Happy Song Lyric Sunday

Happy Sunday and Happy Halloween !!! Today’s prompt is Ghost/Pumpkin/Trick or Treat/Witch…and is very appropriate for this week. I’m going with, “Witch.” The song I’m playing today is Witchy Woman by Glenn Fry and Don Henley, The Eagles. Once again thank you Mr. Jim...Great for Halloween!!!

I’m going to tell you a quick little story that is near and dear to my heart. I knew Glenn Fry personally and I was so sad he was taken so very soon from us. He was an amazing musician and writer. When I met him he was playing the guitar and me being a really friendly person (I’m a people person, love to talk to complete stranger’s just b/c I like to hear their story) I’m really surprised I haven’t been killed by some coo coo bird sociopathic murderer yet 😉 But I just really love people, I digress back to meeting Glenn Fry…

When I met him, he was playing the guitar. I commented that he was a very good guitar player. He responded with, “I’m Glenn Fry…” I was only like 15 years old and he was what seemed to me to be a pretty old guy, but he was maybe 30 or something. He said again, “I’m Glenn Frey.” I nodded and said, “Is that suppose to mean something to me ?” Immediately after that, he started playing the song, “Take It Easy,” you know I’m running down the road, trying to loosen my load, I got 7 women on my mind…yadayadayadaya. Then it hit me and I smiled and I said, “Oh now I get it, your Glenn Frey w/the Eagles 🙂 ” I guess that didn’t impress me so much and he kind of liked that. I’ll never forget it… The guitar he was playing was just so beautiful. I was a piano player so I really got how good of a musician he was. I remember I thought that you’re just a regular person too. Just a guy and a guitar and he was pretty good at it. I see it totally different now, but when I watch his video’s on youtube he’s exactly how I remember him. I’m going to put up a short video of him. When I met him he was the hippy musician rather than the short hair, I’ve cleaned up my act person that he was at the end. I really don’t know which one I like better. It’s probably the same story we each have in our lives. Kind of the, “I know everything about life person and the other one who’s says my parents were a whole lot smarter than I gave them credit for 😉 “

Eagles’ Glenn Frey
Witchy Woman

Witchy Woman

EaglesRaven hair and ruby lips
Sparks fly from her fingertips
Echoed voices in the night
She’s a restless spirit on an endless flightWoo hoo, witchy woman
See how high she flies
Woo hoo, witchy woman
She got the moon in her eyeShe held me spellbound in the night
Dancing shadows and firelight
Crazy laughter in another room
And she drove herself to madness with a silver spoonWoo hoo, witchy woman
See how high she flies
Woo hoo, witchy woman
She got the moon in her eyeWell, I know you want a lover
Let me tell you, brother
She’s been sleeping in the devil’s bed
And there’s some rumours going round, someone’s underground
She can rock you in the night-time ’til your skin turns redWoo hoo, witchy woman
See how high she flies
Woo hoo, witchy woman
She got the moon in her eye

Well that’s my song for today, I hope you enjoyed my story and the music. I feel kind of sad right now as it brings me back to the day when the world didn’t seem so complicated and people were kinder. RIP my friend Mr. Glen. I’m sure your singing beautius songs w/the angel’s. Blessings to all the music lover’s and #SongLyricSunday Blogger’s. Happy Sunday Night ❤ .

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