My Common Place Book…

Good Thursday morning blogger’s.  I am going to get back into my blogging habit now b/c AtoZ is right around the corner…Hang in there it’s almost TGIF.  I know, for alot of us everyday is like the weekend now but remember this is just a moment in time 😉 .  I’m going to share with you my Common Place Book entry for today.  I will put the author if I have it but remember this comes from a bunch of little pieces of paper I wrote it down on and sometimes it has the author and sometimes it didn’t.img_0190  

I’ll start with gratitude…

“A thankful heart is a happy heart.  Being thankful for what I have, that’s a good place to start. ❤ “

A Prayer for Stress and Anxiety

Dear Lord, you know the difficult things I am dealing with.  You know my mind won’t let me stop thinking about everything.  I feel stressed and so unsettled.  I’m worried about what is going to happen.  Please take my burden’s and the, “What If’s,” from me.  Help me to focus my thought’s on you and not worry about what could happen.  Please lead and guide me and take control of this situation.  Please give me your wisdom and fill me with your peace.  In the name of Jesus, I ask these things…Amen

Time is very slow for those who wait, very fast for those who are scared.  Very long for those who lament, very short for those who celebrate.

But for those who love, Time is eternal…William Shakespeare ❤

Let’s all have a great Thursday and make someone smile today, that always feels good 😉 .  Blessings

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