s !!!  How cool is that, they are up in the series 3/0 against the Minnesota Wild. I hope they just take them in 4 straight and we can be done with this series, but then I won’t get to go to a game this weekend. Michael is already searching for tickets for this weekend and the price is getting way up there !!!  It would be very cool to see another game and it be the winning game of the series like the last one.  We will just have to wait and see 🙂

So for now I just wanted to let you know I’m still here and what’s up in my world. It’s all good. Really looking forward to the summer.   Vacations/Florida,Virginia,Las Vegas (WooHoo),British Colombia, that’s right-Highway to Hell yeah baby,Gardening and BBQ,Decorating,Dancing,Stanley Cup and seeing my guys ❤