AtoZ April Blogging 2020 Challenge

Okay I’m just going to start…Forget about perfection or perfectly organized or perfect anything.  Today is the letter and I am going to start w/my guide written by Julia Cameron…”It’s never Too Late to Begin Again,” and “The Artist Way.”  I’m also going to covering my planner i.e. Mz. Serena (I gave her a name) because she really deserves one.

I didn’t get Mz. Serena set up today b/c the husband is now working from home and this is day #18 of the quarantine and my house is not my house anymore and yes he’s getting me a scrapbox which I’ll talk about on letter “S” 😉 .  

This is the desk I’ll be working from for the time being so things might be a bit wonky til I get a system going now that I’ll be walking over the husband all day.  He  thinks he’s getting a Sunday Brunch for breakfast every morning…Who knew, really ❤ .img_0212

I’m just happy I got up into my blog today and so looking forward to the challenge and Spring.  Thanks for stopping by blogger’s, Blessings ❤  Stay Home and Blog 😉 .

4 Comments on “AtoZ April Blogging 2020 Challenge

  1. Sometimes the best way to do anything is to just start and don’t think too hard about anything that might stop you. Great start!

    • You are so right !! That’s what I did b/c I had too. I’m pretty sure this year’s challenge will just evolve. Thanks for the encouragement.. Happy Challenge Day 🌺🌺

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