Blogging from AtoZ April Challenge/Letter “D”

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date…Alice in Wonderland

Good Saturday afternoon AtoZer’s. The Challenge letter for today is

I thought I would do (D)ate but I realized I could also add (D)ay to the post b/c right now in the world it really doesn’t matter what the (D)ay or (D)ate is b/c they seem to be running right into each other.  I’m not late for anything.  Time just doesn’t seem that important anymore.  

I though about, “jailing it,” but that doesn’t seem very productive or very positive and I think we all need to stay positive and be some what cognitive of our productivity.  It would be very easy to just fall into a rabbit hole of some kind, so I think we should all be very aware of our lives and what we are doing with all of our time.  We will get through this and will be wiser for it.  

I’m writing alot more than I have in the past.  I have dug back into my Common Place Book.  There is always something written down in there that I can use for my day.  I keep coming back to a couple of sayings I written down.  Kind of like that song that keeps playing over and over in your head.  The first one is…”Whatever is good for your soul, do that ❤ .”  The next one I think of first thing every morning…”Your first thought in the morning should be, Thank You ❤ .”

I might jail it a little bit though,(only for archiving’s sake) and it will be a really pretty calendar when I get through with it.  Happy Weekend Blogger’s and remember to keep the faith 😉  This too shall pass ❤ .  Here is my layout  for today ❤


6 Comments on “Blogging from AtoZ April Challenge/Letter “D”

  1. Keeping a routine is very important to me, to keep track of the day, date, life. I’m working from home since 3 weeks that we are confined (this one will be the 4th), and now for sure it’s a routine!
    Stay safe
    D is for Denim

    • OMG 😳 I need to get out of my house. I can’t even remember the day let alone the date !! Thanks for stopping by 🌺🌺. Happy Sunday 🥀🥀

  2. It’s a really pretty calender! Keeping track of days can be so difficult. One more reason I’m grateful for A to Z. Stay safe, take care.

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