AtoZ 2020 April Blogging Challenge…

Good afternoon AtoZ Blogger’s.  It’s a beautius day here, although they did just put us under a severe thunderstorm watch for tonight, whatever.  I have so much to do with my planning area and I’m not even going to show you the mess that I have made with all of my planner supplies…Who knew I had so many, OMG !!!

Today’s letter is f2020 so I’m going to show you pictures of my planner before I have my planning sesh’s b/c it’s going to be awhile before I have one of those, because my area is just a total disaster !!!  

Here are some pictures of Mz. Serena, my Daily Planner.  I bought her from (F)ranklin Covey and her real name is, “La Vie En Rose.”


I’ll show some pretty pics of some of my previous layouts i.e. before my planning area imploded 😉 .


I’m glad I got this done for today.  I guess I have been somewhat productive.  Blessings to my Blogging family ❤ .

2 Comments on “AtoZ 2020 April Blogging Challenge…

    • Thank you so much !! I did a layout today…Will post later ♥️. Thanks for stopping by…. Mz. Serena is my girl 👧 🌹🌹

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