Song Lyric Sunday

Today I’m just going to jump back on and see where it goes…Anyone who knows me, knows that I love music and our relationship (whoever it is/was in my life) along the way has a song attached to it. So here’s is one for today w/the prompt for today is brother/sister. I never had a brother, I am one of four sister’s. The featured picture is an early one of us and the cousins. I believe the cousin picture still had a ways to go. Me and the sister’s were on the left. We were the four little girl’s and my sister was the one in the green dress. Yes we were Italian Catholics, need I say more 😉 . At one time we were all pretty close as my oldest sister was born in 55′ and I was the youngest born in 59’…I think there was a set of Irish twins in there too. My song for today is, “He’s My Brother ❤ “

I’m just going to post this b/c I’m going to have to learn WordPress all over again. It’s changed a lot since I took a break from blogging so just bare with me. If you’re reading today’s blog and you know who you are, you’ll remember this song 😉 and how it applies to our relationship 😉 . Happy Song Lyric Sunday ❤ .

Happy August

Hello to all my blogger friend’s…I’m back Y A Y. It said to just start writing here so I did. It all looks different from how it was when I left. I just went outside to enjoy the Summer and read some books, and really write (i.e. in a notebook, ahhhh) but now I’m back inside for a bit. It’s raining and I thought I’d check in today. Hi 🙂 Hope you are all well and having a great summer. I know I am !!!!