Good Thursday Morning Blogger’s

I’m thinking I’ll just start to write and get my blogging brain warmed up.  The world is so wonky everyday, I have trouble getting my head wrapped around a plan for my day.  I’m just going to start out with a prayer and some music…This song really makes me smile and gets the blood flowing.

While I’m living through this Pandemic, I’m trying to see what God wants me turn learn about this situation.  What good will come of this.  In every bad situation, I turn back to God and my religion.  Sometimes I get mad, other times I cry because it hurts so bad.  A priest once told me, “Don’t worry if you yell at God and blame him, He can take it.”  I also say, “Thank You,” for this cross.  I think about my mom and my grandmama and how religion was so important in their lives.  Making me go to church every Sunday, going to a Catholic school and having to wear uniforms.  All the rules, yadayadayada…

 Today I really can’t thank them enough for giving me my faith !!!!  When I had my car accident and was in a coma, I remember Jesus sitting on the edge of my bed.  He was stroking my forehead and telling me to just rest and get better because I still had a life to live.  His plan for me wasn’t over yet.  When I told the husband that story of course he just gave me a 😉 because he thought it was my head injury or all the drugs they were giving me.  I know that someday when I look back at my life, that is going to be in it and Jesus was really there right beside me.

Everything is going to be okay ❤ .


8 Comments on “Good Thursday Morning Blogger’s

  1. Amen. No one else saw what you saw, but it was real, and that is a beautiful, wonderful, dynamic story. Thank you for sharing it.

      • Yes, and spending time in these days with the Lord with Bible open is important. Many things get in the way, but when I rise early, I am at the table solo for a while. I read until I am finished for the day. I find that it takes patience to let the dog out, and to settle the cat that wants to sit in a chair by me. Little is much when God is in it. I hope you are fine today, and that you will rest in His promise that He will never leave or forsake you. As His child, he watches over us. Many songs have been written about God, and His loving care for us. Jesus died to give us life,, and that is abundant life. He who has the Son has life. May God bless you as you endeavor to go through this year. Put your trust in Him, and walk with Him.

  2. Is that a real cardinal, or just a model of one? I honestly can’t tell. All the time I lived in Chicago, I never saw a cardinal, even though it’s the state bird. We get lots of them here.

    • No that’s a real one .. It’s a picture of one. I see them all the time in Illinois 🦜 Blessings 🌹🌹 Thanks for stopping by Mr. John… See you in AtoZ later ♥️

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