My Cast of Character

Happy Family/Happy Thanksgiving, 2019

Our Connor & Missy/Newlyweds…Oct.2019

Mother of the Groom/My Baby…Connie, 2019

Happy Wedding Day…October, 2019

Our Bestie’s…Connie & Missy’s Wedding

Our only daughter, Lizzie

The Nurse !!!

Happy Mother’s Day

Flowers and mini bundt cakes…

Matthew #3 Son, our Ballet Dancer…

Sister & the Brother’s

17 Replies to “My Cast of Character”

    1. I know I said I would take your quote challenge, unfortunately I am experiencing some very pressing issues in my family circle and cannot give this the attention it needs to be done well. Hope to in the future after things calm down and I can give it my attention <3 Blessings

    1. I try. I am surrounded by artist. They are very cerebral so I just try to keep the glass half full at all times, blessings and I hope you will follow <3

  1. Keeping a family together under the social pressures of today is no easy task, I commend thee and agree that art, be it theatre or other is a great way for the whole family to participate. Its ageless keep it up

  2. What a wonderful looking family. And Chicago Blackhawk fans. My first thought when viewing your cast of characters was this: Love all over the place!

    1. OMG. Huge, huge,Blavkhawks fan !!! So sad the season is over šŸ˜«šŸ˜«. šŸ‘€ looking forwards to next year !!! B O O M šŸ’„šŸ’„šŸ’„

      1. Me too. I live in Indiana, and want to arrange travel by train to Chicago from Valparaiso. Until this all works out, there are hockey teams here in Indiana too that I enjoy. Fingers crossed!!!

      2. We went to the Winter Classic in 2015 New Year’s Day in Washington D.C. with our guys. They live out in Richmond so we spent Christmas out there and took them to the Winter Classic vs. Washington Capitals…It was amazing 60 degree’s and sunny. They lost but it was such a great memory <3 Yes it would be so much fun to do that. I love, love, love going to a hockey game…

    1. OMG !!! I am so flattered. I have had a perfectly awful summer so I have not been posting so much.. But I just decided to snap out of it and move forward … Thank you for the encouragement … Blessings

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